A Fun Age

Good Morning! TGIF! Hope you have some fun weekend plans, or just have some time to sit back & relax. Sometimes the weekend with NO plans are the best weekends, am I right?!

Today’s post is FULL of pictures of the little miss…so if you aren’t in the mood for picture overload, please feel free to skip out on this one, I totally understand! 🙂

Four months is SUCH a fun age. Gabriella is acting like a little person now. I know that may sound strange, but let me explain. As a newborn, babies don’t really have much personality. I mean, yes, you get the occasional smile (but it’s usually because they have gas 😉 ), and they START to show their personalities. But at four months, their little personality really starts to shine through.


Not only has Gabriella’s personality started to show, but things in general are getting easier. And I say that lightly. Raising a child is no ‘easy’ job, I just mean that we really understand each other now. Before it was a lot of a guessing game. Now we have our little routine, and the best part is that SHE knows it too.

She’s pretty predictable now (**knock on wood, this could all change tomorrow). We have a pretty set schedule, of course NOTHING is ‘set’- I just mean that MOST of the time it’s the same. She goes to bed around 6:30/ 7pm and she’s up usually twice during the night/ early morning- typically around 12am/ 1am to eat & then again around 5/6am to eat again. Sometimes if she wakes closer to 6am, she may just be up for the day…depends if I can get her back to sleep or not. Either way is fine with me. She takes two naps a day- a morning nap (around 8am until 10am) and then an afternoon nap (around 1pm until 3:30/4pm).

Like I said before, of course we have days that are no where near that schedule, but that is what our normal day looks like. Thankfully during her naps (& before she gets up for the day), I’m able to do some work & house stuff.

Other than getting into some what of a routine, there are some other REALLY fun stuff about this age.

1. She has a new best friend. That best friend would be her feet.


She CANNOT get enough of them. It’s HILARIOUS! I usually leave her socks off now, only because she pulls them off to get to her feet. And sometimes if she wakes up in the morning, and isn’t doing her normal talking yet to let us know she’s awake, she will suck on her toes THROUGH her pj’s. I go to change her diaper & her little pj toes are all wet! Silly girl 😀

2. She is IN LOVE with her Daddy.



Craig would CONSTANTLY tell me how much G loved me more & that she didn’t like him. (he’s a bit dramatic 😉 ) But I would remind him that the reason she was more attached to me was that: a. I’m the food source. b. I’m with her 24/7. But now she has REALLY come around to him. She LOVES her Daddy time. I let Craig go in & get her when she wakes up in the morning, just because she’s SO happy then. It’s AWESOME! He also comes home from lunch & the SECOND she sees him she lights up & has this big ol’ smile. Like I told him when she was born, she may have me wrapped around her little finger right now…but just give it time, she will have him wrapped like no other! Totally Daddy’s little girl. I cannot wait to see their relationship grow, it warms my heart so much.

3. She has the BEST laugh in the world!!!!


There is NOTHING better than hearing a baby laugh. I WILL get it on video & put it on her. When you get her going, oh man, it is the funniest thing ever. & she always sticks her little tongue out (like in the above picture. Funny thing is, Craig did that until he was like 10.)

She also ‘talks’ all the time. You just lay her on her back & start to ‘talk’ to her…and she will have a full on conversation with you. 😉

4. We started solids!!!

Last Sunday we gave her rice cereal (mixed with breast milk) & she LOVED it. She literally attacked the spoon.



^trying the first bite.


^after a few bites.


& then the toy got more interesting. I don’t know what it is about that toy (it’s the one attached to her bebe POD) but she is OBSESSED with it.


^& that would be an end shot. Belly full of rice cereal…and face too. 😉

When I went to her four month check up, her doctor (whom I LOVE- if you are in the Orlando area & need a pediatrician recommendation- I have one!! He is AWESOME!!!!!!!!) suggested trying to start her on solids within the next month or so. He said to start her with the rice cereal, and pretty much to make it super watery…so you just spoon it into her mouth. He also said to look for clues as to when a good time to start solids would be. He said to look for when she was interested in what you were eating, or if she started making ‘smacking’ noises with her lips when she would see some of our food. Well, both were happening, so we gave it a shot. And she LOVED it.

The best part was seeing her. It was a total mess, and Craig swore he was going to get sick because she was such a mess. Mommy is now in charge of the end part of the feeding. 😉 He starts the feeding, and I finish it. He seriously cannot take the mess- he’s like ‘H, I’m going to vomit.’ Haha! NOTHING phases me anymore…life of a Mom. 😀

We are looking forward to seeing how much she changes in the next few months. I swear she changes SO much EACH WEEK! It truly is incredible.

And because it’s Friday, I feel like I should leave you with a laugh.


That was the look she gave the bowl of cereal once she started to get full. She’s giving it ‘the eye.’ Ahh, I just love that girl, she’s so full of personality!!