Thursday Ramblings

1. My husband likes Chobani. I am a happy wife. Randomly he decided that he wanted to try it. I had given it to him before, but he didn’t love it. But he tried it again & he LOVES it. And he eats it almost every day like me. Mission accomplished 😉 His favorite flavors: Blood orange & lemon. Boy loves his citrus.

I had to stock up on it at Target when it was on sale- only $1 a piece!! SCORE.

^that’s only about half of our current stash 😉

2. Gabriella is FOUR months. How did that happen??


Her new favorite thing? Her feet. She LOVES them. And a plus for us: it keeps her entertained for a few minutes. 😉


Another update: She STILL REFUSES the bottle. I mean ABSOLUTELY REFUSES. SCREAMS bloody murder. It’s terrible. We have just decided to kind of give it a rest right now. It just makes us all miserable & after a month of trying every night, and then ending up with a crying’s been hard.

3. You know I have to tell you something else about Gabriella, because well, she’s my whole world. Guess who can start solids now?!? Yep, G Marie!

We haven’t tried any yet, we may wait just a little bit, but I think within a week or two we will try the rice cereal. I picked this kind up at Target the other day, I hope she likes it.


We CANNOT wait to try solids with her. It’s going to be FUN!!

4. I have one of my VERY favorite races this weekend in Jacksonville!! The River Run!


I can’t wait. It is one of the VERY best courses I have ever ran. It is so scenic & a TON of cheering fans along the way. It’s going to be weird running without a stroller.

Anyone else out there running in it??

PS: I’m looking for more races in the Florida area- preferably half & full marathons. Would you happen to know of any?

5. New debate, which is better… Dunkin Donuts Dark roast or Starbucks iced coffee?


I had to try the Dunkin before the picture. (oops) I have to say, Starbucks still wins in my book. Just because it’s stronger, love the bold flavor. But Dunkin is a good alternative with their new dark roast!

6. We ate one of my favorite meals the other night.


Sweet potato, broccoli & shrimp with Old Bay. I could seriously eat this twice a week, every week. Easily. I always forget how good sweet potatoes- I need to incorporate them into our dinners more. Oh, and that shrimp…COATED with Old Bay. I don’t believe in too much Old Bay. 😀 (& believe it or not, that was actually before Craig too.)

Hope you have a good Friday Eve! One step closer to the weekend!!!


7 thoughts on “Thursday Ramblings

  1. I like the blood orange and lemon chobs the best too LOL. Anyways sorry she is refusing the bottle but maybe after a weeks rest she will magically want it. (LOL, I can hope for you right?).

    I have not had a good experience with Dunkin coffee yet…so I’ll say Starbucks just because of that.

  2. I always stock up on Chobani when it goes on sale at Target! I like the lemon and blood orange too!

  3. I love Dunkin’ Donuts but I do miss going to Starbucks every day at school. 😦 They do have bolder flavors than DD, especially if you like black coffee! I love her little bow. Hot pink + black = one of my favorite color combinations 🙂

  4. Wow, I can’t believe she can already start on solids. Where is the time going?!?!

    Also, I got your package. Thank you SO much!! And I sent you a card yesterday … be on the lookout! 🙂

  5. Hi Holly. I usually don’t comment, but I think your blog is so sweet. I am a pediatric speech-language pathologist and I sometimes work with babies on their feeding skills (usually if they are tube fed initially and then transitioning to bottle feeding — I know this doesn’t apply to your sweet girl). But, I might have some ideas for you WHEN YOU ARE READY. Feel free to email me 🙂

  6. I wish my hubby would get into Chobani…but I just think..”oh well…MORE for ME!” 😛

    Starting solids is SO much fun!! 😀 Isn’t it crazy how fast they grow!!?

    Yay! On running a race 4 months after baby! You GO GIRL!! 🙂
    Hope you have a great weekend!!

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