Top 10 Things for a Six Month Old

I know it appears that this has turned into a Mommy blog. Sorry…well, I guess it’s one of those ‘Sorry, I’m not sorry’ kind of things! 🙂 My whole world right now is Gabriella and I really don’t see that changing much anytime soon. I know you Moms can relate 😀

Now with that said I do intend to have other things on here besides just baby stuff. I promise it WILL actually happen! I have a workout that I will share tomorrow, but today I wanted to do a follow up to my post ‘Top 10 Things for a Newborn.’

Since Gabriella is now a HALF of a year old (?!?!?!?!), I have a whole new list for you. Now, of course, please keep in mind that these are what work for US, all babies are different.

1. Jumperoo

jump a roo

Girl cannot get ENOUGH of this toy! Sometimes this really is my saving grace. I can clean the kitchen while she jumps all around. I have the CUTEST video of her jumping all around in it, but it was too big to send from my phone to my email…anyone have any ideas of how to do this?? It is hilarious! She was just cracking up! She really loves that hanging fly/insect on the side- (the one with the black & white dots) she just chews on it like crazy.

2. Seats


Let me clarify. One a baby is starting to crawl (or trying with ALL of their might to crawl), sitting up alone, and showing more signs of independence the LAST thing they want to do is lay down. They constantly want to sit up & look at the world around them. I picked up the adirondack chair above from Bed, Bath & Beyond yesterday. G liked just sitting in it & looking around. I had it inside for a while, then we went outside.

She also really likes her Bebe Pod. (which is the same thing as the Bumbo)


^the red seat.

I bring it EVERY WHERE. I put her on the counter while I cook, or I put it on the floor while we read books.

She also just enjoys sitting UP in general.


^my little sass

3. Sippy Cups


But not just any sippy cup, the kind with the rubber mouth piece. There are two types that we have- the kind with the hard mouth piece, and the kind with the rubber mouthpiece. The rubber one is more like a bottle nipple. Gabriella actually started drinking water out of these around 4 and 1/2 months. Of course she refuses pumped breast milk in them (little stinker!), but she will chug water in it! I always put ice in the water for her because I think she likes it really cold- it feels good on her gums- with all of the teething going on!

4. BOB Stroller


Seriously, this is a LIFE saver. I use this stroller NON stop. Once in the morning, for my run-  usually 6-10 miles- which is where she takes her morning nap & then we use it in the afternoon for our walk- which is usually around 30 minutes. Thankfully Gabriella loves it.

We started playing this new game a couple of weeks ago on our afternoon walk. There is a little window on the top of the stroller that I can see in. I put one of her toys on the top of the window & she looks up at it & starts CRACKING up. It is the BEST!


^ you can see the window above, and one of her crinkly toys in the window- a monkey.


^she tries to get it, and when she can’t she starts laughing 🙂

I know these strollers are expensive, but if you are a runner & plan to run with your baby, this stroller is WORTH EVERY PENNY!

5. Walker


^that picture is almost two months old…she can now touch the floor in it.

I know a lot of pediatricians will tell you NOT to get a walker because it causes irregular bone & muscle development. But this walker is actually designed NOT to do that, which is why I bought it. Gabriella loves being in it, for a brief time. This isn’t like the jumperoo, where she will spend a TON of time in, but it is good for a little bit of entertainment. I think once she can really move, it will be more entertaining. But I love that this one has a place on the side to attach additional toys.

6. Soft Cushioning for Floor


Girl is ON THE MOVE! We have hard wood floors, and the thought of Gabriella potentially falling on them is not a pretty picture. We always have her on blankets, but are going to get some foam blocks to cover an area of the floor as well.

7. Spatulas


I know I JUST talked about this, but these spatulas have really helped us with all of the teething. Her little two bottom teeth are JUST about to break through & she is gnawing on EVERYTHING she possibly can. A cold spatula, which she can hold on to herself, is the BEST! She gets all excited when I pull it out of the freezer, it’s adorable.

8. LOTS of Towels/ Wipes


In case you didn’t know, babies are MESSY! They like to feed themselves and it gets EVERYWHERE. Places you would never think you would find baby food, you WILL! Gabriella’s favorite food is sweet potatoes, and heads up…they stain if you don’t wash them out right way. Dreft makes a great stain remover. Once I get G to bed, I end up having to shower again because show how her food ends up all over me as well. It’s lovely 😉

We have towels and wipes EVERYWHERE. Car, diaper bag, strollers, downstairs, upstairs, you get the idea!

9. Books

love you forever

You already know my experience with the book above! 🙂 One of my favorite things to do is reading books with G. I put her on my lap & hope I can keep her attention at least for a few minutes. I love the books that are the ‘touch and feel’ ones. She is just now ‘getting’ it- like how she can feel the pages, but mainly she enjoys just chewing on them. (again, the teething monster has arrived in FULL FORCE) I have read that even if they are sort of paying attention to you, babies understand what you are saying. Like they get that you are reading them a book and they ARE actually listening even if it appears they aren’t. (I would love to know who does these studies- haha!)

10. Stuff for Outdoors (Sunscreen, hats, etc)


Babies skin is EXTREMELY sensitive and living in Florida makes it SUPER important to make sure baby is always dressed appropriately. I started using sunscreen on Gabriella right around 4 months. I called the doctor’s office to make sure it was ok, since most sunscreens say wait until 6 months, but they said it was ok to put it on at 4 months.

Another key accessory are hats. Her doctor reminded me at our last appointment how important hats are, especially for babies with light and fine or thin hair like Gabriella has. (she got that from me) She has blonde hair & it’s very fine, so the sun can go right through it.


Hats are very important, not just because she looks adorable in them (if I do say so myself 😉 ) but because we have to protect that little head.

Of course I have to end with a funny picture…


A face only a mother could love! And you better believe I went in for a big ol’ kiss! …and then proceeded to clean BOTH of us up. 😉

Hopefully my favorite ten things will help someone else out! If you have anything to add to the list, please feel free!!