I thought I would start this Monday off easy…with a survey. Who doesn’t love a good survey?!

I saw this on Julie’s blog a while back, and thought today would be the perfect time to share my thoughts.

Current Book:

Heather McDonald’s ‘My Inappropriate Life.’


I think Heather is HILARIOUS on Chelsea Handler’s show, so I thought I would try her book. It is just as hilarious! I wish I had more time to read because I would have finished this by now…but it’s been over a month since I started this. But it definitely has me cracking up every time I do get a chance to read.


Current Music:

You guys, I am slightly obsessed with Jillian Michaels’ podcast. Just LOVE it. And no, she doesn’t JUST talk about fitness & health. I listen to that, or Johnny’s House ( my local station, which I LOVE)- while I run in the mornings.



Current Guilty Pleasure:

Jeremiah’s Italian Ice. Cookies n’ cream flavor or P-nutty. To. Die. For.


I tried to cut a lot of dairy out of my diet, due to my recent Crohn’s flare up, and Jeremiah’s has been my go-to after dinner treat. I am TOTALLY 100% guilty of ordering a QUART of Italian ice at a time. Lasts me the week, and less trips that I have to make. 😉 Craig just laughs, he thinks it’s ridiculous how much Italian ice I can go through in a week. I would challenge ANYONE to an Italian Ice eat-off. Bring it on, baby! 😉

Current Nail Color:

“Va-va-voom” – by Orly.



Current Drink:

Starbucks Iced Coffee. No sweetener, just a bit of cream.


Current Food:

You guys, I MADE SUSHI!!! Yes, seriously. I surprised Craig with SUSHI on Friday night. Made BY ME!



A volcano roll (picture shows before & after 😉 ) & a smoked salmon with avocado roll.

I definitely need to work on my rolling, we actually just need a sharper knife so that it will cut easier, but it is actually pretty easy to make your own sushi! (& much cheaper 😉 )

Current Favorite Show:

We are HOOKED on The Walking Dead. We can’t stop watching. Catching up on all of the past episodes is typically what Craig & I do each night.


Current Wish List:

To continue to feel better! Thankfully the new medication seems to be helping with my Crohn’s disease. I TRULY appreciate all of your thoughts & comments to me about my flare up. You guys are the best, seriously. THANK YOU!

Current Needs:

A vacation! We can all say that, right?! Oh, and also I could really use a hair cut, hopefully I will be able to get to an appointment this week. My split ends are taking over…and I could use some highlights! I really want to go back blonde, (I’m naturally blonde), but being brunette is so much easier. (not having the up keep of highlights) But I do miss it! We shall see…

Current Indulgence:

Lululemon! Lea, it’s ALL your fault! 😉 They have my very favorite running shorts, and I can’t stop buying them- such cute colors & patterns. Best thing? The ‘we made too much.’


^love those Chevron Lulu shorts!

Current Blessing:

Oh, gosh, do I even have to tell you?! 😉 You know, those two VERY VERY special people in my life?! My little family of three. ❤ AKA: My ENTIRE WORLD.

craig telling g about o's

^Craig telling Gabriella about the Orioles game.



Current Outfit:

Oh guys, it’s always the same, everyday, workout clothes. Lulu shorts & a tank, typically from Target. 🙂

Current Excitement:

Spending the weekend at the BEACH! With my sister, brother in law & nephew & niece! I CANNOT WAIT.


Well now, that was fun. Hope you learned something new about me 🙂

Enjoy your Monday- remember it’s a new week, time for new goals & new opportunities!!
(best way to look at a Monday 😀 )

Answer one of the questions above- tell my your ‘currently..’


Currently..and Can You Help Me?

I came across this survey on Alyssa’s blog, and since I’m a huge fan of surveys…I had to partake.


Current Book(s):

Honestly, I’m totally lacking in reading. 😦 I hate that. I love a good book, but my time has been occupied on other things right now. BUT, I did just read ‘Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child‘ & cannot recommend it enough for Moms & Moms to be! It has helped us so much. G slept NINE, yes 9!, hours the other night.

