We Went to the Beach!

Hi!! I promise I’m still here!!

My blog has taken a back seat recently because well, I’ve been busy. Busy with Gabriella, busy with work and just busy with life in general. I think we all have those weeks and months sometimes. Just NON stop.

Gabriella is back to her ‘must have Mommy’ phase. It’s hard for me to even leave a room, even when Craig is here. I’m hoping this is just passes soon because it is SO hard for me to get anything done.

Work has picked up, which is great! I am very lucky that I get to work from home, and currently I have been getting more and more to do. I work before Gabriella wakes up, while she naps & once she goes to bed. Well, I have another issue…she is not napping much anymore. I’m LUCKY if I get an hour in the morning and afternoon. After speaking to other Moms, I hear it is a pretty common thing to happen. Sometimes it feels as thought I don’t even get two seconds to myself, all part of being a Mom though. (& 100% worth it, I can’t wait to do it again too!)

The good thing is that she LOVES the BOB stroller, so we have been doing lots of running & walking. She also loves the pool, which has gotten a lot of use lately. Smile

Anyways this past weekend was a big event in G’s life, her very FIRST trip to the beach!




My sister & her husband invited us to stay with them for the weekend in New Smyrna Beach. They were able to borrow a condo from a friend of theirs and wanted us join in on the fun.


We all VERY much needed some time away, even if it was just for a night! We also found out that our daughter LOVES the beach. I mean LOVES. She didn’t want to leave.


^those thighs…O.M.G…I just love ‘em!

The waves didn’t scare her AT ALL. She almost wanted to attack them. Open-mouthed smile


We spent most of Saturday & Sunday morning on the beach with her.


Her favorite thing was to play in the sand….and eat it. All part of the experience, right?! Winking smile

My parents were also able to make the trip down, so it was great to see them. It had been far too long since they had seen the grandkids and we missed them.



She very much enjoyed our family time, and so did we; it doesn’t happen often enough. We are actually looking at going back to these condos for our family vacation in September- they were SO nice and so close to the beach & pool! Hard to beat.

Aviary Photo_130159634974766188

Aviary Photo_130161389742649985

Time at the beach with family, plus running on the beach (stroller free!!!!!!!) was AWESOME!!

Since Father’s Day was Sunday, (which we spent at the beach)Gabriella & I had special plans to surprise Craig with a grill (that I had assembled myself- Go me Winking smile ), but I found out once I surprised him with a grill on the porch that he is actually getting a free one from a friend. Bummer. Surprise ruined.

So I really couldn’t think of another gift, but I knew he wanted to get Gabriella’s ears pierced, and that’s exactly what I did.


She did PERFECT! I was a bit worried, but we got both ears done at once; she let out one big scream right after they did it. I handed her a sippy cup of water immediately, she sucked on that, and was totally fine! We actually went shopping afterwards!

I didn’t tell Craig I was going, and when he walked in the door last Thursday it took him a minute to see them. He LOVED them! Open-mouthed smile

Of course I asked our pediatrician about getting her ears pierced before I did them. He actually used to do them in office, but just got tired of hearing Mom’s complain (haha! can’t blame him). He said now was the perfect time to get them done since she won’t realize they are there. (just make sure you get 14K gold earrings!) If we waited much longer, she would keep playing with them. So far, so good! No infections, or inflammation, and she really has no idea that they are there.

Well I’m off! Gabriella has learned to pull up on her crib, so I am on a mission to lower it today! Nothing like looking in the baby monitor to see your child standing there looking at the camera. Haha!

Enjoy the rest of your day! In my next post I have to share with you some WONDERFUL recipes that I tried out while we were at the beach.

Did you do anything for Father’s day?
Moms of daughters: Did you get her ears pierced? If so, at what age?

9 thoughts on “We Went to the Beach!

  1. The beach looks absolutely perfect! My family just returned from a beach vacation and we had a blast, too. Love Gabriella’s little earrings…so cute!

  2. Though I don’t have a child, I can completely relate. I feel like recently I have just been on the go all the time between both jobs. I’m glad you had a great time at the Beach. It looks like a lot of fun 🙂

    My mom never got my ears peiced…I actually didn’t even get them pierced until 10th grade but then decided to let the holes close anyways…so I am sans ear peicing.

  3. What a great vacation! Hope you enjoyed it! I didn’t get mine done until middle school! I’m a wimp! I love G’s outfits!!
    emma @ a mom runs this town

  4. The earrings are so cute! I’m pretty sure if I keep reading your blog I’m going to know so much about stages of babies’ first year — it’s fun to follow along. 🙂

    The beach sounds wonderful! St. Augustine Beach is the furthest beach south (on the Atlantic side) I’ve hit down here so far, but I will have to keep New Smyrna Beach on my radar – I’ve heard good things!

  5. Her sweet little thighs are to do for! That really stinks that your Father’s Day surprise got ruined. I have the HARDEST time shopping for my husband, boys are so hard to shop for!

  6. I LOVE G’s thighs!! Baby thighs are the best thing ever I have decided! This post made me really want to take S to a beach! So cute that G loved it so much! I haven’t got S ears pierced yet… Plan to just let her get them as soon as she wants them… So prob 5 ish I have a feeling she will start asking ha! I had very sensitive ears when I first got mine done (10 yrs old) so I hope hers aren’t the same! I now have both tripled though and no problem so who knows why first ones I struggled with!

  7. I’m really glad G got through TWO major events in a positive way! It’s great she loves the water because a lot of kids are afraid of it! I can’t believe she only let out one cry when she got her ear’s pierced! She did better than most adults 😉

    For Father’s Day, we had a huge family picnic on my dad’s side of the family. We all get together every year on Father’s Day so we get to see EVERYBODY. It’s really nice!

  8. I has my first daughter done really early, about 4/5months old. She didn’t know they were there. But her real dad, my ex, his mum hated them and whenever she had her she’d take them out and claim that P1 had done it herself… When with me she never touched her ears.
    I’m going to be getting P2s ears done within the next few weeks. She’s 19weeks at the moment.

  9. When my first daughter was born, I insisted she had had ears pierced as a baby even though my husband was not happy about it. I said I wanted her to have it done and he might change his mind after she had the little gold
    studs put in her lobes.

    At six weeks I took her to Piercing Pagoda where our ped recommended. I also surprised him not telling him I had done it. After he got home and saw how pretty she looked with little gold earrings, he completely changed his mind. When our younger daughter was born, he insisted she also had her ears pierced as a baby, also at about 4-6 wks old. He now loves the look of pierced ears on baby girls and cannot now understand his earlier reluctance, especially as I showed him pictures of myself as a baby with earrings. He is constantly pointing out other babies with cute earrings when we’re out together.

    I asked our ped also who encouraged me to have it done when mommy could care for them. In fact, she gave me info on where to have it done, type of earrings to choose and OTC meds to minimize any discomfort, I followed her tips and it was a good experience for all of my girls.

    Any moms wanting some info or on the fence, “…to pierce or not to pierce,” then drop me an e-mail and I will send our ped’s tips to you.


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