Day in the Life of a SIX Month Old

HALF a year?!?! How in the world is Gabriella ALREADY six months old?!??!

She went from this:

To this:

I have to say, this is my favorite age so far. She is just FUN! She laughs NON stop…and seriously what sound is better than that of a laughing baby?! She can sit up on her own, which she almost insists on doing now. No more laying her down. This girl wants to know EVERYTHING that is going on around her.


What she enjoys the best though is when you hold her up so she can stand…or help her hold herself up on the coffee table.


She’s crawling around like a crazy lady. So far she’s just going backwards, but she is SO CLOSE to going forwards, and you can see the frustration in her little eyes when she just can’t quite GO.


But she will…VERY soon, probably this week. Which means Mommy & Daddy have a big job to get done- Baby proofing!

Other things I’m really enjoying about this age is that she can entertain herself for a little bit. She loves her jump-a-roo, and honestly one of her favorite activities is just sitting in her Bumbo seat watching me cook. Mommy’s little helper.


It’s nice that she is more ‘sturdy’ now because we can take trips to the pool & park- which she LOVES. Also helps break up the day more since we can really get out & DO stuff…other than just running in the stroller, which we still do daily.


We bought this float for her, and she likes it, but she prefers to have someone hold her & pull her around in the water. 🙂 She also likes to just sit on the side & splash around.

My favorite thing though is taking her to the park. She loves the swings, and we just started taking her down the slides.





It made us laugh because while she was swinging, she actually started to yawn & get VERY sleepy…even though she had just woken up from a nap. Park swings are the KEY 😉

At this point we have a nice little routine. (Soon to be Moms out there: Just an FYI- babies don’t know weekends…;)They are still up at the same time, even when Saturdays used to mean sleeping in. Haha!) Gabriella is typically up for the day between 6:30am & 7am. Then we head out for our run around 8 or 8:30am and during our morning run is when she also takes her nap. I usually run between 6- 10 miles each day, and she will sleep for about 30 minutes to an hour. This is her short nap, but it is MUCH needed. Girl misses this nap & it’s NO good for the rest of the morning.

Once we get home, I’ll shower while G hangs out in her seat & then we will run errands or just play until around noon when Craig comes home for lunch. He will play with her while I make his lunch & do other random things around the house.


Once he leaves, which is around 12:30pm, I will feed her & then she will sleep on me from about 1pm until 3 or 4pm. This is the time that I get work done. (That & early in the morning before she wakes up & after she goes to bed at night.) I move my computer to my lap, carefully so that I don’t wake her, and actually get a lot done during this time. This is one of my very favorite times of day. I will sometimes just sit there & stare at her sleeping…she is so peaceful & sometimes it’s hard to believe she is ours! I mean this little baby is OURS! It is the very BEST feeling in the world!

When she wakes from her afternoon nap, we go for a walk- usually 20- 30 minutes, just for some more fresh air (she really enjoys being outside..and so do I!) – we’ll swing by the park, or the pool…just depending on the day.

Then we play at home (tummy time, crawling, etc) until Craig gets home, around 5:30pm. He will feed her some solid food- her favorite is still sweet potatoes, but she is also a big fan of apples & pears.


Then, if she is up for it, we will play with her again before bath time. Craig also does bath time- around 6pm/ 6:30pm, he likes having his ‘Daddy time’ when he gets home. – it’s nice too because it gives me time to make dinner, clean up Gabriella’s dinner (& high chair, floor, etc.). Once she is clean, I head up & feed her (nurse her) and then put her in the crib once she is asleep.- which is usually around 6:30pm or 7pm. She’s not always asleep when I put her to bed, but she is good about ‘putting herself to sleep.’

Now, for the night feedings…well, she is still up quite a bit. Her usual wake up schedule is typically up around 10pm, 1am, 4am & then the next time she will be up for the day. I know…it’s a LOT of getting up for me still. BUT, every time I go in to feed her, she actually DOES eat. (& I waiting 5 minutes before going in, just to see if she would go back to bed, but she doesn’t) So I’m thinking she actually is hungry. I’m going to check with the doctor at her 6 month appointment this week & see what he says- possibly about cutting one feeding out. The good thing for me is that the feedings around usually only 20-25 minutes (fast flow)- which INCLUDES the diaper change before I start feeding her. My problem is that sometimes I have a really hard time falling back asleep once I’m up because my mind goes a thousand miles a minute. Some days I am VERY thankful for coffee 😉

There are a few ‘issues’ that we are having, but I’ll discuss those in the next post. This one is getting pretty long…and you have probably had Gabriella picture overload. 😉

Sorry my blog doesn’t have new posts daily. I was trying to keep up with it everyday, but then it started to get to be a pain…and I didn’t want it to become that, so I took a little break. I figure I will post when I feel like it, and if you ever have any questions, or would like a specific post about a topic- please let me know! OH, and in the upcoming week or so, I will be writing about my Crohn’s disease six months post pregnancy!

Favorite thing to do at the park when you were younger? I always loved the dome- you know that big half circle that you could just hang on upside down, or sit on the VERY top spot & pretend like you were queen (or king) of the play ground. 😀

Favorite peanut butter brand? I’m a loyal JIF lover-  creamy or crunchy – I don’t care – I will eat it all!

Moms: At six months, how often was your baby waking to eat during the night? Also, were you doing formula or breast feeding? Babies favorite solid food?