Over Halfway There!

Hey hey!

So most of you are probably like what happened to this blog of mine?! As you can see, it’s kind of gone by the way side. Life is just really busy right now…I’m sure you know what I mean!!

We are BEYOND excited for our little girl to get here. She already has her Dad wrapped around her little finger 😉 He’s already making sure that everything is ok with the two of us, and he loves talking to her. 🙂 I wanted to surprise him with a little Father’s day gift this year, since it’s technically his ‘first’ Father’s day…even if she’s in my belly!

I just got him a little picture frame with her picture in it (from 12 weeks) & a card from her. 🙂

As you can probably see, she does NOT have a name yet. I absolutely LOVE a name, but Craig is not sure of it because he thinks that people will miss spell it or miss pronounce it…but honestly, it has gotten pretty popular lately so I don’t think that would happen. I would share it, but I still don’t know if we will use it or not, so we aren’t going to share anything until we know for sure. But the name I picked out (& Craig like initially) is a name that I LOVED even before I was pregnant…so hopefully I can convince him that it really is perfect for her. 😀 It’s the name that I have pictured her having since I knew it was a definite that we were having a girl, so any other name just doesn’t really seem right. Does this make sense?

Our little lady is already spoiled. 😉 The day it was confirmed that I was having a girl (at 16 weeks), I went out & went NUTS shopping. I seriously thought Craig was going to KILL me when I walked in with all of the stuff. (I couldn’t even get everything in one trip, I had to take several trips to my car to get everything.) Oops! Luckily he didn’t mind at all, once I started showing him all of her new outfits! I swear she now has more outfits than ME!!! Here’s one of my favorites that I found on Etsy:

A little Ravens fan RIGHT from the start!!! I plan on using this little dress for some of her newborn pictures…if she will fit!

I also picked out her bedding/ room decor as well. I had a hard time because almost everything is PINK, and I did not want pink. I’m just not a big fan of pink, and as you know this is a RAVENS household, so her room had to be purple as well! 😉 We are also staying away from ALL things that say ‘Diva’ or ‘Princess.’ Both of us are just not fans of that…and we do NOT intend on calling her a diva or princess. (it’s ok, you can call us picky 😉 )
We started her room….

And here is her comforter:

I also bought all of coordinates for the room that match this comforter. I absolutely LOVE it! & I love that it only has little bits of pink, that it’s not covered in pink.

Anyways, how have I been feeling? AWESOME. I have never felt better!!! It’s like my Crohn’s disease doesn’t even exist!! I only have a few issues here & there, but it’s NOTHING like it was before. I didn’t even remember what it was like to live without Crohn’s disease until now. (I was diagnosed at 16 years old, and had issues with it years before official diagnosis)

Actually it is the craziest thing, I’ve had the OPPOSITE problem going on….

Umm, ya. This was only HALF of the medications that I bought the other day when I was at CVS. Yuck.

Now that I’m 21 weeks along I’m finally starting to FEEL pregnant. Before I knew that I was pregnant, according to a pregnant test, but I never really ‘felt’ like it. But now I have a little bump! 🙂

There’s my 20 week ‘bump!’ 😀 I felt like it took forever to get a bump, but I know later on in my pregnancy I will be WISHING for a smaller bump 😉

Luckily I can still fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes, so I haven’t really had to buy any maternity clothes. This summer I will be LIVING in dresses, since they are the most comfortable, especially maxi dresses. So far I’ve gained about 10 pounds, which my doctor said is perfect!

I’ve still been able to stay active during my pregnancy, and work out typically 6 days a week. (same as pre-pregnancy)

Of course my intensity has changed a bit, and my time on the elliptical has increased.

I take BodyPump two days a week & usually warm up with 20 minutes on the elliptical before class. On the other four days I kind of divide it up- 2 days are mainly cardio, about an hour- a mixture of running, elliptical, stair stepper, & incline walking. Then the last two days are like 20 minutes of cardio with a 40 minute weight workout.

I have LOVED being able to stay active during pregnancy!! I watch my heart rate, and make sure that I NEVER feel dizzy. So far I’ve felt great, especially during my second trimester.

I have felt a few little kicks here & there, but not a lot…yet. It almost feels like my stomach muscles are twitching…it’s really funny. Everyone says it feels like flutters, but it doesn’t really feel like that to me- like I said, more like little twitches. It’s the coolest thing! I went into the doctor last week for my 20 week check up & she said the reason I’m not feeling her kick more often is because my placenta is actually in the FRONT, so it’s kind of acting like a pillow when she does kick. It should move on it’s own over the next few weeks..and I can’t wait to start feeling her EVEN more!! 🙂

So what else is new other than baby stuff?? Well, Craig & I celebrated our ONE year on May 27th!! 😀

Hard to believe that was already a year ago! & how SO much changes in ONE year! 😀

We also have been working on the registry, which let me tell you, is SO hard & can be VERY stressful at times- there is just SO many products & types of products…it’s overwhelming. But we are just taking it a little at a time.

We also spent the day yesterday getting Craig a new vehicle. He had a two door Acura, and that would be just a little difficult to get a car seat in & out of 😉

Our whole little world is getting very ‘baby-ized!’ We just can’t wait to meet this little lady, she has NO idea how MUCH we love her already!!!

Before I go, here is her latest self portrait:

That little ball at the top of her head is her hand. She’s waving at the camera…she likes that camera 😉