Not So Healthy Foods

When I was browsing around the internet the other day I noticed an article on the ‘5 so-called health foods you should avoid.’ Some of them you might be surprised about.

Here is the list of them:

1. Reduced Fat Peanut Butter

First, reduced fat peanut butter is GROSS in my opinion. The other thing about it is that the oil is the healthy part of the peanut butter. It’s healthy fat. And if you have ever looked at the nutrition facts on reduced fat vs. regular, you will see that the calories are actually the SAME! So why waste your time on the reduced fat stuff?! Go for the GOOD stuff!

2. Enhanced water

Basically these are just loaded with sugar. Sugar = calories. More calories = weight gain. There is something as too much of a good thing. You can actually get too many vitamins. Just drink water, it’s better for you…and it’s natural!

3. Energy bars
A lot of these bars have a TON of sugar. Make sure you are reading the label before buying them! These are one of those tricky foods that are ‘supposed’ to be healthy meal replacements, but they can actually pack on the pounds.

4. Multigrain Foods

Multigrain does NOT equal whole grain. Check the ingredients. If ‘enriched white flour’ is the first ingredient, then it’s NOT whole grain. For whole grain, it needs to say ‘whole grain flour.’ The use of multigrain is more of a marketing term…it makes you think that what you are buying is actually healthier than just something made with white flour. But it’s not, you mine as well just buy the product with white flour. Again, just be sure to check the label!

5. Non fried chips & crackers

Just because chips are not fried, does not mean they are healthy. They are still full of starch and some are still pretty high in calories. I have to admit, I actually LOVE baked chips & buy them frequently. I guess it’s just one of those things that I will never give up. But there are healthier options, like Wasa crackers or SunChips. I do like SunChips, but I am still trying to get into Wasa crackers…they just aren’t really my ‘thing.’

If you want to read more about this, check out the article– there are some more healthy substitutions listed in the article as well.

Do you eat any of the foods above? What are your thoughts on these foods?

Now a workout for you, since it is ‘Fitness Friday.’ Today’s workout is a Back/ Chest/ Shoulders. I LOVE working shoulders! I think strong shoulders look awesome! This workout is kind of long, but it keeps you moving so it won’t get boring!

*Lift HEAVY. You last set should be a STRUGGLE.*

Superset One

Wide Grip Lat Pulldowns
3 sets of 10


Reverse Pec Decs
3 sets of 10

Superset Two
Close-Grip Lat Pulldowns
3 sets of 10


Flat Bench presses
3 sets of 10

Superset Three
3 sets of 10 (each side)


Reverse Flyes
3 sets of 10

Superset Four
Close -Grip Rear Delt Rows
3 sets of 10


Incline Bench Press
3 sets of 10

Superset Five
Overhead Shoulder Press
3 sets of 10


Arnold Shoulder Presses
3 sets of 10

Superset Six
Lateral Side Raises
3 sets of 10


Lateral Front Raises
3 sets of 10

Straight Set & Final Set
Shoulder Shrugs
3 sets of 10

If you try this workout, please let me know! I always love feedback.

Enjoy your Friday!! I know I’m looking forward to the weekend!


15 thoughts on “Not So Healthy Foods

  1. I eat natural peanut butter and make sure to check the nutrition info on so called “healthy” foods. I do eat energy & protein bars, like Larabar, Luna bar..

    Ohh that looks like a great workout!! 🙂

  2. I sometimes eat energy bars, but they are more for emergency snacks than anything else. I like to take them when travelling too. I’m such a label junkie, I read the label and nutritional information for everything I buy. Even if something does not have the best list of ingredients I might still buy it but at least I know what’s in it.

  3. I love vitamin waters! HAha! I only drink the ones that are zero calories even though the fake sugars cant be good for me!

  4. Interesting article! I have been eating a Luna bar a day at work as a snack, so I should really compare the different kinds of bars before I keep up with this habit! I’m glad coffee isn’t on that list! 🙂

  5. Most of those I agree with-not the energy bars but only because there are a few healthy ones you can find by poking your head around. Other then that-most of them are not healthy.

  6. I do buy baked chips from time to time. I’m not someone who thinks that just b/c they are baked, I can eat an entire family-sized bag haha. But I do think they are a tasty snack or side-item every now and then!

  7. That article is interesting! I usually stick with the all natural peanut butter. I feel as though they taste better. Happy Friday! 🙂

  8. Whoopsie guilty on a few of these- baked chips, energy bars, and enhanced water haha. I do watch the sugar on the energy bars, but the other two, no excuse really. I do agree with parts of the article though, but at least the baked ones are better than the traditional fried ones! Plus like you, i enjoy sunchips.. yum yum yum
    Great workout too Holly!

  9. This was so interesting to read! I had no idea about the multi grain thing! I will definitely be checking labels more often now! Thanks!

    Have a great weekend!

  10. I don’t eat those things often at all. I stick to the natural peanut butter that you have to stir in the natural oil. I’ll eat multigrain stuff every now and then, but not everyday. I’ve found a cure for my need for chips..just don’t buy them! I don’t miss them because I’ve also found these great veggie chip straws that provide me with just the crunch that I need. I’ve never been a fan of energy bars, I’d rather have a Special K bar over a Cliff bar (which I think are not that great tasting anyway).

  11. I’m a sucker for those baked lays!

  12. I never quite understood the idea of low fat peanut BUTTER….just very unnatural in my opinion. I must admit though, I do occasionally eat multigrain crackers because I like the taste, but I would never ever label them as being healthy. Definitely a treat!
    I regards to energy bars, I don’t really eat them because they aren’t that filling. Sometimes Ill est a larabar if I really need something quick, but again I would much rather just have some fruit or chopped veggies

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  14. I love energy bars too much! Especially Luna bars 🙂

  15. If you love baled potato chips you should try Kettle Brands Baked varities! They are real potatos sliced and baked and I loved them! Plus one serving was 20 large chips! I found them at Target the other day and I’ll have to get them again. And my go to bars are Lara Bars it is so refreshing to see a food in the store with so few ingredients! They have lots of sugar but at least it’s natural and I have them no more than 2 times a week I’d say.

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