Do It Yourself Tutorial: Ribbon Bow Holder

Happy Friday!!

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for all of the comments & emails about yesterday’s post. Honestly I didn’t intend to write about my BRCA results, but once I heard about Angelina’s story it really hit home & I felt the need to share my story.

I really hope that if you do have a history of breast cancer in your family that you really do consider getting the BRCA testing done. If you ever have any questions regarding it, you can email me. I may not have all the answers, but I will do my best to find out the answer for you.

Now on to a MUCH lighter topic.

I am a SUCKER for bows. I LOVE putting them in Gabriella’s hair.


Her hair is finally long enough to get it into a bow. Of course it is a SUPER tiny amount of hair (she got her Momma’s super fine, thin hair), but I found bows that hold her hair up- the kind with velcro. They work perfectly!

g bow

^ just another trip to the grocery store…with Gabriella chewing my grocery list 😉

Once I found out that they made these velcro bows, I IMMEDIATELY went on Etsy to order some. Of course it is now an obsession, and I feel as though she must have a bow to wear with every outfit. Someone call for help, please. 😉


Because she now has this extensive bow collection, I wanted to have some way to display them rather than just throwing them in a drawer somewhere. Of course I went on Etsy to see what I could find. WELL, I found a TON & most were $15- $20 PLUS shipping. But the more & more that I looked at them I thought, ‘I could just make my own.’ They looked VERY easy to make, so I gave it a try.

So here is a QUICK, EASY, CHEAP (everything cost around $5) do it yourself bow holder tutorial because I KNOW I’m not the only Mom addicted to dolling their daughter up with bows. 😉



-Letter of your choice (Obviously I picked G for Gabriella), I got this pink glitter letter from JoAnn’s- it was like $2
-Grossgrain ribbon (I got 3/8” because her bows are really tiny, but you can get wider ribbon if making for larger bows)
-Ornament for letter, if you want it. I just thought the flamingo was too cute & it matched her letter perfectly
-Hot glue gun (plus glue sticks)
-Something to hang it on the way with (I used 3M photo stickers)


1. If using an ornament or decoration on the front, hot glue it in the location of choice. Let dry for about a minute, then turn the letter over.


2. Measure out how long you want your ribbon to hang, of course this will all be up to your discretion depending on where you want to hang it & how many bows you have to hang.


3. Decide how many ‘rows’ of ribbon you want, making sure that you keep enough space in between each ribbon so that they bows do not overlap. I decided on three rows. Glue the first ribbon to the back of the letter.


4. Evenly space out the ribbon, and glue the second ribbon to the back. I put the bows on the ribbon, just so I could make sure that there was enough space between each. Glue the second ribbon to the back.


5. Continue gluing the remaining ribbons to the back of you letter.


6. Once finished gluing the the ribbons, use a lighter and burn the ends of the ribbons. Just be careful, they burn QUICK. It’s literally like a one second & then blow out. This is to keep the ribbon from fraying.


7. Wait a few minutes, until the hot glue has cooled & dried, then flip letter over & add the bows to your ribbon.


8. And you have your bow holder!


The whole process took MAYBE five minutes. I even did it while Gabriella was playing on the floor. She didn’t even notice I wasn’t there.

Of course I had to see what she thought.

This was her reaction:


Not sure how I’m supposed to interpret that?! And LOOK AT HER TONGUE. It is SO LONG! Girl is part lizard 😉

And of course immediately it went into her mouth…as does EVERYTHING.


Life of a teething baby!