Current Music:

LOVING the song ‘Thrift Shop.’ I played it about three times on my long run – G & I did a 15K (9.3 miles) – and we knocked it out in 1 hour & 16 minutes…I definitely think listening to this song helped…I was so pumped up. Haha!

Current Guilty Pleasure:

Frozen yogurt. All the time. Love the stuff. Or this light ice cream…


Current Nail Color:

Essie. To buy or not to buy. (it’s hard to tell, but it’s a light purple)


Current Drink:

Water. Lots of it!

Current Food:

Not eating as I type this, but I ate lunch a little while ago- which was a smoothie with spinach…again with a side of Popcorners.


They are so good! They taste like popcorn, but are in the shape of a chip. My Mom & I saw them while we were at BJ’s, the wholesale club) this weekend, so we decided to try them. SO GLAD WE DID! If you see them while you are out, I highly recommend them.

Current Favorite Show:

Modern Family. The New Normal. I have a few, but I just LOVE those two shows. I can’t get enough.

modern family

Anyone else absolutely adore Sofia Vergara?!

new normal


Current Wish List:

The Ergo carrier.


Current needs: (this is where the ‘Can You Help Me?’ comes in)

My lovely daughter to take a bottle. Can anyone help me?? I’m still exclusively breastfeeding, just pumping too. We had her used to a bottle for the first month of her life, she took it perfectly. Then during the month of December we didn’t really give her a bottle at all. Just with the holidays, it was easier just to breast feed. Well, LESSON LEARNED. If we do have a second child, we will make sure we stick to at least a bottle a day! This will save us in the long run.

But now Gabriella REFUSES a bottle. I mean it’s BAD. She SCREAMS when we try to give her one, she gets herself so worked up…to almost where she hyperventilates. I’ve tried three types of bottles: Dr. Brown’s, Tommee Tippee, & Playtex (the one with the brown nipple, so it’s more natural). Now I have been reading about the Medela Calma, the new bottle that’s supposed to be ideal for breastfed babies…but I’m still not sure if I should spend $20 on a bottle that cannot be returned if she doesn’t like it. (and $20 is for ONE bottle) I’m willing to do it, IF I can get some kind of feedback on it. But at this point I don’t think it’s the bottle…it’s just she doesn’t want to take a bottle in general.

We have also tried other people giving her a bottle, like Craig instead of myself. Or Craig’s Mom or my Mom…just so she won’t see me and assume she is going to breast feed…and babies can smell your milk I believe up to 20 feet away. (they are like little dogs- haha!)

ANY suggestions on bottles or in general, PLEASE let me know!!!!!! PLEASE 😀

Current Bane of My Existence:

Oh goodness, I don’t know if I have anything that I can think of right now. …well, except now I’m kicking myself for not keeping up with the bottle a day :/

Current Celebrity Crush:

Oh this is easy…it’s always Mark Wahlberg.


Current Indulgence:

Am I allowed to say frozen yogurt again?! 😉 My nightly frozen yogurt is a daily indulgence…and I love it.

Current Blessing:

Oh, this is even easier.


These two. My WHOLE world.

Current Outfit:

Ha…it’s always gym clothes. Always. Now that I work from home it’s weird for me to dress in anything else. Can’t say that I mind 😉


Current Excitement:

Going to Maryland in a few weeks!!!! It’s my nephew’s 1st birthday & my brother in law & sister in law’s 30th birthdays!! I.CANNOT.WAIT! G will finally get to meet her cousin & aunt & uncle!

Current Link:

Some AWESOME photos.

ravens superbowl

A.M.A.Z.I.N.G 😀

Now your turn…tell me something that you are currently loving!

Healthy Living Survey

I’ve seen this survey floating around the ‘blog world’ lately and thought I would do it! I think it’s pretty old, and I do NOT know the original source (sorry!), if you do, please let me know I’m happy to link it back to the creator of the survey. 🙂

1. What did you eat for breakfast?
A banana with crunchy peanut butter. It’s what I eat everyday. I know, I’m SO exciting 😉

2. How much water do you drink a day?

A LOT. Especially with breastfeeding, I am ALWAYS thirsty. But I have always been really good about drinking a TON of water.

