Most Miserable States

First things first, it’s my Mom’s Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!

She’s been by my side since day one, and I could never ask for anyone more. She is the definition of true sacrifice. She did everything she could to raise the best daughters, and I have to say a fine job she did!

No matter what, she always put her daughters above herself…and she still does to this day.

I  am always SO PROUD to introduce her as my Mom. She knows me inside and out. She knows how to comfort me, and how to tell me the truth when I need to hear it.

She still makes my favorite foods whenever I come home. And she always keeps an extra jar of peanut butter there for me.
She has my heart, and always will. She means MORE than she will ever know to me.

HUGE Happy Birthday to you Mom! Can’t wait to see you soon- we ave some good surprises ready for you!! 😀


I happened to read this article yesterday about the country’s most miserable states. Sounds kind of depressing, right?! Sorry about that!

The thing that I found interesting is how MUCH obesity & income effect a person’s ‘well-being.’ I mean they seem kind of obvious, but I guess I never really thought about it until I saw this survey. If you read the whole article, you will see that the things that stand out the most are poor health & poverty.

This year America did not get happier overall, they actually got more miserable. :/ Goodness! We really need to CHEER up!! I’m sure we all can think of a few things we are thankful for this morning, right?! 🙂

Anyways, here are the top 10 most miserable states. (all information below is found here)

1. West Virginia

Obesity: 32.5 percent (2nd highest)
*Random Fact: Life expectancy is the LOWEST in the country at 75.3 years.

2. Kentucky

Obesity: 31.3 percent (5th highest)
*Random Fact: Kentucky residents are among the highest rates of smoking, obesity and heart disease, as well as the highest rate of cancer in the country.

3. Mississippi

Obesity: 34.0 percent (the highest)
*Random Fact: Mississippi is a very poor state. Its median household income is $36,851, which is the lowest in the country. It also has the highest poverty rate in the country at 21.8 percent.

4. Delaware (I always thought Delaware was such a cute little state. Call me strange, it’s ok 😉 )

Obesity: 28.0 percent (20th highest)
*Random Fact: Delaware also has the worst score in the country for Gallup’s work environment ranking, which measures elements such as job satisfaction, the ability to use one’s strengths at work and the way supervisors treat their employees.

5. Ohio

Obesity: 29.2 percent (16th highest)
*Random Fact: The state ranks quite poorly when it comes to health metrics, as it has among the highest rates of cancer, diabetes and smoking in the country.

6. Alabama

Obesity: 32.2% (3rd highest)
*Random Fact: Just under a third of Alabama’s population is considered overweight.

7. Arkansas

Obesity: 30.1% (12th highest)
*Random Fact:  Arkansas has the fourth highest rate of smokers at 22.9% of adults, and it has the has the sixth-highest rate of cancer.

8. Missouri

Obesity: 30.5% (10th highest)
*Random Fact: Missouri’s well-being score went from 17th worst in the country to eighth worst. Conditions in the state declined in every category Gallup measured.

9. Florida (<—Eek! That’s me.)

Obesity: 26.6% (23rd lowest)
*Random Fact: Many Floridians do not have any work, as the state has the sixth-highest unemployment rate — currently 9.9%. The state also has one of the highest rates of violent crime in the U.S. (lovely, no?! :/)

10. Tennessee

Obesity: 30.8% (9th highest)
*Random Fact: Physical health and healthy behavior, two categories measured by the index, are among the poorest.

Just goes to show how much health can really have on your well being. I know it DEFINITELY affects me. Whenever I have an ‘off’ day, I can usually link it to my diet. Of course not always, but it really does have a huge impact on my overall attitude. You know the whole ‘scale story,’ and how much that number affected me. I know how to stay on track, and not to stress over one thing. Now it’s all about eating healthy, eating enough, and eating lots of fruits and vegetables!

What’s your opinion of how health affects your overall attitude & well being?