Phone Photos

Good Morning!

Happy Wednesday to you. Half way through the week, only the end half to go!

Today I thought I would share some random pictures in my phone that I found when I was looking through them the other day. They always make me laugh, because there is typically a funny story behind it.

Oh, but I have to show you the inside of my Thin Mint cake.
thin mint cake

And it was a HUGE hit!!!!! Everyone told me how much they enjoyed it! I would HIGHLY recommend the recipe! I was told it was nice & minty- made you feel like you just brushed your teeth! Eat cake & have fresh breath. Win win. (although, if I ever make it again, I will not add the 1/2 banana. I know it was used to add moisture to the cake, but it really didn’t need it…and I could taste it. I think I only tasted it because I knew it was in there. I asked my co worker & she said she had no idea there was banana in it.)

That would be our living room floor. This is what I walked into the other night when I got home from work. Do you see all of those papers on the table?? Those are Craig’s previous March Madness brackets from prior years. & the newspaper on the floor…that’s USA Todays- from this year & prior years. They always have a special Monday edition for March Madness after Selection Sunday. You probably thought I was kidding about his March Madness craziness. 😉

march madness

To add to his craziness, I made him this cake on Selection Sunday night. Please do not laugh at my HORRIBLY drawn basketball. I don’t even know what that is!!! Haha 🙂



Yep, I have to admit, I totally fall for the marketing ploys. They made chicken nuggets in the shape of dinosaurs?! I’m all over them. How cute are they?? And they say that they are only for kids. Ha. Who are they kidding! Oh, and they are actually really good! We had them the other night for dinner, and they are all white meat. (like it says) I was impressed. I’ll definitely buy them again 🙂

birthday cake oreo

Liz, I found them. Yep, the limited edition BIRTHDAY CAKE OREOS. Did I buy them? No. Why? Because I would of immediately eaten the whole bag…and we are trying to go a bit easy on the sweets lately. But I have heard they are pretty fabulous.


Those would be my fingers in RARE form. I always always always have them painted. ALWAYS. I just think my fingers look weird without any nail polish on them. Actually I think I just have weird hands, almost like man hands. Ew. Even though my fingers are small (my ring size is only a 4 & 1/2), I still don’t like my hands. I guess we all have something we don’t care for on our bodies…one of mine is my fingers. 😉

And because I showed you that, I thought I would show you ONE of my collections of nail polish:
nail polish

This is just the downstairs collection, there is another one upstairs. Eek! I love nail polish. I also have a habit of buying a new color almost every week. And all of the new spring colors came out- I’m loving all of the pastels & brights!!

Well, have a good day! Good news: NEW ABC shows tonight!! WHOOHOO! Can’t wait for The Middle & Modern Family 😀