Learning to Relax

Isn’t it funny when you realize that you just had an ‘ah – ha’ moment?

I had one of those yesterday afternoon.

Craig is always telling me that I let Gabriella affect my mood too much. Sometimes I agree, but then other times I want to tell him to hush it…in the nicest possible way, of course. Winking smile 


I honestly can tell you that I’m pretty sure I don’t give her enough credit. I am constantly thinking that ‘she’s not ok,’ or ‘she can’t do that, it’s too out of her routine.’ WRONG. Gabriella is SMART. And she is a PERSON, she can adapt. She is no longer an itty bitty baby (and yes, I know, itty bitty babies can definitely adapt too), she can get thrown out of her usual ways and she will BE OK.

g pjs
(She’s like I’m totally fine, Momma, DUH!)

It’s just hard for ME to remember that. I don’t know if it’s a first time Mom thing, or if it’s just a ME thing but I am constantly worried about making sure her environment is just right for her. Does that even make sense?

Let me explain.

Gabriella and I came up to visit my parents for a few days in Jacksonville, just to spend some time with them and to catch up. Yesterday, while she was napping in the afternoon, the power went out. The second it happened I went into panic mode.

I immediately went straight to her room to make sure that she was still sleeping since her sound machine went off. We keep it on white noise while she sleeps- both for naps and bedtime. Honestly if I could go back, I don’t think I would use a sound machine…BUT, like her pediatrician told me ‘If that’s her only crutch, then you are doing just fine.’ Anyways, she was still sleeping but because I went into the room to try to turn it back on (the power was out just for a bit), I woke her up.

g stroller

I was frustrated. I was frustrated with my self, but didn’t realize that in the moment. I was actually mad at the city of Jacksonville for making this power situation happen. I mean, really Holly, really?!!? LIFE HAPPENS, get over it! But at the time I didn’t see it that way.

smile g

Since I ended up waking her up, she started crying, but I decided to wait it out a bit to see if she would fall back asleep. I went in the other room to see my parents and asked how long the power usually stays out when this happens. They said it could be anywhere from 5 minutes to 5 hours- no one knows. Of course they could tell something was wrong, and asked if everything was ok. I got all ‘huffy puffy’ and said, ‘well, no, Gabriella is now awake because her sound machine went off.’

First of all, that was only half of it, the real reason that she was up was because I just HAD to rush right into her room to make sure I had the sound machine ready to go in case it came back on. STUPID. She was FINE. I could have just let her be.

g bath

(^how hilarious is that?! She is in the sink at my parent’s house Smile )

My parents then said, ‘well we don’t even hear her crying, are you sure she is still up or did she fall back asleep?’ I responded with ‘yes, she’s STILL up, I JUST walked past her room and she was crying.’ (I sound like a real FUN daughter, right!?!?!?! Winking smile God bless them.) So my Dad went to listen near her door & she didn’t make a peep. Little stink, she knew she was going to prove me wrong. Smile I really had just walked past her room & she WAS crying, but she had stopped at this point.

Guess what? She fell back asleep. She was ABSOLUTELY FINE. And she didn’t NEED the sound to sleep, I just MAKE it seem like she does. SILLY SILLY ME. Sometimes I just want to slap myself across the head and say WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?!?!?!

There was NO NEED to freak out because of a power outage, or a silenced sound machine. LIFE GOES ON. GABRIELLA SLEEPS ON. CHILL OUT HOLLY, CHILL OUT. I’m capitalizing these things for myself- I swear it’s like a mantra I need to tattoo on my forehead.

The main thing is that I think it’s just a ‘live and you learn kind of thing.’ Babies don’t come with instruction manuals…although I swear that would be MUCH easier. You have to learn each other- you baby has to learn YOU, and YOU have to learn your baby. Nothing about being a parent is easy, but I PROMISE it’s all 100% worth it & I wouldn’t change a thing. Well, other than the fact that I need to learn to relax a bit. But, then again, I am just a work in progress. Smile

g suit

(I just LOVE her in her bathing suits! Smile )

Every day is a new day, and every day I feel like I learn something new. It’s actually pretty neat to realize, even if it is a hard pill to swallow.


6 thoughts on “Learning to Relax

  1. I feel like I write this constantly “although I’m not a mom”, but I can relate to not giving myself or others around me enough credit. I am always trying to make sure people are okay. When things don’t go according to “plan”, I get upset and frustrated.

    Holly I can only imagine how great of a mother you are!

  2. I feel the exact same way. I had the exact sound machine go off with the power outage a few weeks back! I love the sound machine bTW- I can do whatever I want around the house and she doesn’t hear it! I have noticed now that she’s almost a year (scary) that I’ve started to care less… not about her but about keeping her schedule. I think she’s started showing me so many times how adaptable she is so I’ve been a little more go with the flow. But I’m still a first time mom!

  3. You’re not alone Holly! That was totally me with S. It’s already my personality to be slightly ocd. With her I’d think, ”I did x+y….you’re supposed to give me z!” But you’re right, babies aren’t mathematical equations they are little people. With each new baby God has been mellowing me out slowly. He’s gracious in using my kids to remind me, hey you’re not in control. He wants me to find my joy in Him and not look to my kids for my satisfaction/attitude. This journey of parenthood will change you, but for the better! ❤

  4. You’re just a learning mother! It’s great you saw this, though, and are learning this day after day. No two babies are the same way so there is never going to be a manual! It’s about trial and error and finding what’s right for Baby G. And personally, I think you’re doing a GREAT job as a first time mom!

  5. That bathing suit is absolutely adorable! I can completely relate to you. No, I don’t have kids, but I can relate to flipping out at little things and making them into a HUGE deal…when they aren’t. It will ALL BE OK! Gosh…maybe we should get those tattoos together?! I actually wrote today about some anxieties I’ve been having – i.e. Sarah, learn to chill out. You’re not in control (as much as you want to be), and IT WILL ALL BE OK. Geez…wouldn’t life be easier if we’d just learn that lesson once and for all?

    Enjoy your family time!! 🙂

  6. You’re so honest and I love it. You are doing well! And she’s so freaking cute. That cross eyed pic is making me giggle!! xoxoxo

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