My Weird Quirks

Ready for another post about ‘why I’m odd?!’ 😉

I always think these are fun to write because I love learning little quirks about other people, and these are just some of mine. That’s part of why I like blogging & reading other blogs. Those things that make us unique are what makes laugh fun! (at least in my opinion 🙂 )

1.One of my favorite things to do is to see high high I can get my savings at the grocery store. It’s like a weekly challenge for me. See this receipt below:


I was SO proud of myself!! $52.89 in savings!!!! I feel like I outsmarted Publix! Haha! I’m a HUGE coupon clipper, (not like those crazy people in that coupon show- they are just a bit too much for me!) and I make sure that I always check the local ads before I go grocery shopping. My favorite thing about Publix is that they have Buy One Get Ones each week..and what makes the BOGOs even better is when I have a coupon for something that is BOGO. Can’t beat that deal!

2.Another thing lately is that I cannot stop eating these:

clementines 2

That above is my MOUNTAIN of clementine’s. It’s hard to tell, but that is a stack of 4 of them! These clementine’s are the BEST. They are perfect right now. Nice & flavorful! I also think the name is adorable- Cuties🙂


3. Ever felt like you were addicted to a food?? Well, I am ADDICTED to Goldfish. No, seriously, I am. It’s bad. Craig knows it & he just accepts it. Thank goodness! 😉 The other day when I went to Publix they happened to be buy one, get one. Well, guess how many bags I bought?? SIX. Yep, 6. Do you believe me now when I say addicted 😉


And that is one of their new flavors ^^ chocolate chip. You HAVE to try them…and then you will be addicted too 😉 You can actually taste the chocolate chips in them. YUM!

4.The other day I was looking through my camera & noticed these random pictures of shoes. Apparently I enjoy taking pictures of the tops of my shoes. Random, right?!

Don’t these shoes kind of look like the wicked witch of the west shoes??

red heels

Eeek! Didn’t notice that until I saw this picture. I think I’ll put those shoes in the BACK of the closet for now 😉

I also saw this picture of my hot pink shoes:

pink heels


I absolutely love these shoes. I wish I could wear them everyday…but I might get some funny looks!

5. I have a pet betta fish at work. His name is Webb. (For Lardarius Webb, my favorite Raven 🙂 ) It’s fun having a fish on my desk. Sometimes I just sit there and move my finger back & forth in front of him & then he gets all puffed up- like in the two pictures below. He’s a feisty little guy!
Webb webb2

But his tail is really pretty! Side note: It is so hard to take a picture of a fish!!!

webb tail

6. Speaking of pets, look at what my co-worker found the other day when he was out walking:
turtle 2

Isn’t it adorable??? He just saw it sitting on the side walk & decided to pick it up because it is SO small. He actually almost stepped on it, so he thought someone else might.

Here is his size compared to my finger:


He’s about the size of a quarter. We set up a little temporary house for him until he could take him home & get a real tank. (have I told you how much I love my job?? We always have the most random things happen 🙂 )

7. I have always worn my hair straight for YEARS. (like this picture below)


But recently I picked up a curling iron. I thought I would just try it out. (I’ve never been good with curling my hair)  It might be hard to see in the picture, but I just curl it a little bit…just to give it some volume & I’m really liking it!


I never thought I would like my hair any other way…but I guess it pays to branch out a bit sometimes.

Was this post random enough for you?! 😉 Hope you enjoyed getting to know me a bit better…& some of my strange quirks. Enjoy your Thursday!!- remember it’s almost Friday!

What’s your favorite Goldfish flavor?
Favorite fruit?
Do you have any pets?


25 thoughts on “My Weird Quirks

  1. Well you know what I discovered about the BOGO at Publix in Georgia? You can just buy 1 and get it half off! So if you don’t NEED two packages of strawberries (just an example), you can just buy one and get it for half the price! I believe when I was in Florida, you HAD to buy 2 to get the deal. I thought that was pretty cool. 😉

    And I like those S’more Goldfish! I don’t actually like the original cheesy kind, but I think they are geniuses for coming out with sweet kinds!

  2. I LOVE the volume you have with that curling iron, sista! And those pink shoes. This is why we are friends. xo

  3. I am a big couponer myself! I love saving money. 🙂

    I really like the Smores Goldfish. They are so good! Love your hair with the curls! So pretty!

  4. Love what the curling iron did to your hair. SO pretty! I have no pets 😦 but I REALLY want a dog. My husband and I live in an apartment so it’s pretty much the worst idea ever.

  5. The vanilla cupcake flavor of Goldfish are divine!!!

  6. I’m obsessed with clementines! no lie- i ate six of them throughout the course of the day yesterday!

  7. I really really like your hair like that!! It really flatters your face!

    I haven’t had goldfish in quite some time but in high school a polished off a bag of pizza goldfish all by myself in a matter of hours!
    And my fav fruit as of late are pears! I have two in my kitchen right now and I’m so anxious for them to ripen!

  8. Cute Curly Hair!! My favorite goldfish flavor is the SMORE flavor but I’m not allowed to buy it because I will eat it all in one day. Favorite fruit is grapes, and I have no pets 🙂 I want a dog but we live in a condo w/ no yard 😦 I like random posts- have a great day!

  9. I love those pink pumps – totally cute!! My favorite fruit is definitely watermelon. The summer that I was pregnant with my girls I would eat a whole watermelon in 2 or 3 days!

  10. I like you hair like that a lot!!! Awesome!

    And yes I love goldfish…my favorite is the cheddar cheese goldfish! 🙂

  11. You know I went on a nutty mission for the vanilla cupcake flavor goldfish when you first posted about them, so now I have to find the choc chip!! I’m sure they’re at Target. LOVE the baby turtle. So cute. And your hair looks really good!! 🙂

  12. LOVE the curling iron look gorgeous girl. Um…teach me how to save so much money, that is incredible. GOLD FISH ARE THE BEST!!! That little turtle was adorable. Loved this post!

  13. Lovin’ the big hair – the more volume the better!

    I really want to try the cake flavored goldfish but I’m sure I’d eat the whole bag in one sitting.

    I have 3 pets: 2 cats and a dog 🙂

  14. HA! That is awesome about your couponing and saving money. I always try and end up saving like 5-10 dollars per 100. Hey it’s more towards gas station coffee. 😉

  15. My roommate in PA school and I actually ordered a betta fish online because there were no close pet stores in Philly (that was over 2 years ago)! I was actually just saying the other day how I wish I could bring the fish to work!

  16. none of those are weird to me. Seems normal, or maybe we are just so alike. Except i crave salt and vinegar chips!

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