We Pulled It Off!

Well, we did it!

I had been planning my Mom’s surprise 60th birthday party since the end of last year, and it finally happened…and it worked out PERFECTLY! She was completely surprised & had a WONDERFUL time!


After running the River Run on Saturday morning with my Dad (I just ran it for fun, not competitively, so that my Dad & I could run it together) we headed back home to get everything ready for the party. My sister was able to get my Mom out of the house Saturday afternoon- I told my Mom that I was having the family over for a get together, she had NO idea all of her friends would be there, she just knew I wanted to decorate & get the food together.





She arrived around 5:30pm (the party start at 5pm) to a room full of her family & friends! Her face was priceless.



Another surprise was that my Uncle & Aunt had flown in from NEW HAMPSHIRE for the party! They were in another room when she arrived, and after the initial surprise, they ran out and surprised her again.


We were able to get a family picture, which was nice. This one was the best out of all of them…you should of seen the other ones…they were quite interesting 😉


As you can see, Gabriella was being very anti social. I had her in the Ergo the ENTIRE time. She actually ended up sleeping in there for a good three hours, until she went to bed. She was just miserable. Poor little baby was teething like no other!

Most pictures with Gabriella looked like this:

Just a little G head 🙂 That’s me & my Mom’s best friend, Jeannie.

One of my favorite families was also able to come- the family I used to babysit for! Hard to believe how BIG they are now. They were around 6, 4 and a year old when I started babysitting. Now, the oldest – Harrison- is in COLLEGE, Jackie is a Junior in high school and DRIVING (O.M.G! She DROVE to the party & I couldn’t believe it!) & the youngest, Montgomery is in middle school.


Just goes to show- WHERE DOES TIME GO?!?!?! I LOVE this family! I’m so glad that we are still in touch, and we still see each other 🙂

It was such a fun time! I’m so glad that everything worked out, and that my family was able to keep the secret!!

My Mom was still recovering the next morning when I went to see her. Needless to say, she had a GOOD time that night. 😉



Hope you had a very happy birthday, Mom!

And don’t forget that frosting on your mouth 😉


6 thoughts on “We Pulled It Off!

  1. she looks SO happy!! glad you guys pulled it off. what a fun cake!

  2. What fun! I threw my sister a surprise party for her 30th b-day and this made me think of that. Suprise parties are so special, especially when they go off without a hitch. That last picture is priceless! 😉

  3. WOW and she looks so happy and surprised. I honestly don’t know of too many people that have had that success with throwing a surprise party so I’m def happy for you guys!

  4. I like the pictures, you must of had a great photographer

  5. Aww so fun!! You are such a good daughter! 😉

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