Friday Favorites

Welcome to FRIDAY! Open-mouthed smile

I don’t know about you, but this weekend is MUCH needed. This past week was kind of crazy, and it will be nice to have some family time. We need it!

We actually have plans both Saturday and Sunday, and I’m really looking forward to them! Saturday we are planning to go to a friends’ house for a cookout & some pool time. And then on Sunday my Mom is coming down to visit!! She can’t get enough of us lately. Secretly I know it has nothing to do with US, but more to do with Gabriella. Winking smile

I’m taking her to see Despicable Me Two, and we both are SO EXCITED!!

despicable me 2

My Mom & I love the movie. She got me hooked on it a few years ago. I can watch it over & over again. And the funny thing is that it is the only thing that Gabriella will actually watch on tv. She is NOT into Baby Einstein, or cartoons, or any of that. But I happened to have it on one day & I caught her just sitting there staring at it.

Aviary Photo_130172667367327297

What can I say?? She has good taste!

Today I thought I would share with you a few of my favorite things right now. I’m still loving all of my favorites from a couple of weeks ago, these are just MORE things to add to the list. Winking smile

1. Jam Jar Wine

Aviary Photo_130180625810467330

If you like Apothic Red Wine, you will like this too. I guarantee it! My sister in law introduced it to me a few years ago, and I’m so glad she did! It is a sweet shiraz & PERFECT for sitting outside and unwinding at the end of the day.

2. Summer Shandy

Aviary Photo_130180626299715576

This beer is DELICIOUS! It is beer with a touch of lemonade. It is SO refreshing, PERFECT for the summertime. I promise it’s not a ‘girly’ beer. It was actually Craig that found it, he drank it in Kansas City when he was out there a few months ago. We have been on a mission to find it, and my Mom picked some up for us for the fourth of July- a six pack that was gone VERY quickly! Winking smile 

Goodness, I sound like a little boozer, now don’t I?! Smile Love that my first two ‘likes’ happen to be wine & beer.

3. Runner’s World Magazine

Aviary Photo_130180625458585006

After my last post, I’m sure you can see I’m VERY much in running mode. Although I’m always in that mode, so it’s nothing new. I have been really enjoying my Runner’s World lately. So many good articles, training tips & new workouts to try. I actually really like their full marathon training plan, I’m about half way through it.

Speaking of running, anyone out there know what could be wrong if the top of your foot (like near your ankle) just KILLS when you put your shoes on? A friend of mine is having issues with it, and my first thought was that she may need new shoes. Which she does, but just wondering if anyone else has had this issue?? And was it your shoes? Or something more serious?

4. Julie’s 8 Minute Ab Workout


My friend Jenna told me about this and it is AWESOME!! I was doing 8 minute abs everyday from YouTube, but was doing modifications to the exercises to make them harder. So when I saw this, I couldn’t wait to try it. I felt the burn & I LOVED it. Open-mouthed smile I will do the whole thing (along with the YouTube 8 Minute abs video), then add a minute plank at the end. KILLER. Those spiderman planks are now one of my very favorite ab exercises!

5. Jeremiah’s Italian Ice

Aviary Photo_130180625259869248

This is nothing new. Winking smile But let’s get real and show you what I REALLY order from Jeremiah’s.

Aviary Photo_130180625029305875

See that big container? That would be MINE. ALL MINE. I order a quart of Cookies n’ Cream (just the ice, no gelati) and then eat it over the next 3-4 days. It has taken over my favorite dessert- above frozen yogurt! GASP! I know.

I blame it on Gabriella, she’s a bad influence. Winking smile


(that’s her on the counter ordering Mommy’s Italian ice)

…and last but certainly not least…

6. Big Brother!!!!!!!!!!!


I have watched this show since the first season, and when I met Craig I got him hooked too. I have NO idea why I like it so much, but every summer I look forward to it. I am BEYOND glad to see the ‘Moving Company’ completely torn apart. Gave me a laugh. And I have to say, I’m rooting for Howard AND Elissa. Yep, as much as she is just like Rachel, I really do like her!

7. Starbucks Orange Spice Iced Coffee

starbucks orange

Ok, I know it SOUNDS odd. But it’s actually REALLY good! It has more of the spice flavor (cinnamon) than the orange flavor, but overall I really like it. I think next time I will see if I can get additional orange flavor. How weird does that sound…orange in my coffee?? Hmm. But I tell ya, it’s a good combination!

And that’s all I have for now. Smile

Have a WONDERFUL weekend! Catch up with ya on Monday!!

Tell me some of your favorites right now!

Any other Big Brother fans out there? Favorite person so far?

Favorite Starbucks drink? I’m a die hard iced coffee lover. I have it every morning. Addicted much?! Winking smile