It Almost Didn’t Happen

Today is the day.

Today is the day that ALMOST didn’t happen. I mean it was literally this close to not happening.

You have NO idea how many times this was almost canceled.

Today we, as in all THREE of us, are going to Maryland.

As you read this Craig, Gabriella & I will be on our way to the airport. We booked an early flight- 7:55am, because it’s usually G’s ‘happy time.’


Are we nervous? Yes, very. More so Craig than me…but he has me worrying more now too.

I mean a 3 and 1/2 month old on a plane…that probably says enough in itself 😉

Craig didn’t even take the day off from work until YESTERDAY because he was sure he was going to cancel it. I worked my magic though, and convinced him that we can do it! (& who knows, I may have thrown a little vodka in his orange juice this morning 😉 I’ll never tell.)

I just pray that our little lady will look something like this on the flight…


If you have a minute, please say a little prayer for us. And since I will be reading comments before we take off, please tell me something funny. I might just need a good laugh.

I have a few tricks up my sleeve & I’m hoping they will work. Her doctor told me to just feed her on the way up & on the way down to help with the pressure on her ears. And I have my Ipad loaded with some good little things to entertain her, if needed. – lots of bright colors, animals & shapes.

If worse comes to worse, we will just buy everyone around us a round of drinks! That will hopefully lighten the mood 😉

So we are off for a fun weekend in Maryland. It’s our nephew’s FIRST birthday & my brother in law & sister in law’s 30th birthdays! This is HUGE & I did NOT want to miss it.

On that note, I’ll see ya from Maryland! I’m going to try to do at least one post from up there, but if not, enjoy your weekend!

Just because they are cute, I leave you with a pair of G’s feet.



13 thoughts on “It Almost Didn’t Happen

  1. AWE. My parents flew with us when we were very young and I hope it goes well.

    Yesterday one of the undergrads that works for me, I chose as “employee of the week”. He was really shocked (also very socially awkward and probably belongs in the late 1800s). And goes Hollie you are so sweet, it’s like you gave me diabetes. (He had forgotten I actually did). I couldn’t stop laughing. (I hope that cheers you up).

  2. she will do great!! Have such a good time!!

  3. Ahhh good luck!! Im sure she will be a little angel! Have so much fun up here and enjoy your family time. Hope to see you if not this weekend then in the next couple weeks when I’m down your way

  4. She will be fine! Have a great flight!

    My husband is really into his video games. When we were first dating, I kept calling him to see why he was late for our plans. He told me, “I’m washing my hair.” What guy even says that? Turns out, he wanted to finish his video game. Lamest excuse ever? Yes, and I don’t let him forget it ;). Perhaps that’s only funny to me, but thought I’d give it a shot :)!

  5. Where in MD are you going? I live in MD so was just curious. I’m about 25min north of Baltimore City near Owings Mills. I’m sure Craig knows where that is. Enjoy your time down here, it’s supposed to snow!!! Maybe you will get to bundle your little snow bunny up and take some adorable pics of her in the snow!

    I have a son, Luke, who just turned 6 on feb 9th and loves all things superhero’s. His new thing now is telling everyone and anyone, that he just got bit by a ‘radioactive spider’. If you ask him what his favorite song is, he will start singing, “bands will make her dance, bands will make her dance, poppin poppin i just love to dance” (thats the words HE says). Ohhh the funny stories I could tell you about my lil man. He is such a funny, outgoing kid. Well enjoy your trip to MD!!!

    • Hi Lindsay, sorry to just write you back now.
      I know where Owings Mills is 🙂 He is from Bel Air! I was hoping we would of gotten to see snow, but not this time…maybe next time.
      OH my goodness…that is too funny about that song! 😀 He sounds like a funny little guy- love that!

  6. I’m sure she’ll be great!! For future reference, I did see a cool article recently that said that a mom made little baggies with candy and ear plugs for the people sitting around her on the plane. And she put a cute note in each bag, from the “baby,” explaining that it was her first time flying and she hopes that everyone understands if she is a little fussy. Something like that. Anyway, I thought that that was a really cute idea!

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