3. What is your current favorite workout?

Running. Everyday. Love it. One of my favorite parts of my day because I always go with my littlest running partner, G$ 😉
g run

This was her on our run yesterday. I’m just SO entertaining to her…she can’t help but drool!

4. How many calories do you eat daily?

I have no idea. I do not count. I would say around 1200- 1500 maybe..? Not sure. I do love a nice cup of frozen yogurt every night. It’s a mandatory thing.

Current favorite:
SamoasIceCream (Edy’s half the fat Samoas ice cream)

5. Favorite healthy snacks.

Chobani Greek Yogurt– new favorite flavor is pear! SO good!
cho pear

Also apples, pears (I CANNOT get enough of pears lately), PopChips, and animal crackers. <–the plain animal crackers that some people say taste like card board. They must be crazy 😉

6. What do you usually eat for lunch?

Salad. Pretty much every day. Or a peanut butter & banana sandwich with honey & cinnamon. See a trend? PB + banana. The BEST combination ever.

7. What is your favorite body part to strength train?


(do NOT laugh 😉 )

8. What is your least favorite body part to strength train?

Back. I just get bored with it. But I still do it.

9. What are your ‘bad’ food cravings?

Umm, I guess you could say frozen yogurt/ light ice cream…which I don’t see as ‘bad.’ I think it’s important to have a little something you enjoy EVERY day. That’s part of why I workout so much- to eat what I like & not feel guilty. Because who wants to live like that?!

Also I LOVE carbs. Bread, bread & more bread. Yum.

Oh, and wine. Lots of wine. Does that count?! 😉


10. Do you take vitamins or supplements?

Yep, a prenatal vitamin everyday. That’s it.

11. How often do you eat out?

Well, not often. Like actually ‘out, out’ probably close to never. I’m not one to take a baby to a restaurant, I would feel REALLY bad if she started crying..and with all of the flu going around I try not to take G out too much. But we do get take out- maybe once a week, if that. I truly enjoy cooking.

12. Do you eat fast food?

Nope. Unless Subway counts…or Panera. Because I love both of those. Especially the Fuji Apple Chicken salad from Panera. SO GOOD! I try to recreate it at home, and that’s typically what I eat for lunch everyday.

Turkey-Fuji-Apple-Salad-Panera (just no onions, bleh.)

13. Who is your biggest supporter?

My husband, Craig. Love him so much.


14. Do you have a gym membership?

Yep! I just don’t get to go as often as I used too, which is why I’ve taken up running every day. I used to run maybe 3-4 times a week, but now G & I go everyday. She’s getting really good at it- she’s made it to 7 miles with me now! …then she starts to get bored.

15. How many hours of sleep do you get a night?

Ha, is this one of those ‘joke’ questions?! No, I’m just kidding. We are lucky, G is a pretty good sleeper. Ever since I started putting her down to bed earlier (around 6/ 6:30pm) she has been doing really AWESOME at night. *knock on wood* She will get up between 12am & 1am to eat, and then back to bed…and then up again between 3:30am & 4:30am to eat. So all together I would say around 5-6 hours a night. Which, for a new baby, I will TOTALLY take! I think I’m doing pretty good!


Who doesn’t love a sleeping baby? 🙂 (she was SO little here…can’t believe how much she has grown up in the past weeks)

16. Do you have a ‘cheat’ day?

Nope. I eat something I enjoy every day, which is usually my cup of frozen yogurt every night.

17. Do you drink alcohol?

YES. Not much right now, with breast feeding. But I do have a glass of wine or two or three a week 😉 And for my birthday (December 26th) Craig took me out for the day (G’s Grandparents & Aunt watched her) & with dinner I had a few drinks, so I ‘pumped and dumped.’


Mmmmm the ‘dirty banana’ drink from our honeymoon in St. Lucia. Ahhh, take me back there ASAP! 😉

18. Do you have a workout buddy?

Oh, you know it. This girl right here:


Have you seen enough of G yet today?! 😉

19. What is the best thing that has changed about your life since committing to a Healthy Lifestyle?

Well, honestly, I have always lived a healthy lifestyle. It’s not something I just embarked on. I started running competitively in high school, and since then haven’t turned back. I DEFINITELY took ‘healthy living’ to an EXTREME during my high school days…and went through some VERY trying times (I’m sure you know if you have been reading my blog for any amount of time), but I have learned that life is about BALANCE. You cannot be too extreme one way or the other.

high school cc

Me running cross country in high school.

