I thought I would start this Monday off easy…with a survey. Who doesn’t love a good survey?!

I saw this on Julie’s blog a while back, and thought today would be the perfect time to share my thoughts.

Current Book:

Heather McDonald’s ‘My Inappropriate Life.’


I think Heather is HILARIOUS on Chelsea Handler’s show, so I thought I would try her book. It is just as hilarious! I wish I had more time to read because I would have finished this by now…but it’s been over a month since I started this. But it definitely has me cracking up every time I do get a chance to read.


Current Music:

You guys, I am slightly obsessed with Jillian Michaels’ podcast. Just LOVE it. And no, she doesn’t JUST talk about fitness & health. I listen to that, or Johnny’s House ( my local station, which I LOVE)- while I run in the mornings.



Current Guilty Pleasure:

Jeremiah’s Italian Ice. Cookies n’ cream flavor or P-nutty. To. Die. For.


I tried to cut a lot of dairy out of my diet, due to my recent Crohn’s flare up, and Jeremiah’s has been my go-to after dinner treat. I am TOTALLY 100% guilty of ordering a QUART of Italian ice at a time. Lasts me the week, and less trips that I have to make. 😉 Craig just laughs, he thinks it’s ridiculous how much Italian ice I can go through in a week. I would challenge ANYONE to an Italian Ice eat-off. Bring it on, baby! 😉

Current Nail Color:

“Va-va-voom” – by Orly.



Current Drink:

Starbucks Iced Coffee. No sweetener, just a bit of cream.


Current Food:

You guys, I MADE SUSHI!!! Yes, seriously. I surprised Craig with SUSHI on Friday night. Made BY ME!



A volcano roll (picture shows before & after 😉 ) & a smoked salmon with avocado roll.

I definitely need to work on my rolling, we actually just need a sharper knife so that it will cut easier, but it is actually pretty easy to make your own sushi! (& much cheaper 😉 )

Current Favorite Show:

We are HOOKED on The Walking Dead. We can’t stop watching. Catching up on all of the past episodes is typically what Craig & I do each night.


Current Wish List:

To continue to feel better! Thankfully the new medication seems to be helping with my Crohn’s disease. I TRULY appreciate all of your thoughts & comments to me about my flare up. You guys are the best, seriously. THANK YOU!

Current Needs:

A vacation! We can all say that, right?! Oh, and also I could really use a hair cut, hopefully I will be able to get to an appointment this week. My split ends are taking over…and I could use some highlights! I really want to go back blonde, (I’m naturally blonde), but being brunette is so much easier. (not having the up keep of highlights) But I do miss it! We shall see…

Current Indulgence:

Lululemon! Lea, it’s ALL your fault! 😉 They have my very favorite running shorts, and I can’t stop buying them- such cute colors & patterns. Best thing? The ‘we made too much.’


^love those Chevron Lulu shorts!

Current Blessing:

Oh, gosh, do I even have to tell you?! 😉 You know, those two VERY VERY special people in my life?! My little family of three. ❤ AKA: My ENTIRE WORLD.

craig telling g about o's

^Craig telling Gabriella about the Orioles game.



Current Outfit:

Oh guys, it’s always the same, everyday, workout clothes. Lulu shorts & a tank, typically from Target. 🙂

Current Excitement:

Spending the weekend at the BEACH! With my sister, brother in law & nephew & niece! I CANNOT WAIT.


Well now, that was fun. Hope you learned something new about me 🙂

Enjoy your Monday- remember it’s a new week, time for new goals & new opportunities!!
(best way to look at a Monday 😀 )

Answer one of the questions above- tell my your ‘currently..’


Currently..and Can You Help Me?

I came across this survey on Alyssa’s blog, and since I’m a huge fan of surveys…I had to partake.


Current Book(s):

Honestly, I’m totally lacking in reading. 😦 I hate that. I love a good book, but my time has been occupied on other things right now. BUT, I did just read ‘Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child‘ & cannot recommend it enough for Moms & Moms to be! It has helped us so much. G slept NINE, yes 9!, hours the other night.

Current Music:

LOVING the song ‘Thrift Shop.’ I played it about three times on my long run – G & I did a 15K (9.3 miles) – and we knocked it out in 1 hour & 16 minutes…I definitely think listening to this song helped…I was so pumped up. Haha!

Current Guilty Pleasure:

Frozen yogurt. All the time. Love the stuff. Or this light ice cream…


Current Nail Color:

Essie. To buy or not to buy. (it’s hard to tell, but it’s a light purple)


Current Drink:

Water. Lots of it!

Current Food:

Not eating as I type this, but I ate lunch a little while ago- which was a smoothie with spinach…again with a side of Popcorners.


They are so good! They taste like popcorn, but are in the shape of a chip. My Mom & I saw them while we were at BJ’s, the wholesale club) this weekend, so we decided to try them. SO GLAD WE DID! If you see them while you are out, I highly recommend them.

Current Favorite Show:

Modern Family. The New Normal. I have a few, but I just LOVE those two shows. I can’t get enough.

modern family

Anyone else absolutely adore Sofia Vergara?!

new normal


Current Wish List:

The Ergo carrier.


Current needs: (this is where the ‘Can You Help Me?’ comes in)

My lovely daughter to take a bottle. Can anyone help me?? I’m still exclusively breastfeeding, just pumping too. We had her used to a bottle for the first month of her life, she took it perfectly. Then during the month of December we didn’t really give her a bottle at all. Just with the holidays, it was easier just to breast feed. Well, LESSON LEARNED. If we do have a second child, we will make sure we stick to at least a bottle a day! This will save us in the long run.

But now Gabriella REFUSES a bottle. I mean it’s BAD. She SCREAMS when we try to give her one, she gets herself so worked up…to almost where she hyperventilates. I’ve tried three types of bottles: Dr. Brown’s, Tommee Tippee, & Playtex (the one with the brown nipple, so it’s more natural). Now I have been reading about the Medela Calma, the new bottle that’s supposed to be ideal for breastfed babies…but I’m still not sure if I should spend $20 on a bottle that cannot be returned if she doesn’t like it. (and $20 is for ONE bottle) I’m willing to do it, IF I can get some kind of feedback on it. But at this point I don’t think it’s the bottle…it’s just she doesn’t want to take a bottle in general.

We have also tried other people giving her a bottle, like Craig instead of myself. Or Craig’s Mom or my Mom…just so she won’t see me and assume she is going to breast feed…and babies can smell your milk I believe up to 20 feet away. (they are like little dogs- haha!)

ANY suggestions on bottles or in general, PLEASE let me know!!!!!! PLEASE 😀

Current Bane of My Existence:

Oh goodness, I don’t know if I have anything that I can think of right now. …well, except now I’m kicking myself for not keeping up with the bottle a day :/

Current Celebrity Crush:

Oh this is easy…it’s always Mark Wahlberg.


Current Indulgence:

Am I allowed to say frozen yogurt again?! 😉 My nightly frozen yogurt is a daily indulgence…and I love it.

Current Blessing:

Oh, this is even easier.


These two. My WHOLE world.

Current Outfit:

Ha…it’s always gym clothes. Always. Now that I work from home it’s weird for me to dress in anything else. Can’t say that I mind 😉


Current Excitement:

Going to Maryland in a few weeks!!!! It’s my nephew’s 1st birthday & my brother in law & sister in law’s 30th birthdays!! I.CANNOT.WAIT! G will finally get to meet her cousin & aunt & uncle!

Current Link:

Some AWESOME photos.

ravens superbowl

A.M.A.Z.I.N.G 😀

Now your turn…tell me something that you are currently loving!