3 Months





I can’t believe it. She’s 3 months. How did that happen?? I feel like she was just in my belly YESTERDAY…and I tell her that all the time.

25 weeks

6 1/2 months pregnant! …itty bitty bump. 🙂

Now she’s HERE…BEST day of my life.


Every time Gabriella gets a bath (which is part of her nightly bedtime routine), I always tell her how I felt her little toes & fingers in my belly. It’s something I will NEVER EVER forget, and I VERY much miss that part of being pregnant.

Now that’s she’s here & we have experienced three months with our little lady, there is SO much that I have learned…that you can really only learn until you are a parent. Of course everyone can tell you their experiences & stories…but they are all different. Just like babies- every baby is so different. You can’t compare them, and what might work for one, won’t work for the other.

Feelings when we brought her home:

Ecstatic! We could not wait to get home. They were even going to let us go home after just staying one night in the hospital, but everyone encouraged us to stay…not just for Gabriella, but for us too. I mean you are pretty much waited on hand & foot in the hospital. Who doesn’t love that?! 😉


First car ride! 🙂 She’s SO TINY!

Of course we were a bit nervous, but nothing that we couldn’t handle. We did not have anyone at home when we got home, we just wanted at least a week to have our family time with just the three of us. We wanted to get to know each other, and just have our bonding time initially.

Our families were in the hospital for her birth, which we LOVED.


That week was so special to us. Craig was able to work from home that week, and I’m SO thankful for that. It was awesome to just literally sit and stare at our little girl.

Just like any baby, we weren’t getting much sleep…but we didn’t mind. Even though I was breast feeding and Craig couldn’t do anything to feed her, he would get up with me each time just to watch her. We were fascinated (& still are) by her.

I am still exclusively breast feeding Gabriella…and I’m hoping to for a year.  But I am NOT going to freak out if I don’t make it that long. We’ll just do whatever is best for us.

When we first brought her home, we actually started giving her a bottle once a day when she was only a week old. SO SMART. Wish I had stuck to it.

Toys:She wasn’t into her toys. And by toys I mean the bouncer, swing & pretty much anything. I thought she would pick right up on the idea of the swing, since I heard babies LOVE them. But she didn’t.


She was not into her swing at first….but she did come around.

Around a month I started doing ‘Tummy Time’ on her Baby Einstein mat, which she did like…for about 10 minutes. But it helped her hold her head up pretty quick.


Love that look ❤

Now that we are three months into her life…she has changed SO MUCH! Not just in looks, but in EVERYTHING.

Feelings Now:

The nerves have settled, and we are both completely comfortable with her. At first Craig would think that she didn’t like him, but it’s only because she was so used to me. I mean I am her food source, but she is also the person she sees every minute of the day. I am blessed enough to be able to work from home, so I get the best of both worlds- stay at home Mom, but I’m also bringing in income. But she has COMPLETELY come around & adores her Dad.

one of my very favorite pictures.

Sleep Now:What a difference three months makes! Of course we still have our ups & downs, her normal routine is like this: she goes to bed between 6pm & 6:30pm, then she will wake up around 2am or 3am to eat- takes about 15/ 20 minutes to eat, then I rock her back to sleep for about 10/15 minutes, then back to bed. Then she is usually up for the day around 6:30am. I LOVE the I am able to get a nice ‘chunk’ of sleep now. The only problem I have is that once I’m up it’s sometimes hard for me to go right back to sleep….but I’ve gotten better. Sometimes I just stare at our monitor & make sure she is ok. 🙂

Feeding Now:Like I said, she’s still exclusively breast fed.

And as you know, I’m having issues with giving her a bottle. With the holidays in November & December, time got away from me & it was SO MUCH easier just to nurse, rather than pump & then give a bottle. But now I’m wishing that we stuck with it. Oh well, just have to keep trying…she will get it. I know she will 🙂

Toys Now:Her swing is our best friend. She takes her long morning nap (usually from 8am- 10am) in it. She may fuss a little a first, just because she doesn’t want to sleep, but she ends up sleeping peacefully for a while.

She LOVES her bouncer seat, just to sit it. It’s where I usually put her when I’m cooking dinner. Sometimes I take off the little bar on top that lights up, and she just sits in the chair. I think she just likes to be able to sit up. (sorry grainy, cell phone picture)

g bouncer

She is starting to love her jump a roo, but she’s just a bit short so we use a pillow to help her touch the ground. 😉


^that picture is so goofy because it doesn’t really look like her. (sorry grainy, just a cell phone picture)

She also has a giraffe baby mat that she likes for like 5 minutes…in the morning. It’s what I use to send her grandparents pictures pretty much everyday on 🙂

animal print

Animal print overload 😉 (another cell phone picture)

Every day has been my favorite with Gabriella. I really CANNOT imagine my life without her now. What did we do before her??? I love all the memories that we have made so far & I can’t wait to make a TON more! 😀 She has completely STOLEN my heart…and I don’t see that ever changing. 🙂

Oh and before I go, I want to wish my sister a VERY Happy Birthday! LOVE you, Erin!!

Happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend!!