Favorite Workout DVDs & Quick Workout

Hey There!

Today I wanted to give you a list of my favorite workout DVDs & also share a new workout.

I have mixed feelings on workout DVDs. I feel like most of the DVDs out there do not actually give me a good workout, BUT I’m going to preface that with the fact that I am an avid exerciser and have been for many years. I think for anyone just starting out these DVDs are great because you are presented with new exercises & proper form.

So that being said, as always, make sure you consult with your doctor before starting any kind of new exercise routine. Also, with ALL exercise, form & technique is SO CRUCIAL! So go lighter on weight if you don’t have the form down yet…SO KEY!

1. Jackie Warner’s Power Circuit Training


-There are a bunch of different workout options- the full circuit is 40 minutes, but there are options to just focus on specific body parts and they are typically 15 minutes long
-The circuits go by QUICK
-The chest circuit always kills me! I kind of love it.

-I wish there were more circuits for biceps, triceps & shoulders. There is actually just ONE circuit to cover all three muscles.

2. Bob Harper Inside Out Method- Pure Burn


Ok, this DVD is HARD. I loved it though, I think this may be my favorite strength DVD. I did it this morning and I am sore…already! It is definitely ADVANCED.

-KILLER workout, you will feel it from the very beginning
-Shoulder exercises will make you feel like your shoulders may ignite
-Some good mix of cardio thrown in too- like burpees (a version of them), squat jumps, etc.

-One of the ladies in the video (the modifier- she does the easier version of the exercises) sounds like she is going to die…or something odd. <—lots of grunts & STRANGE noises. You catch my drift?!
-I feel like this video would make it VERY EASY for someone to completely ignore their form & continue on- the guy in the video (besides Bob) is TERRIBLE. He is constantly stopping & his form is OFF…way off.

3. Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred


LOVE me some Jillian. She is probably my favorite trainer. I love her attitude about fitness, her books are great & I listen to her podcast everyday when I walk with Gabriella in the afternoon. Oh & the podcast is not just about fitness- most of it is, but she also has some other personal things thrown in there. I really like her A LOT! 🙂

-It’s TWENTY minutes. That’s it. (that’s one of my con’s though too)
-LOTS of the best calorie burning plyometric exercises
-Three levels- great for beginners & those more involved in exercise already

-It’s TWENTY minutes. I honestly don’t feel like you can get a good workout done in twenty minutes. Of course it’s a great workout to do when you can- ANY workout is better than none. But in MY PERSONAL opinion I feel like you need more than just 20 minutes a day. I would start or finish with this DVD- or do 2 or 3 of the levels, but I wouldn’t just do this & consider my workout done. (again, keep in mind I am talking about an advanced ‘exerciser’)
-Also with it only being 20 minutes, I would get bored with it because I pretty much memorized the DVD.

4. Jillian Michael’s No More Trouble Zones


-Great STRENGTH workout- not intended for cardio
-LOTS of new exercises introduced to me from this DVD- always love new exercises!
-50 minutes & it targets the ENTIRE body- including your tush 😉
-I feel like you could really see results if you use this 3-4 days a week

-Light weights are used, I prefer heavy weights (and for point of reference- I use 20- 25lbs. for my bicep curls- I only add that in because ‘heavy weight’ varies from person to person)

5. Jillian Michaels Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism


-Great mix of cardio AND strength
-Keeps you MOVING! <—love that
-The circuits go QUICK & most of the moves are ‘fun’ (again, ‘fun’ is all subjective 😉

-Probably the most ‘beginner’ video out of the five listed, but definitely nothing to laugh at- you will still get a good workout in
-Lots of jumping (which I love), but can be hard on your knees & joints, if you have issues

I had ALL intentions of sharing a workout with you, and I still am, but it’s just a quick one. I do apologize, but this has been a REALLY rough week in terms of mommy-hood. Gabriella has just been hard. Plain & simple. Just hard. She won’t nap (& this was before the shots too)- she fights it SO hard. So by the end of the day she is BEYOND exhausted & then it’s even harder to get her to bed. This is the kind of week that I REALLY wish I had family closer. Just for a break. Just five minutes. To actually eat something and take a breath. Craig wonders why I can’t stop losing weight- well, just have a child that doesn’t allow you to eat. Seriously all meals are in the form of ‘on-the-go.’ A granola bar, animal crackers, or a fruit (banana, pear or apple) Welcome to Holly’s week of eats 😉

ANYWAYS, here is a SUPER quick, heart-pumping plyometric workout. I did the Bob Harper DVD listed above & then I finished up with 3 rounds of this:

10 burpees with a jump at the end
20 jumping jacks
10 jumping lunges
10 skaters
10 sumo squat jumps

Repeat this as many times as you want!

Great for at home & at the gym. Guaranteed to get that blood pumping & I bet you’ll feel the sweat start to bead!

Hope you are having a good day- it’s ALMOST Friday! I’m looking forward to a HUGE glass of wine & maybe some take out for dinner…the last thing I feel like doing is cooking. Hopefully the hubby doesn’t mind 😉


6 thoughts on “Favorite Workout DVDs & Quick Workout

  1. I absolutely love Jillian too! I need to try listening to her podcast. I’ve been doing her body revolution series and really like the workouts. I would also love to try the DVD from Bob. Good luck with getting some free time and have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

  2. Jackie and Jillian are my faves. But I do usually feel like I get a better workout in a class or out running. Sometimes I have really felt sore the next day with these ladies though!!
    emma @ amomrunsthistown.com

  3. I have always wanted to try Jillian! My one concern is that I can’t motivate myself while doing a video by myself. But we’ll see. Love the short workout!

  4. I love Jillian too!

  5. Great DVD options!! I feel the same way with the 30 day shred, I love it but I don’t feel 20 mins gives me a good enough workout.
    Thanks for sharing! P.s. Am I super lame if burpees are my least favorite thing EVER?! haha

    • No, I detest Burpees, but I do them anyway. The thing that kills me the most are jumping lunges. My knees feel like someone is ripping them apart. I’ve had to modify now or else I’ll end up with surgery. LUV me some Jillian, though. Great advice, Holly!

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