Hooked On A New Show

Happy Friday!!!!!!!!!!

End of the week for most, but my actual work days begin on the weekend. Since I work from home, I try to get some done during the day before Gabriella wakes up in the morning or while she naps in the afternoon. But lately her afternoon naps are getting much shorter. I knew the time would come, but it just means that weekend time is Daddy time! I told Craig I need a LOT of help this weekend, only because my work is piling up and I MUST catch up…Gabriella can’t wait for her Daddy weekend. 🙂


He likes to rough house with her, which she LOVES! The crazier you are with her, the more she likes it. Silly little thing!

She also has a new favorite toy.


I usually take it away from her because she ends up pressing all of the buttons on it, and has actually messed up the tv before, but yesterday I was just like whatever! and I handed it to her.


Her face says it all! She looked at me in complete disbelief! I completely made her day. Now if only this would work with the batteries OUT of the remote…but not so much. She a little smarty and only wants the remote that works. 😉

So this post is a bit short only because Craig & I were busy catching up on one of our new favorite shows…


The Walking Dead! SO SO SO good!! We are addicted. We are using Netflix to catch up on all of the past seasons. We made it through season one in one weekend, and are almost finished with season two…we will probably finish it this weekend.

How did I NOT know about this show?!?!? We tried watching it on Netflix before, but I gave it maybe 5 minutes and was not interested. I thought it would JUST be about zombies and I had no interest in that. But it is SO much more and VERY addicting! Once you start you CAN’T stop! 🙂

There are really no shows on right now that either of us like to watch together ( until Big Brother this summer!!!!!!!!!!!! <—my favorite reality show!), so this came at the perfect time. The only thing is that I don’t want it to end!

Not sure what our plans are for the weekend yet, but looks like we will have some good weather after the Tropical storm that we had yesterday. So hopefully we will spend some time outside!

Favorite show? Any fun plans for the weekend?