I am a HUGE advocate of strength training.
I used to be a cardio addict. But then I discovered weights.
My life (well, workouts) forever changed.

Update: But now that I’m a Mom it’s hard for me to get to the gym everyday, so I’m back to running everyday…and I LOVE it! But I do keep up with my strength training- and I get to go to the gym on the weekends, when my husband can watch Gabriella. Weight lifting is still a big part of my workouts, just running has taken over- since I can run with Gabriella in the stroller.

I get a lot of my workouts from

I plan to add workouts on here as my blog progresses.

Full Body Weight Workout
Full Body Gym Workout- Heavy Weight
Lower Body- Legs & Glute Workout (higher reps)
Full Body Weight Workout– (all 3 sets of 12 reps)
Full Body Circuit Workout (Can do from your house)
Emphasis on Glute Workout

At Home Workouts

Full Body Workout

Exercise Post Pregnancy

Here is a protein powder 101 if you are confused on what type of protein you should be buying.


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