The Completely Random Post

Happy FRIDAY!! 😀

And for some of you, it’s a LONG weekend…with President’s Day on Monday! Woohoo!

Today’s post is completely random. I have links to recipes, some new workouts for you, and a little bit about G$.

First up, recipes! As I’ve said before, I’m a little obsessed with Pinterest. I love the site. I’m always on it getting new ideas & new recipes. I can’t tell you how many times I have changed what we are having for dinner because that afternoon I found a recipe that I would prefer on Pinterest. Hey, it happens. 😉

This past weekend we had my sister, brother in law, nephew & niece over. Any time someone is over is a WONDERFUL excuse for me to make a ‘fancier’ dinner. I make dinner for Craig & I every night, but when we have guests I like to step it up a notch.

One of the recipes I had been eyeing for a while was Italian Rigatoni Pie. Not only did it sound good, but it looked pretty cool.


Fancy, huh?

Well, I didn’t have a springform pan, so I decided to improvise & I used a casserole dish.



Now it didn’t turn out as pretty, like the original recipe…since I couldn’t pop it out of the pan, but I’m sure it tasted just as good. 🙂

IMG_1581(wish the picture turned out better)


It kind of all ‘plopped’ out, but hey, it’s the taste that counts, right?!

And for dessert, I made more of these…Peanut Butter M&M Cookies.


Sally’s wonderful recipe! This time I made them with Valentine’s peanut butter M&M’s. Peanut butter & more peanut butter..kind of like heaven on earth. 😉 Every time I’ve made these cookies they are a HUGE hit.

After I have showed you all of this food, it’s now time for the fitness part of the post. 😉

I have realized MANY times how much I enjoy working out. It’s kind of an addiction. Those endorphins are pretty awesome, I must say. I was having a rough day yesterday, just one of those ‘blah’ kind of days, so I decided to take Gabriella out for another run. We had gone that morning, but I was in the mood for another run. It was a nice day and I wanted to be outside, and clear my head.

small and sassy

If you didn’t see this on my Instagram or Facebook, this describes my daughter PERFECTLY! She is a little sass for sure & I love it. I’ve learned she is very independent & likes to do things herself. With all of the bottle feedings that we have been trying to do (at least one a day, but we try for two), she is so cute & wants to hold the bottle herself. She is also very ‘my way or the highway.’ It makes me laugh because I wonder if I was the same way. I’m sure my parents would answer a big Y-E-S.

So when she gets in her little fussy mood, I take her for a run. We go for a morning run and sometimes an afternoon run too, if not another run then we always go for an afternoon walk. I always notice how much better I feel once we get back home. It’s amazing what exercise can do for a mood!

In between the runs & walks, I do try to get some weights in there too. G can’t do weights yet…so I try to do them when she is sleeping. Otherwise I put her in her bouncer & she laughs at me.

Below are two workouts- one upper body & an ab burner. They are both great to do at home or at the gym.

Living Room Circuit Workout:
12 Bicep Curls (each arm)
15 Tricep Dips (can use a table or edge of chair if you don’t have a bench)
12 Front Shoulder Raises
60 second plank
12 Hammer Curls (each arm)
15 Overhead Tricep Extensions
12 Dumbbell Upright Rows
50 crunches on stability ball (or on floor)- holding weight
12 Side Bicep Curls (Demonstrated below)
12 Tricep Kickbacks
12 Side Raises
15 Stability Ball Passes (or 15 V-ups)

Ok, before you see these photos, let me make a little disclaimer…or a few.

1. I took them with my phone, so they are not the best. I didn’t feel like taking my big camera out for these.
2. No, I do not have black chest hair, as it may appear. I used ‘Paint’ and had to cover a bit. Tank top + nursing bra is NOT an idea workout outfit. Haha! Didn’t plan on taking pictures, but I thought it would be easier than trying to explain this exercise again.
3. Don’t mind the fussy last picture, didn’t even realize it was fuzzy until I loaded them on my computer & then I was too lazy to go and re take it.
4. Do NOT mind my apperance. No make up, crazy hair & workout clothes = ideal for a work at home Mom 🙂

Ok now that those are done, here ya go.

