Some of my favorite posts that I have written:

Announcing the birth of my sweet baby girl, Gabriella
Why I LOVE Unanswered Prayers

Below are my favorite blogs and websites, I thought you might like them too!

Blog is the New Black
How Sweet It Is
Skinny Taste
Little Bitty Bakes

The Hungry Runner Girl
Fueld by LOLZ
Life of Blyss
Love Eat Run

Healthy Living
Peanut Butter Fingers
Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life
Meals & Moves
Confessions of a (Not- So) Domesticated Newlywed

Cotter Crunch
Amazing Asset

Lex & the ‘New’ City

Strength Training
Julie Golean
One Fit Foodie
Body Building

A Little Bit of Everything
What Kelly Said
Hungry Meets Healthy
Shanna Like Banana
Pamcakes & Coffee
NarBrad Que Sauce


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