March is a very big month for another reason though. It’s my Mom’s 60th birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I look at my Mom in a WHOLE new light now that I’m a Mom. She is an AMAZING lady, and I thank God every day for her. I have NO idea how she put up with my during my teenage years…Oh was I a little devil, and that’s putting it nicely. 😉

Let me tell you a little bit more about my Mom because today I’m totally going to brag about her. 🙂

My Mom is not my biological Mom. But you would never know.

She has been in my life since I was two years old. She is the one that raised me. She is the one that cuddled me when I was sick. She was the one that held my hand when we crossed the street. She was the one that was the Math Super Star’s Mom in 3rd grade for my class. She was the one that went to EVERY SINGLE one of my cross country & track meets. (have you ever been to a track meet? It’s about 5 hours long & oh so boring. She didn’t complain once! She sat through rain, freezing cold & crazy hot weather) She was the one that took me to all of my doctor appointments when I was going through treatment for anorexia. (In the beginning I had to go three times a week for the first year…and after that it was two times a week for another year & then finally once a week for two years. She NEVER EVER complained or made me feel bad.) She was the one that held me tight & watched my favorite movie with me while I cried when I had my first heart break. She was the one that drove me to college, unloaded my stuff, and then gave me the biggest hug & kiss before consoling my Dad on their drive home. 😉 She was the one that would send me random cards while in college just to let me know she was thinking of me. She was the one that cooked my favorite meals whenever I would go home…which was nearly every weekend when I first started college. 🙂 She was the one, that upon meeting Craig, immediately told me how much she liked him. She was the one that had a BLAST on my wedding day (let’s just say she had a few drinks 😉 ) and still to this day we laugh about the stories. She was the FIRST person we told that I was pregnant. And she was the last person to give me a kiss and tell me how much she loved me before I gave birth to Gabriella.

The MOST important lesson I’ve learned in laugh I learned from my Mom. You

Want to know what lesson that was? How to be the BEST Mom in the WHOLE world.


Being a Mom is more than a title. Yes, you can give birth to a child, but just because you did does NOT make you a Mom. It makes you an egg donor.

Being a Mom means being there for your child, teaching them life lessons, using discipline when the time is right, loving them unconditionally, and making sure that at the end of everyday your child knows how much they mean to you & how much you love them. And that is EXACTLY what my Mom has done for me.

I just want to thank her for ALL that she has done for me. She not only put up with me during those crazy years, but she has always stuck by my side even when she knew my decision was not the right one. But she wanted to let me learn my own lesson, rather than telling me what to do. And for that I appreciate things even more.

The thing I love most about my Mom? Seeing her with Gabriella.


That was the day she was born! 🙂 But now my Mom can’t get enough of her. She actually gets upset when I don’t ask her to come down every weekend. She would never tell me that, but I have the inside scoop. 😉 My Mom just adores my little lady. She calls her “my little peach pie” because she says G is so sweet. (I tell her it’s an act…no, totally kidding 🙂 )

Once you have a child, you really do appreciate you parents SO MUCH MORE. I am SO blessed to have the best parents in the world.

Happy Birthday Mom!! I could never ever thank you enough for all that you have done for me.

I LOVE you SO much and I cannot wait to see you this weekend!

Oh, and ps: I still owe you a trip to Universal Studios for the Harry Potter ride. I didn’t forget 😀