20. What is the last healthy thing you did?

Did a nice full body weight workout this morning, and as soon as the little miss wakes up we are going for our run! Think we may do 6 miles today…just depends on her & her mood. 😀

Hope you had a great weekend & I hope you have a good Monday…or at least try to 😉

A Christmas Survey

Good Morning! Happy Monday to you! Hard to believe it’s only TWO weeks until Christmas eve. Goodness. I don’t know what it is, but it doesn’t really feel very Christmas-y to me this year…maybe because it’s Florida & still like 84 degrees out..haha!

Anyways this morning I thought I would do a Christmas survey from my beautiful friend Janae. I just can’t get enough of little Brooke’s pictures…and I know her & G are going to be best blog friends forever…bbff 😉 & they are both going to take after their Momma’s & grow up to be little runners. 😀

1.  Favorite Christmas Album/CD/Song? Jessica Simpson…by far.

j simp

I know, I know…it’s kind of funny considering how many other Christmas CDs are out there, BUT I honestly LOVE that CD. I kind of (but not really) hate to admit that it’s in my car all year long. (thank goodness for six CD changers) The day after Thanksgiving when I can ‘officially’ start listening to Christmas music her CD is the first one I go to. Craig IMMEDIATELY rolls his eyes when he hears the CD playing. He’s like ‘really?! Jessica Simpson again?!’ HA!

A VERY close runner up would be Michael Buble. Love all of his music.

m buble

2.  Run on Christmas morning or take the day off? Definitely RUN! 😀 If I’m home I like to run with my Dad.

3.  What do you usually eat on Christmas morning? Well the family likes Monkey Bread.

monkey bread

It’s our Christmas morning tradition. I usually can only have a little bit of it, because it’s so sweet…and I know the desserts will be in full swing later, so I like to save my sweet tooth!

4.  Favorite holiday or Christmas tradition? Hmmm has to be our family’s pineapple stuffing. This is the BEST stuff EVER! I actually do not like traditional stuffing at all, but this pineapple stuffing is more of a dessert than anything. It is SO delicious!!

5.  Real tree, fake tree or no tree? Fake tree. Not really by choice, just easier…especially this year with the little G. We do have a bunch of Christmas tree scented candles burning though…kind of makes up for the fake tree 😉

cmas 2

This picture is the first Christmas card picture Craig & I took- in 2009. Nice, huh?! But you can see the fake tree in the background 😉

6.  Christmas pajamas… yay or nay? YAY!

December 2010 037-1

Another oldie…2010….& rather scary, looks like I have a massive forehead. Lovely 😉

7.  Where do you spend the holidays?  Your own house, your parents’ house, extended family, in-laws, friends? We rotated before we had Gabriella, but now with her we will be at our house for Christmas. We just want to have her wake up in her house to the tree with her presents from Santa underneath 🙂

December 2010 077

2 years ago in Maryland

c and e

Christmas last year- Craig playing with our nephew, Ethan.

8.  Food that you always have during the holiday season?  Favorite Christmas food/treat? Yep, again this is my favorite item on Christmas- pineapple stuffing! But another thing I always make are Christmas Mice cookies. They are ALWAYS a hit at any Christmas party. People don’t want to eat them because they are so cute! 🙂


9. Open presents all at once or take turns?  Stockings… yes or no? We usually try to take turns..someone always gets to play ‘Santa’ and hands out the gifts. & I LOVE stockings. Opening my stocking was my favorite thing. I always liked to see the random stuff my parents would put in there 🙂

10.  Favorite Christmas(ish) movie? The Grinch. LOVE it.

Now your turn- tell me about your Christmas traditions!!

Enjoy your day!

Oh & because it’s a must…here’s a Christmas picture of little G:G009-001

We have more Christmas pictures of her…but they are on our Christmas cards/ her birth announcements, so I’m waiting to send those out first 🙂

Mindless Monday

Good Morning!

