Flashback Friday…Kind of

Happy Friday!! 🙂

This is what I’m calling ‘Flashback Friday,’ but it’s not really a true Flashback Friday….only because I’m ‘flashing back’ to our Easter. I never shared what we did for Easter, and of course I have to share a TON of pictures. Wouldn’t be a typical Holly post without one loaded with photos, right?! 😉

Easter this year was spent at our house. Craig’s parents were in town, and my parents came down from Jacksonville so that we could all spend the day together. We all had not been together since Gabriella’s birth- which was November 5th. So it was nice to have all of us together again!

Easter morning started out with church. Craig & his parents attended, while Gabriella & I stayed home. I really wanted to go, but it’s really hard with a baby…especially because it was during her nap time. Soon enough we will all be able to go!

While they were there, the Easter bunny stopped by for a little visit. 😉


Easter baskets (well, bags, haha!) were delivered for everyone. The little bunny basket was from my in-laws for little Miss G! I love the basket, and we are going to save it for future Easter bunny deliveries!

Gabriella got in on making Easter presents this year too…


We made one for each of her Grandparents. Thank you for the idea, Pinterest, don’t know what I’d do without you. 😉 The ears were supposed to be G’s handprints, but let me tell you, it is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to get a baby’s handprint. She just had to scrunched up the whole time…and she was NOT at all interested in getting her hands in the paint. It was quite funny.

Gabriella enjoyed her fair share of Easter eggs too.


Too bad she didn’t get to have the candy inside. One day little one.

I HAVE to show you the outfit that Grandma N (Craig’s Mom) got for G$.


‘High Maintenance.’ Seriously PERFECT. Describes her exactly. Can’t wait to put her in it.

Breakfast was Monkey Bread.


Standard holiday breakfast around here.

And of course the obligatory Easter photos! 🙂 Love ‘em! & I ADORE G’s dress!! (Thank you Chandale <3)

Mommy, Daddy & G


Grandma W (my Mom) & G…or as she says ‘her little peach pie.’ 🙂


Grandpa, Grandma & G


Grandpa & G enjoying a laugh together 😀


Papanote, Grandma N & G Marie


Grandma N & Gabriella (one of my favorite pictures of them)


Papanote & G


For our Easter dinner I made lazy lasagna, it’s our family’s tradition…instead of ham. I love it! I mean who doesn’t love a big Italian meal?! Along with it we had Caesar salad, French bread & wine. Mmmmm wine, how I missed it so much pregnant.

For dessert I made banana cream pie & cherry pie.


The cherry pie was the first lattice pie I have ever made! Making a lattice is actually easier than I thought, and it makes the pie look so pretty. I’ll definitely be doing it more often when I make pies.


Craig caught me staging the pie too 😉 He always makes fun of me whenever I do my pictures of food, but now he is used to it. I had to find the best lighting!


One of my favorite parts of Easter, and just the past few weeks in general is HOW MUCH Gabriella has become Daddy’s girl.


Without a doubt, she is ALL ABOUT Craig. I mean he just steps in the room & she immediately looks for him. She may hear his voice, but can’t see him yet, and she will just turn her head over and over until she finds him. It is the CUTEST! A girl & her Daddy share a bond like NO OTHER! I’m so happy that I get to watch their bond grow every single day.


Not going to lie though, I CANNOT wait for our girls’ days! Just me & G! 🙂


Oh that little girl just rocks my world! ❤