Must See

Is anyone else looking forward to some of the new movies coming out?? I know I am! The only thing is Craig & I are not big movie goers. We almost always wait until the movie comes out on DVD, since is SO expensive to go to the movies!! It is insane. I think it’s like $12 or $15 for ONE person..?! NUTS!

I really think the last movie we saw in the theater was Blindsided, which came out in 2009….and I’m SURE you can guess why we went to see that. 😉 Here’s a hint: #74 is a player on the best team!

Just goes to show that we are not big movie goers, but we are big movie watchers. Typically our Friday & Saturday nights consist of watching a movie- perfect night in my opinion!

There are a few that have caught my eye, and although I will not be seeing them in the theater, I can’t wait to see them on DVD.

I mean honestly, the real reason that I want to see this movie is because of Reese Witherspoon. I just love her! She’s one of my favorite actresses. Oh and you know who else is in it?? Chelsea Handler, my favorite comedian! She cracks me up. I’ve read all of her books & I can’t stop laughing the entire book.

My love for Reese started with Legally Blonde.
I mean what girl didn’t love that movie?!! That was my feel good movie. I remember a particular time in high school when I got some horrible news& I just stayed in my room and cried all day. (mind you it was the 4th of July & my whole family was at my house…it was a baddddd day!) My Mom came in my room & gave my a hug then immediately put in Legally Blonde. She knew exactly what to do to cheer me up.

Another movie that has really caught my eye, and I’m SURE many of yours is The Vow.
the vow

Just watching the preview makes me tear up. I think this movie may be the next ‘Notebook.’ Every.single.time I watch that movie I cry. I could watch it over & over again, and still cry at the same parts.

Craig is so sweet he actually offered to take me to see The Vow on Valentine’s day. I told him I wouldn’t torture him like that. 😉

Instead I asked him if I could save that offer to see the summer’s BIGGEST movie in the theater….can you guess it???!

OHHHH YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! BATMAN!! & I CANNOT WAIT! Batman is my all time favorite super hero. I have been waiting for this movie to come out…and it’s almost time! A friend of mine told me that they actually released like a 6 minute trailer of it- (she saw it in the theater before a movie) I NEED to see that! 😀

Even though Craig is not a Batman fan, (I still can’t figure that out…doesn’t he know Batman is the best super hero?! 😉 ) he told me he would happily ‘save’ my movie ticket for Batman, rather than The Vow. I just made one request…that we see it in 3-D. Ahh! I can’t wait. <—have I said that enough yet?! 😉

Any movies that you are looking forward to??
Who is your favorite super hero?


9 thoughts on “Must See

  1. I totally agree with you on Legally Blonde! I love that movie and every time it’s on tv, I put it on to watch it. 🙂 I cannot wait to see The Vow! It looks amazingly good and I love that it’s inspired by a true story.

  2. I saw “The Vow” book at Target the other week and quickly scooped it up. I’m determined to read it before seeing the movie. My mom and I already have a girls date planned for March to see it, it does look great.

  3. I think Channing Tatum is dreamy, so I’ll definitely be seeing The Vow! 🙂 I also loved Rachel McAdams in The Notebook. I always cry at the same parts, too. It gets me every time, but it’s definitely one of my favorites. I’m planning on seeing The Hunger Games in March. I just finished the third book of the trilogy, and I’m excited to see how the movie is!

  4. Ok. How does Reese just keep getting more attractive? Not fair.

  5. Well first, the blindside is by far one of my favorite movies ever. I think I might switch my favorite team to the Ravens next year….just saying.

    I want to see the Vow too!

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