Single Serve Funfetti Cake

Please let me be the first one to wish you a HAPPY FRIDAY!!! We made it through yet another week! 🙂 I don’t know about you, but this week was VERY busy, so it will be very nice to just sit back & relax this weekend.

Since it is Friday, I thought I would share something FUN with you. I don’t know about you, but I love Funfetti everything. The minute I hear the word ‘funfetti,’ I’m ALL ears. Even though I really enjoy Funfetti cake, I always find it hard to justify baking a WHOLE cake for just Craig & I. OF COURSE we could easily demolish it, but I don’t think we would feel so good about ourselves looking at a pan full of crumbs.


So the other day when Craig mentioned he wished he could just have a piece, I decided to come up with a single serving recipe for Funfetti cake. It is SUPER easy..& in about 25 minutes you will have your cake!

Single Serve Funfetti Cake

-1/2 cup funfetti cake mix
-1 egg white
-1 tbsp. vegetable oil
-1 tbsp. water

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
2. Mix all ingredients together & pour into a small oven safe bake dish. (I used a ramekin)
3. Bake for about 20- 25 minutes, or until a knife inserted in the middle come out clean.

Perfect little after dinner treat. The best part is that one box of cake mix will make several of these little cakes. 🙂


Now for the usual, Fitness Friday workout! Today’s workout is what I call ‘Total Body SLAM.’ Because when you get done with this workout you will feel like your body got SLAMMED into 😉 That sore feeling that you get the next day after a hard workout.

You can adjust this workout however you would like- for instance instead of running or walking for 10 minutes, you could run or walk for 5 minutes- make it work for whatever time frame you need! You also can adjust it if you do not have a stability ball or bosu ball, just do the exercise without them. Easily customizable!

If you do it how it is below, it will take you about an hour and 20 minutes. It’s one of those workouts that I like to have for the weekend.

Run or walk 10 min. on treadmill

Leg Workout:

1. 50 lunges holding dumbbells- 30 walking & 20 on Bosu

2. 50 crunches on Bosu ball

3. 20 butt lifts on Stability ball

Run or walk 10 min. on treadmill

Leg Workout:

1. 20 side lunges with Dumbbells

2. 20 reverse lunges with Dumbbells

3. 20 squats with barbell on back (2 sets of 10)

4. 20 calf lifts (on machine or freestanding) (2 sets of 10)

Run or walk 10 min. on treadmill

Ab Workout:

1. 20 Incline situps on bench with Medicine ball

2. 40 seated ab crunches on bench

3. 20 Saxon side bend holding weight (each side)

4. 5 reverse situps on incline bench (lift legs in the air)

Run or walk 10 minutes on treadmill

Arm Workout:

1. 20 Dumbbell Hammer curls with

2. 20 bench dips

3. 20 lateral dumbbell raises

4. 20 Dumbbell bicep curls

5. 20 reverse situps on incline bench

Run or walk 10 minutes on treadmill

Ab Workout:

1. 20 prone jack knifes on Stability ball

2. 20 reverse crunches

3. 15 ball passes using stability ball

4. 20 toe touch crunches

Sorry that workout looks INCREDIBLY long. Longer than normal, I just couldn’t figure out how to not have spaces in between each exercise. I tried for a while to fix it, but it just wasn’t working…I gave up.

Hope you have a great weekend! Don’t forget to switch your clocks FORWARD one hour on Saturday night.