The Doctor Is In!

Today was the dreaded six months shots for little Miss Gabriella.


Those poor little thighs. Oops, I guess I should re-phrase that, those poor chunky thighs. 😉 I am SO proud of those big ol’ thighs! I love ‘em!!

She did really well, just one big cry after the first shot. I gave her a does of Tylenol before leaving for the appointment this morning & that seemed to really help. (*this is something I would ask your pediatrician about before doing it though, so people have mixed feelings on it. Our doctor recommended it, so that is why I did it)

I LOVE the nurse that we had, she is my favorite, she is so sweet with Gabriella and she is SO quick with her shots. The first nurse I ever had at this office I wasn’t too fond of. She just didn’t really interact with G, and took her sweet time giving her the shots. Poor girl had to endure a traumatic first round of shots experience. :/ But now that nurse is gone & has been replaced by an AMAZING one! Again, anyone in the Orlando area that needs a good pediatrician, I have a WONDERFUL recommendation. I ADORE her doctor!


I went through my list of questions & he happily answered them all. First thing- about the attachment issue- he said it’s actually a GOOD thing. Obviously she sees us as her comfort and she knows she can go to us for love, safety & comfort. That made my heart happy.

Another thing that I didn’t know was that babies who having autism don’t typically show any kind of attachment to their parents or care givers. So her doctor told me to remember that being attached is a positive thing. Honestly, I don’t mind it, of course I WANT her to want to go to her grandparents & our family members, but I am glad I can’t just hand her off to anybody without her getting upset. It just means that our families have to come & visit us more! 😀


Another thing that I brought up was the nightly feedings- ALL FOUR of them. He said that it’s actually pretty typical of a breastfed baby. He also said that all babies are different (of course) & that some just want to eat more often. He did say to keep in mind that to Gabriella I am her comfort, pacifier, and food. So if there is a feeding that she really isn’t fully eating at, to try to cut that one first, IF I wanted to. I’m still not sure what I plan to do, only because how she eats at the feedings tends to vary.

Another FUN thing we discussed was getting her ear pierced! He said that now is a good time to do it because she is less likely to mess around with them, like she would in a couple of months. So he said to do it now, or wait until she asks us to get them. So we are going to get them done at another local pediatrician’s office (rather than a place like ‘Claire’s’- you don’t want to go some place that uses a gun) later this month when her Grandma is down visiting. (surprise Grandma! 🙂 )


All in all it was a great visit, and I think my chick did pretty awesome.

Once we got home, she was pretty sleepy. I took her upstairs, fed her, watched her fall asleep & figured she would be out for a bit.


I went back downstairs & started one of my favorite exercises videos- Jackie Warner’s Power Circuit Training. I HIGHLY recommend it for a good workout!


Now I’m not big on exercise videos at all. I get bored REALLY easily with them. But I felt the need for some weight training this morning- and I wanted something new. I went running with G before her appointment, but for some reason I was really craving some lifting too!

I had some requests for more workouts, which I have for you! Next post I figure I’ll share a new workout, and then also list my favorite exercise videos for those of you that don’t have a gym membership.

And I thought I would leave you with a picture to make you smile…


I mean how sassy does this lady look?!? 😉


2 thoughts on “The Doctor Is In!

  1. That’s so cute that she is going to have pierced ears! Starting the bling early–love it!

  2. Love little G! I hate the appointments, but at least at her 9 month you only get one shot! I’ve done Jackie’s workouts before and I love them. I’m so a video girl because then I can work out in anything I want… and stop whemeber I want!
    emma @

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