Labor Story- Part 2

FINALLY finishing this labor story, sorry about the delay! I actually got a few orders for the items that I made for Craig’s Christmas party & an event on Saturday that I’m bringing samples to…so it’s been busy in this house 🙂

Anyways, back to where I left off. This is long & not many pictures until the end…so I suggest grabbing a snack, or a glass of wine..mmmm how delicious a glass of wine sounds right now 😉 Now there are some details that may be a bit TMI, but not too bad, I promise 🙂

…my water broke at 11:45am. Such an odd feeling. I mean it really is like you are peeing yourself, but you can’t stop it. You know when you need to pee, you can hold it, or even mid pee you can stop. Well not when your water breaks. There is no stopping it. It’s not like movies either…there is no huge gush (well, mine wasn’t)- it was a steady stream that lasts until the baby comes out. It’s the weirdest feeling…but I’m glad I got to experience it. I didn’t think I would since I was induced, I thought the doctor would have to break it.

Around 12:15pm the anesthesiologists came in. There was the actual doctor, and she had a medical student who was in his senior year. He was going to be doing my epidural while she watched. I know you may be thinking that I was crazy for allowing a student do the epidural, but honestly I didn’t. Not one bit. I just wanted the drugs 😉 Also, he was a senior student about to become a ‘real’ doctor anyways…and I felt very comfortable with both of them. He didn’t seem nervous one bit, and I was NOT his first ‘try’ at an epidural.

As I said in the first post, the epidural was the part that scared me the MOST. So I did EXACTLY what they told me. You have to sit a certain way, and you HAVE to hold very still. Most of the time spent is setting up everything for your epidural (like finding the spot on your back where you will have the needle, cleaning the spot, etc). You kind of sit leaning forward and they give you a pillow to hold. You wrap your hands around that & hold still. They give you a numbing shot before the real needle. The numbing shot hurts worse that the epidural needle & the numbing shot really is NOT that bad…seriously! Once they start the epidural you will feel tingly in your legs- like how it feels when your arm or leg falls asleep. That’s usually a sign that it’s working. Once the epidural is in, they lay you back & you just sit there for 15 minutes while the medicine sets in. After about 2 minutes you notice that you can’t really feel your legs anymore…and let me tell you it’s AMAZING. 😀

BUT…here’s the thing. My first epidural didn’t take. Yep, you read that right. Epidural #1= no good. :/ Once they had finished everything & told me to lay down, they were like ‘ok, so you should be feeling the medicine now, you should NOT be feeling any contractions.’ I was like ‘umm, I am still feeling EVERYTHING & I really need to pee, so I think I’m just going to walk over to the bathroom right now.’ They started freaking out & said I was not allowed to get up because my legs will be numb. I just said honestly my legs are not numb right now, I am still feeling every freaking contraction & I WILL be getting up to pee. And that was that. I got up, no numbing & in pretty extreme pain. They called the doctor back in and we started the epidural process over again.

Now I can’t say that it was in any way fun getting the second epidural, but it wasn’t bad only because I was already numb from the first time. But the doctor told me that things like that (where it didn’t take the first time) happen randomly. I wasn’t mad one bit, I just wanted the drugs because the pain was kicking my butt & I was getting to be a little bit of a you- know -what 😉

The second epidural took, and boy let me tell you…WONDERFUL 😀 I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. Haha! It does make you a little loopy in the beginning- like a little buzz from alcohol- but I was having fun! (having fun while in labor, sounds like an oxymoron! lol!)

My parents & Craig’s parents came in to say hi after I got my epidural to see how things were going, and we talked for a bit. It was then just a matter of time!

Around 2pm the nurses came in & said ‘try to get some rest before pushing happens.’ I just looked at them like they were crazy…sleep?!! Seriously!? I’m about to push a baby out, there is no way I was getting sleep! 🙂 Instead I turned on the tv & we were watching Everybody Loves Raymond, then the Ellen show. <- LOVE her…great for some laughs before pushing!

Then at 3pm my Mom came in for the final time just to see me & give me a hug. She wanted to ‘see how her baby was.’ 🙂 I told her as she was walking out to tell the nurses that I was getting that feeling that I felt like I needed to poop. (sorry, tmi, but just telling you the truth!) That’s what they say- is that when it feels like you need to poop, that’s typically when it means it’s time to push!

At 3:15pm the nurse came in to see how I was doing, and she took a look down there & said ‘yep! it’s time to go!’ They were going to call the doctor in, (he was across the street at my OB GYN’s office) & in the mean time we were going to do a ‘practice push’ so that I knew what to expect. My main nurse was going to let me know when I was having a contraction & then I would be instructed to push through the contraction. Well, as we were about to start the practice push, she looked ‘down there’ again & said ‘STOP!’ Immediately I freaked out & was like OH MY GOSH, what is going on with my child?! But I had to stop because her head was literally RIGHT THERE! No practice push for me, instead it was go time as soon as the doctor arrived.

My doctor walked in around 3:40pm & at 3:45pm it was the REAL DEAL. Time to push. So I won’t go into a bunch of detail here, but I watched the entire birth. It was the COOLEST thing ever. I know, it sounds gross…if you have never experienced it…and if someone were to tell me that they watched their child’s birth BEFORE I had G, I would of thought they were insane. But now I can tell you…best experience EVER. Now I truly know why they say ‘the miracle of birth.’ Because every birth really is a miracle!

The whole birth took about 10 pushes, if that. She was ready to go, and I was ready to push!


Meeting my girl ❤


Our first family photo ❤


After her first bath 🙂


Both families after her birth ❤

Hope this wasn’t too long, I’m just glad I finally finished it! 🙂