Mindless Monday

Good Morning!

I know it’s Monday, and you may be struggling to wake up this morning. (thank goodness for Starbucks excuses 😉 ) Since it is Monday, I’m going to kind of take the ‘easy way out,’ and do this survey that Janethahad on her blog recently.

A is for age: 25, I’ve officially reached ‘mid 20s’
026-1-1<—From my birthday last year, when I turned 25. Craig took me to St. Augustine and we stayed at a Bed & Breakfast. So much fun!

B is for breakfast today: cinnamon raisin granola bar & a bunch of red grapes
f-redgrapes<—I’m obsessed with them right now.

C is for currently craving: Pizza

D is for dinner tonight: Pizza 😉 (with cauliflower crust a la’ Janetha– I just made it. Craig liked it, but didn’t love it. I was just happy he was willing to eat something other than ‘regular’ pizza. The main problem was MY fault. I forgot one of the MAIN ingredients. Pizza sauce. My brain is all of the place lately. Can’t believe I forgot it!! I really liked it though, even without the sauce.)

E is for favorite type of exercise:weight lifting or running. (hard to choose between the two)

F is for an irrational fear: Draw Bridges. I’m terrified. I think that the bridge is going to open while I’m driving across. Total nut job..right here 😉

G is for gross food:Olives (green or black), mayonnaise, cottage cheese, steak (yes, really. I can’t stand it)

H is for hometown:Jacksonville, Florida

I is for something important: It’s March Madness time. I have lost my husband for a month. He is SO into this tournament. It was like Christmas morning yesterday when they selected the teams. The BEST part was that his school, NC State got in!!! Last team in. He was SO mad because he didn’t think they got it, but then to his SHOCK they were the last team called 😀 And, just to give you an idea of his ‘extremeness’ about March madness- he has saved his bracket from the past 15 years…along with the USA Today that comes out every Monday after selection Sunday. & I think I’m the nut job 😉

J is for current favorite jam: Like jelly ‘jam’, well, then that’s grape. Always. As for music ‘jam,’ “Stronger” by Kelly Clarkson. OR the new remix of ‘Birthday Cake’ by Chris Brown & Rihanna. I know, he beat her, but hey, she’s the one making music with him..kind of strange if you ask me. But the song is really catchy.

K is for kids: Yes, we definitely want them!

L is for current location:Orlando, Florida (but not near the Mouse, he’s far from us & we like it that way 😉 )

M is for the most recent way you spent money: at Target…aka the Wallet Sucker

N is for something you need: To get my hair done. I think I have an appointment today actually.

O is for occupation:Financial Advisor/ Estate Planning

P is for pet peeve:People who chew with their mouth open, or who slurp their drink or soup. Eww.

Q is for a quote:
dr. seuss

R is for random fact about you: Oh I have a bunch. Just check out these.

S is for favorite healthy snack: Frozen grapes, Goldfish crackers (those are healthy, right??? 🙂 ) Notice this is my THIRD time talking about grape or grapes. I just can’t get enough grapes right now. They are just so good!

T is for favorite treat:Frozen yogurt. No doubt.

U is for something that makes you unique: I can’t live without q-tips. I have them everywhere- the bathroom (normal), my purse, my car. it’s bad. Kind of OCD, for sure.

V is for favorite vegetable: Broccoli, yellow squash or mushrooms…together it’s even better 🙂

W is for today’s workout:Sundays are rest days! Woohoo! Just did a few ab exercises.

X is for X-rays you’ve had:Just on my teeth (you know the ones they always do when you go to the dentist) & on my back- when I went to the Chiropractor.

Y is for yesterday’s highlight: Completely cleaning out our guest room! We have a TON of work that we are about to start doing in there!! I CANNOT wait.

Z is for your time zone: EST. Eastern Standard Time.

Well, there you have it. 26 things about me. I’m feeling a bit narcissistic today. Haha! 🙂

Hope you all have a good Monday! I’m looking forward to seeing the Bachelor tonight. Should be interesting. Although I hear he picks CRAZY.


Oh, and before I go…I just have to say a Happy Belated Birthday to my sister in law (The BEST sister in law a girl could ask for!!!) Stephanie! Her birthday was on Friday, but my absent mindedness got the best of me, and I totally forgot 😦 So this is to make up for Friday 🙂 Happy Birthday Steph!!


11 thoughts on “Mindless Monday

  1. I’m looking forward to the Bachelor finale tonight, too. Even though I’m sure that the couple will break up within the next few months because that’s what they always do!!! 😉

  2. Ha I also hate mayo! I worked at a bagel place over the summer and at lunch time would have to make bagel sandwiches. I cringed every time a customer asked for mayo on it!

  3. Your SIL is gorgeous!! 🙂 Happy Belated Birthday!

  4. These surveys are fun. I have the same one ready to go too 😉

    That is just pure crazy how much Craig likes March Madness!

  5. you are my favorite! i just adore you! this year is my 28th birthday and i will have reached upper 20s.O M G. weight lifting & running are definitely my favorite too, but i really love my kickboxing class. you need to visit and try it with me…and we can visit all the froyo places!

  6. hahahah draw bridges cracked me up. you’re a doll. and i am lovin’ grapes right now, too!

  7. Yuck, I’m an olive hater too!! A recent convert to cottage cheese, though it still sort of grosses me out. I used to have such a dependence on Goldfish, probably kept 2-3 bags at a time! Now I really really want some, I love the sweet ones…

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