1. Start out with weights at both sides, palms facing out, weight near hip.


2. Lift weights up towards shoulders. (this picture is halfway there)

bicep 2

3. Below is the final step, curl weight to top of shoulder, pause for a second, release & then repeat.

bicep 3

Here is another little workout for your abs. ..which can also be done in the comfort of your own home!

Awesome Ab Burn:
25 weighted standing oblique crunches (each side)
15 Russian Twists (each side)
20 Jack Knife Sit ups
25 Airbike Crunches (each side)
15 ‘X Crunches’ (each side) (explained below)
30 Reverse Crunches
20 Pikes on Stability Ball

There ya go, one of the most random posts ever!

Enjoy your weekend! Eat frozen yogurt for me 😀


Not So Healthy Foods

When I was browsing around the internet the other day I noticed an article on the ‘5 so-called health foods you should avoid.’ Some of them you might be surprised about.

Here is the list of them:

1. Reduced Fat Peanut Butter

First, reduced fat peanut butter is GROSS in my opinion. The other thing about it is that the oil is the healthy part of the peanut butter. It’s healthy fat. And if you have ever looked at the nutrition facts on reduced fat vs. regular, you will see that the calories are actually the SAME! So why waste your time on the reduced fat stuff?! Go for the GOOD stuff!

2. Enhanced water

Basically these are just loaded with sugar. Sugar = calories. More calories = weight gain. There is something as too much of a good thing. You can actually get too many vitamins. Just drink water, it’s better for you…and it’s natural!

3. Energy bars
A lot of these bars have a TON of sugar. Make sure you are reading the label before buying them! These are one of those tricky foods that are ‘supposed’ to be healthy meal replacements, but they can actually pack on the pounds.

4. Multigrain Foods

Multigrain does NOT equal whole grain. Check the ingredients. If ‘enriched white flour’ is the first ingredient, then it’s NOT whole grain. For whole grain, it needs to say ‘whole grain flour.’ The use of multigrain is more of a marketing term…it makes you think that what you are buying is actually healthier than just something made with white flour. But it’s not, you mine as well just buy the product with white flour. Again, just be sure to check the label!

5. Non fried chips & crackers

Just because chips are not fried, does not mean they are healthy. They are still full of starch and some are still pretty high in calories. I have to admit, I actually LOVE baked chips & buy them frequently. I guess it’s just one of those things that I will never give up. But there are healthier options, like Wasa crackers or SunChips. I do like SunChips, but I am still trying to get into Wasa crackers…they just aren’t really my ‘thing.’

If you want to read more about this, check out the article– there are some more healthy substitutions listed in the article as well.

Do you eat any of the foods above? What are your thoughts on these foods?

Now a workout for you, since it is ‘Fitness Friday.’ Today’s workout is a Back/ Chest/ Shoulders. I LOVE working shoulders! I think strong shoulders look awesome! This workout is kind of long, but it keeps you moving so it won’t get boring!

*Lift HEAVY. You last set should be a STRUGGLE.*

Superset One

Wide Grip Lat Pulldowns
3 sets of 10


Reverse Pec Decs
3 sets of 10

Superset Two
Close-Grip Lat Pulldowns
3 sets of 10


Flat Bench presses
3 sets of 10

Superset Three
3 sets of 10 (each side)


Reverse Flyes
3 sets of 10

Superset Four
Close -Grip Rear Delt Rows
3 sets of 10


Incline Bench Press
3 sets of 10

Superset Five
Overhead Shoulder Press
3 sets of 10


Arnold Shoulder Presses
3 sets of 10

Superset Six
Lateral Side Raises
3 sets of 10


Lateral Front Raises
3 sets of 10

Straight Set & Final Set
Shoulder Shrugs
3 sets of 10

If you try this workout, please let me know! I always love feedback.

Enjoy your Friday!! I know I’m looking forward to the weekend!