Sleeping in the Crib & NEW Workout

Happy Friday!

This week got off to a rough start, so the blog took a back burner. Once we got past Monday & Tuesday things got MUCH better! It’s amazing how much HAPPIER my little lady is once she gets a nap…and how rotten she can be without one. 😉

I have a new workout to share with you that I think you will really like. It’s a workout for the gym, but you could probably convert it to an at home workout as well. I did it on Monday & forgot how much I LOVED it- mix of weights & cardio! It was at the bottom of my workout binder. I’ll post it at the end of this post because it’s kind of long, so if you aren’t interested in any Gabriella stuff, please feel free to skip to the end!

Last Monday Gabriella turned 5 months old. Yes, FIVE whole MONTHS!


This is a REALLY fun age, and her personality is really shining through. Her laugh is the BEST sound in the whole world. I LOVE when we really get her going- she is SO ticklish!!


Another big step in her little life was that she is now in her CRIB! I know, you’re probably thinking…umm ok, aren’t babies supposed to sleep in their crib?! Well, yes, yes they are, but it’s quite a process if you don’t start them out there. (usually)

Until two weeks ago she slept in the Rock n’ Play.


^OH. MY.GOSH. look how teeny tiny she was. She was not even a month old in that picture! That is her sleeping in the rock n’ play.

It was nice & snug, especially this last month. I had NO idea how she was comfortable, but she HATED the crib. She would SCREAM the minute I tried putting her in there. Well, I finally KNEW it was time. She NEEDED to move to the crib, and I knew once she got used to it, she would be SO much happier.

So it happened. We did it. The night I decided to do it, she slept four hours in it before waking to eat! No cries, nothing. I got up, fed her, and put her in the rock n’ play. I wanted to do it gradually, and it worked out well. Finally after three nights, I packed up the rock n’ play & it was the crib. And only the crib. The first night was rough, but that was pretty much it.

One suggestion I have is to get a battery powered mobile. (like the one we have- Fisher Price– and WELL worth the $50)


We had a mobile before, but it was a crank one, the kind that come in most baby nursery sets. I don’t use the mobile much, but when I do it works out perfectly! Typically I will use it when she gets up to eat around 2am and then decides that she would rather party than go back to sleep. So I put her in the crib, turn on the mobile (we don’s use the projector that is part of the mobile- too stimulating), and then she stares at it & goes to bed eventually. (it is in 20 minute time increments & has a remote that you can use to turn it on from outside of the room)

Sometimes the mobile doesn’t work, but thankfully she has learned how to self soothe. She just sucks her two little fingers- her thumb & pointer. BEYOND cute!


(don’t mind the squash everywhere)

She’s still not a huge fan of the bottle, BUT we have had some success with a sippy cup. She’s still trying to figure out exactly how to use it; it’s happening though! I don’t mind skipping the bottle & going straight to the sippy cup at all! Whatever works. (THANK YOU, Kendra!!!!!)


As you can see my day is full of spending time with this little lady & I absolutely LOVE it!


I do get some work done when she naps, at night once she has gone to bed & on the weekends. It works for us, and I’m just thankful my boss has been so great about me working from home.

As for running, it has been great! Gabriella & I go running everyday- she LOVES the BOB!! Usually her morning nap is spent in the BOB- I’ll usually run between 6- 10 miles a day- I just keep going until she wakes up. And then we’ll go for an afternoon walk. I’m just happy she enjoys being outside! I let her play in the grass for the first time yesterday, and it’s so funny to see her discover things! She just sat there for about 15 minutes pulling it & digging her feet in the ground.

I really cannot imagine my life without her. I don’t know what we did before her. She really means the WHOLE world to us, and has brought SO much joy into our lives!!


Now for the workout I promised. I did each round circuit style (one exercise after the other), and sprinted in between rounds.

Warm up: Run 800m (or 1/2 mile)

Round one:
-Squats: 3×10 (heavy)
-Tricep Dips: 3×15
-Calf Raises: 3×15 (heavy)
-Russian twists using medicine ball: 3×12 (each side)
Suitcase crunches: 3×15

Sprint: 400m (or 1/4 mile) – I did this at 10.0 speed

Round two:
-Upright rows (use barbell or dumbbells): 3×12
-Cable Crossovers: 3×12
-Sit Ups on Incline Bench holding weight (I used 10lbs): 3×15
-Plank hold: 60 sec (just do this once at the end of the circuit)

Sprint: 400m (I did this at 9.0), Jog: 200m (I did this at 6.5)- REPEAT Twice

Round three:
-Step ups holding dumbbells or barbell on back: 3×12 (each leg)
-Cable Bicep Curls: 3×12
-Back Extensions holding plate (I used 25lbs.): 3×12
-Bosu ball crunches (holding weight): 3×15

Sprint: 400m (I did this at 10.0)

Round four:
-Lat Pulldowns: 3×12
-Tricep Pushdowns: 3×12
-Oblique crunches: 3×25 (each side)

Cool down: Run or jog 1/2 mile to a mile (or more- up to you!)

If you try it, let me know what you think!!


17 thoughts on “Sleeping in the Crib & NEW Workout

  1. i appreciate the shout-out. but i’m even happier to hear that gabriella is having some success with the sippy cup. keep up the great work, holly!

  2. How long did this workout take you to complete? I am loving the set up 🙂

  3. Definitely going to try that workout sometime this week!!! I’ll let you know what I think, looks like an awesome one though.

  4. Speaking of lifting — have you read that book or heard about the book “new rules of lifting for women” — I think it follows the same idea you do, to lift heavy, etc.
    Was just wondering what your thoughts were on the book — if you’ve seen it.

  5. Hey Holly! Congrats on the crib success! At 5.5 months it’s still a work in progress and I’m beginning to freak out that he may never sleep there. Question about the sippy cup…did you try different brands and find one that works the best? I have a bottle hater and hasn’t thought of trying a sippy cup yet! Also did you just let her play around with it with water in it until she got the hang of it? Thanks!!

    • Hey Lauren!! Sorry I didn’t get back to you yesterday. The Sippy cup- I actually like the ones that have the rubber tip- like the material that a bottle nipple is made out of. They have the plastic ones (Playtex)- we have those also, but I got her a ‘Nuby’ brand sippy cup- with the two handles & she LOVES it. She chugs water like no other. BUT I tried to put breast milk in it & the little stink figured it out & wouldn’t drink it anymore. I tell ya, she’s something else 😉
      I actually just gave her the sippy cup & she took to it instantly- I think because it has the two handles, it was almost like a toy. And then she just started drinking…just plain water.(& I put ice in it for her- she seems to like it extra cold, I think it feels good on her gums.)

      • Thanks Holly!! I picked up a few different ones for him to try today so we’ll see how it goes. What a little stinker that G won’t drink milk out of one! I’m beginning to think my little guy only wants it one way…from the source 😉

  6. Gabriella is so adorable! I can remember the crib transition! We did it pretty early when we were already having sleepless nights so it wasn’t too bad. We have that exact Fisher Price mobile! It didn’t quite work for G. She would get upset the second music stopped playing. I bought a white noise machine from bed bath & beyond that plugs in and plays all night and she stays asleep. Don’t know if Gabriella likes noise, but sometimes they need some comfort in that room all alone! Glad she adjusted well!
    emma @

  7. Hey Holly, I tried your workout the other day, and as always it was awesome! Thanks!

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