Uncle Bob

Tuesday was a sad day.

Our family got a reminder of how short life is.

Craig’s Godfather passed away Tuesday night.

Not only was he his Godfather, he was a close friend of the family. He was Uncle Bob. That is what Craig & his brother, Mike always called him, because he was more of an Uncle than just a family friend.

I know sometimes a Godfather or Godmother is only in the child’s life for the beginning, when they are young. Sometimes they stay in touch here & there.

This was not the case for Uncle Bob. He stayed involved in Craig & Mike’s lives. He was there for them. He would call Craig about once a month just to say hi & see how we were doing. Craig ALWAYS made sure to take the phone call, even if it was right before we were going to bed. Uncle Bob just meant the world to him.

I ‘just’ met Uncle Bob about 3 years ago, and I have to say he was one of the MOST genuine people that I have ever met! He ALWAYS went out of his way to make people feel special, or to do kind things for people.

You know this picture of our engagement?

You see that guy on the left hand side? Well, that’s Uncle Bob video taping our entire engagement. He actually SNUCK onto Ravens Field to capture our moment for us. He ended up getting in trouble with security right after this picture was taken, but he didn’t care. He just told them ‘Sir, I’ll be off soon. That’s my Godson, he just got engaged & I don’t want to miss it.’ Best story ever. To this day we all still laugh about it. 🙂

Uncle Bob was one of a kind. He will FOREVER be apart of our lives.

This is just a reminder to call someone & tell them how much you love them. You NEVER know HOW SHORT life can be, and you don’t want to miss any opportunity to express your love to them.


12 thoughts on “Uncle Bob

  1. Aww, sorry to you and Craig! It is always tough losing someone. That story about the engagement is a classic though, memory for a lifetime 🙂

  2. I’m sorry for your loss, Holly. Uncle Bob sounds like a special guy!

  3. Sorry to read about Bob 😦

  4. So sorry about your loss, Holly 😦 Prayers are being sent your way!

  5. I am so sorry about this Holly. He sounds like an amazing man that has really influenced both of your lives. Thinking about you.

  6. I’m sorry for your loss, but at least the good memories are always there to stay! 🙂
    You and your family take care!

  7. Oh I am so sorry for you and Craig.

  8. Aw, I’m so sorry about your loss!

  9. Thinking about you!! XOXO

  10. so sorry friend. Hugs to you and hugs to Craig. Glad you can be there for him.

  11. I thought I had messaged you a while ago, but now I’m not seeing my comment … ? Wanted to tell you I’m missing you. I hope you’re well. Email me sometime (notsodomesticated@yahoo.com), just to let me know how you’re doing! 🙂

  12. Oh, I’m so sorry. Saying a prayer for you guys.

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