I know it’s Monday, and you may be struggling to wake up this morning. (thank goodness for Starbucks excuses 😉 ) Since it is Monday, I’m going to kind of take the ‘easy way out,’ and do this survey that Janethahad on her blog recently.

A is for age: 25, I’ve officially reached ‘mid 20s’
026-1-1<—From my birthday last year, when I turned 25. Craig took me to St. Augustine and we stayed at a Bed & Breakfast. So much fun!

B is for breakfast today: cinnamon raisin granola bar & a bunch of red grapes
f-redgrapes<—I’m obsessed with them right now.

C is for currently craving: Pizza

D is for dinner tonight: Pizza 😉 (with cauliflower crust a la’ Janetha– I just made it. Craig liked it, but didn’t love it. I was just happy he was willing to eat something other than ‘regular’ pizza. The main problem was MY fault. I forgot one of the MAIN ingredients. Pizza sauce. My brain is all of the place lately. Can’t believe I forgot it!! I really liked it though, even without the sauce.)

E is for favorite type of exercise:weight lifting or running. (hard to choose between the two)

F is for an irrational fear: Draw Bridges. I’m terrified. I think that the bridge is going to open while I’m driving across. Total nut job..right here 😉

G is for gross food:Olives (green or black), mayonnaise, cottage cheese, steak (yes, really. I can’t stand it)

H is for hometown:Jacksonville, Florida

I is for something important: It’s March Madness time. I have lost my husband for a month. He is SO into this tournament. It was like Christmas morning yesterday when they selected the teams. The BEST part was that his school, NC State got in!!! Last team in. He was SO mad because he didn’t think they got it, but then to his SHOCK they were the last team called 😀 And, just to give you an idea of his ‘extremeness’ about March madness- he has saved his bracket from the past 15 years…along with the USA Today that comes out every Monday after selection Sunday. & I think I’m the nut job 😉

J is for current favorite jam: Like jelly ‘jam’, well, then that’s grape. Always. As for music ‘jam,’ “Stronger” by Kelly Clarkson. OR the new remix of ‘Birthday Cake’ by Chris Brown & Rihanna. I know, he beat her, but hey, she’s the one making music with him..kind of strange if you ask me. But the song is really catchy.

K is for kids: Yes, we definitely want them!

L is for current location:Orlando, Florida (but not near the Mouse, he’s far from us & we like it that way 😉 )

M is for the most recent way you spent money: at Target…aka the Wallet Sucker

N is for something you need: To get my hair done. I think I have an appointment today actually.

O is for occupation:Financial Advisor/ Estate Planning

P is for pet peeve:People who chew with their mouth open, or who slurp their drink or soup. Eww.

Q is for a quote:
dr. seuss

R is for random fact about you: Oh I have a bunch. Just check out these.

S is for favorite healthy snack: Frozen grapes, Goldfish crackers (those are healthy, right??? 🙂 ) Notice this is my THIRD time talking about grape or grapes. I just can’t get enough grapes right now. They are just so good!

T is for favorite treat:Frozen yogurt. No doubt.

U is for something that makes you unique: I can’t live without q-tips. I have them everywhere- the bathroom (normal), my purse, my car. it’s bad. Kind of OCD, for sure.

V is for favorite vegetable: Broccoli, yellow squash or mushrooms…together it’s even better 🙂

W is for today’s workout:Sundays are rest days! Woohoo! Just did a few ab exercises.

X is for X-rays you’ve had:Just on my teeth (you know the ones they always do when you go to the dentist) & on my back- when I went to the Chiropractor.

Y is for yesterday’s highlight: Completely cleaning out our guest room! We have a TON of work that we are about to start doing in there!! I CANNOT wait.

Z is for your time zone: EST. Eastern Standard Time.

Well, there you have it. 26 things about me. I’m feeling a bit narcissistic today. Haha! 🙂

Hope you all have a good Monday! I’m looking forward to seeing the Bachelor tonight. Should be interesting. Although I hear he picks CRAZY.


