Hates the Crib

Good Monday Morning!!

I hope most of you have a short week, or at least a half day on Friday due to the Easter holiday. Should make for a better start to your week, right?! 😀

This is just a quick post, I just need some advice, if possible.

We have a little issue with little Miss G Marie.

See since she got home from the hospital, she has been sleeping in her Rock n’ Play.

rock n play

She loves it, and thankfully it has worked out perfectly for us so far.

Only problem now is that she is getting way too big for it. She can still fit (barely), so it’s not a safety concern…yet.


^^she’s no longer that little 🙂

You are probably asking, why not put her in her crib???

Well, that’s the whole problem. She hates it.

It’s terrible. I have tried all sorts of suggestions that I have read online- like make her more comfortable in it by playing with toys in there with it. I have also tried putting her in there just for nap time, which she wakes up almost instantly & will cry (pretty much just scream) until someone gets her. I can only let her cry for so long, and it really just breaks my heart.

I am hoping someone has some advice they can offer that may help her like her crib.

Some ideas that I have, that I’m hoping to start this week or next is to have her nap in her pack n’ play. That way it’s flat, not inclined like her rock n’ play. Also it is not as big as her crib, so maybe that will be a bit more comforting. I know part of the problem is that the crib is just so big compared to her rock n’ play.

We can always move her pack n’ play upstairs, that way it’s a start. I’m just not sure if she will even like that.

Other ideas- getting a mobile that is battery powered. She loves her mobile, but it only lasts for about 3 minutes, if that. She likes to look at it and I think that if she had something to look at continuously that may help.

The one good thing is that we have had her in her room since she was about two months old, so thankfully we don’t have to get her used to her room AND the crib, it’s just getting her used to the crib.

Any advice would be MUCH appreciated! 🙂


Gabriella says thank you in advance 😀 That was her basketball outfit that she wore to watch March Madness with her Daddy. She LOVES basketball, it calms her right down if she is fussy. I swear it’s in her blood.

Thank you, as always, for reading & for sharing experiences & suggestions that you my have I truly appreciate it and use the advice often.