A New Kind of Toy Store

Good Morning! Welcome to a new week. I know Mondays are always hard…but remember it’s a new week, with new things to look forward to & new things to achieve!

I’m actually looking forward to this week…well, I should re-phrase that, I’m really looking forward to the upcoming weekend. Even if it seems like an eternity away, since it IS only Monday.

Want to know what I’m looking forward to? Promise not to laugh.
We are getting a new dishwasher!

How’s that for some excitement?! 😉

No more countless hours spent scrubbing dishes. No more yelling while we watch TV so that we can hear each other over the dishwasher in the background. Nope, no more any of that! Time to let the dishwasher do the scrubbing!

I always said I would NEVER be that girl to get excited over a new home appliance or home good item. Well, obviously I lied to myself. I would love nothing more than a bunch of home gifts!

I remember when I was younger thinking that my Mom was absolutely NUTS for getting excited over a new vacuum (she loved her canister vacuum). Now I honestly would LOVE a new vacuum. Actually I would like a Dyson. Yes, I do realize that they are like $500, but supposedly they are the best vacuums on earth.
If anyone out there has an extra $500 to spend on a vacuum, the one above is what I would really like….just in case you were wondering 😉

Now if I actually had a NEED for a Dyson, then I might have a legitimate reason to buy this vacuum…but we don’t. We don’t have any animals (unless you count fish) & we only have carpet upstairs.

Needless to say, I think I’ll stick to my new dishwasher!..and I couldn’t be happier.

Boy how times have changed. Now I can’t wait to get new appliances. Craig & I actually decided to have a smaller Christmas between the two of us & save up our money for new appliances & some remodeling we are planning to do.

Now I jump for joy to walk through Lowe’s, just thinking of new ideas for the house. When I was younger I would moan & groan over having to go to that store with my Mom. It was like her toy store.

I can finally see why, it’s slowly turning into my toy store too! 🙂


9 thoughts on “A New Kind of Toy Store

  1. I’m still saving my pennies in hopes of getting a gas stove this year. I love going to Lowe’s and looking at all the nice stainless steel appliances. Another sign I’m growing up…I could spend hours on the internet looking at interior design blogs/Pinterest for home ideas!

  2. Now, do you only want that vacuum because it’s purple?!

  3. Yay for getting a new dishwasher! 🙂

  4. HA! When I moved away from my parents-I legit was so sad because of not having a dishwasher. I swear they are the best invention for the kitchen since the griddle.

  5. Dysons are the best!! SO worth the money, I wouldn’t trade mine in for a thing! Now if only I could get a dishwasher 🙂

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