Oh, and before I go…I just have to say a Happy Belated Birthday to my sister in law (The BEST sister in law a girl could ask for!!!) Stephanie! Her birthday was on Friday, but my absent mindedness got the best of me, and I totally forgot 😦 So this is to make up for Friday 🙂 Happy Birthday Steph!!

20 Questions

Good Morning!

I saw this post on Christina’s(aka ‘Xtina’s) blog the other week & thought I would ‘borrow’ it from her. (thanks Christina 🙂 )I always love these surveys, and for new readers I figured you might like to get to know me a bit better!

1) What is one of your favorite ways to spend a Saturday?
Waking up with a cup of coffee (Starbucks in particular- extra bold), watching some shows that I have on DVR, going for a long run (or long workout at the gym), ordering take out food & enjoying a glass of wine with a movie. Sounds like a perfect day to me! 🙂

2) List your top three favorite TV shows.
1. Big Brother. I hate having to wait until the summer each year. They need a summer & winter Big Brother!
2.  Dexter…obsessed.. & I can’t wait for the new season.
3. Shameless- Craig & I just watched the whole first season & now I’m hooked. It’s such a good show & William H. Macy plays the perfect role.

3) Would you rather be in pictures or take them?
Take the pictures. You can ask my family & friends, I’m like the paparazzi. Whenever we have a get together I always have my camera!

4) Why do you blog?
Well I stopped for a while, and then I realized that I DO enjoy it- I like keeping in touch with family & friends. I also enjoy the ‘blogging community’ & I have met some genuine friends, which I would of never met if I didn’t blog.

5) Share five websites that you visit
Aol (my email)
Google Reader (have to catch up on my favorite blogs)
E! Online (Love the latest celebrity gossip)

6) If you could have lunch with one person from your Twitter list, who would it be? Lardarius Webb. Because he’s my favorite Ravens player. Love him ❤ …and I have met him before, but it was brief. I would love to be able to talk to him over lunch.


7) List a few of your favorite snacks.
Chobani Greek Yogurt (I eat it everyday, usually for lunch), Rice cakes (seriously…with peanut butter on them), peanuts (only salted), & blueberries.

8 ) Do you have a pet? If so, what kind?
Fish count ,right?! I have two betta fish- one at home, his name is 27…and one at work, his name is Webb. (wonder why that’s his name?! ;))

9) Which three material possessions would you struggle to live without?
Camera, chapstick (the green blistex…it’s the best), & toilet paper. (<—totally legit, right?!)

10) What’s your favorite drink?
Iced coffee from starbucks followed closely by ice water

11) Do you enjoy cooking?
LOVE it!

12) Do you have children?
Not yet, but definitely in the future!

13) What are your favorite hobbies?
Working out / Running, Reading, scrapbooking when I have time
bis<—Now isn’t that intimidating?! Yikes! 

14) Would you consider yourself to be shy or outgoing?
Outgoing, definitely. I’m little Miss Chatty Cathy, I could talk to a wall.

15) If you could change one thing about yourself, what would you change?
I would take away my Crohn’s disease. Blah!
crohn's stinks

16) Who is your favorite actor/actress?
Mark Wahlberg / Reese Witherspoon.
mark<—Oh, HELLO!

17) What’s the coolest thing you’ve done this week?
Ha! It’s only Tuesday. Yesterday was Monday…. So I would say it was pretty cool to get myself to work ontime. Go me. It’s the little things. 😉

18) Do you live near your family or far from them?
Most of my family is in Florida, most of Craig’s family is in Maryland.
N136<—My family
N140<—Craig’s family (well, my family now too!)

19) List three of your talents.
– Cooking/ baking- anything in the kitchen
-I have an eye for interior decorating- you might not be able to tell it quite yet, but our house is coming together room by room. We still have a lot planned to do & I can’t wait!
-I think I take pretty good pictures. It’s a work in progress, but hopefully soon I can truly call it a ‘talent.’

20) What is your greatest attribute?
I have a lot of motivation. I don’t give up easy. I am constantly pushing myself in life- at my job (always trying to move up in the company), in the gym (daily 5am workouts) , and in my relationships. I want to be the best that I can possibly be.

Now it’s your turn, tell me something about yourself that most people might not know.