She Makes Me Laugh & NEW Workout!

Good Morning & Happy Friday to you!!

Thank you all SO very much for all of the comments about my Crohn’s disease dilemma. I am looking into a few of the books recommended to me, and for now I am just taking it day by day. I started my new medication on Wednesday morning…6 horse pills.


Yesterday I started actually feeling a bit better, still a LOT of trips to the bathroom, but not as many as Wednesday. So a little progress, I hope that it continues. The weird thing, well, I don’t know if it’s all that ‘weird’ but my Crohn’s is EXTRA bad at night. I mean I barely sleep at night. I may go 45 minutes, if I’m lucky, and then I’m in the bathroom (or up with Gabriella for a feeding). That part kind of sucks. Another hard part is that I’m trying to stay away from coffee because it irritates my stomach even more. Yesterday though I did have to have a bit in the morning, I just NEEDED it! 🙂

Another good thing was that I was able to run and not have to stop for a bathroom break- WOOHOO! So I’m crossing my fingers & toes that it continues to get better & that yesterday wasn’t just a fluke.

Enough Crohn’s talk for now. I have to tell you something funny about Gabriella. Well, you all know that she won’t take a bottle, that’s old news. BUT this girl will take ANYTHING else that’s not a bottle. I mean look at this:

G cup2

G cup1

Girlfriend takes my cup from my hand & then proceeds to drink straight from the mouth piece. I just have to help her hold it & tilt it up for her, but she drinks it like a pro. She makes me laugh! As much as we tried & tried with the bottle, she refused, but give her a sippy cup or just a regular cup & she’s ALL about it! I think part of it is seeing me drink from it & she is very much into the ‘copy cat’ routine right now. Monkey see, monkey do. 😉

Now as for that promised workout, I have it for you below! I did this on Monday & I was sore for THREE days after it- my hamstrings & tush were on fire! So don’t say I didn’t warn you. 😉 Oh, and I did use heavy weight for all of the exercises- which is part of the long term soreness…but so worth it!

Full Body Workout, With Emphasis on Glute (Butt) Muscles

1. Single Leg Squat (Using Smith Machine): 4 x 12 (each leg)
2. Dumbbell Bicep Curl: 4 x 10 (each- & heavy)

3. Single Leg Step Up with Knee Drive holding Dumbbells (Just like a step up, but at the top push your knee in the air) Here’s an example, but don’t go that high with your knee, just 90 degrees: 4 x 12 (each)
4. Incline Bench Sit ups holding plate : 4 x 15

5. Alternating Jump Lunges : 4 x 20 (each leg)
6. Tricep Dips : 4 x 15

7. Bulgarian Lunge holding dumbbells (or a plate) : 3 x 12 (each leg)
8. Lat Pulldown: 3 x 12-15

9. Box Squat (or use a bench):
10. Calf Raises on Machine: 3 x 20

I actually started this workout with a 20 minute HIIT run (30 seconds at 9.5mph, 30 seconds at 6.5mph), but I would suggest either starting with some form of cardio, or ending with it. I just wanted to get it done before I started with the weights, and I’m glad I did because I was WIPED after this one.

Happy Friday!! & enjoy your weekend!


Love, my little lizard tongued girl 😉


Favorite Workout DVDs & Quick Workout

Hey There!

Today I wanted to give you a list of my favorite workout DVDs & also share a new workout.

I have mixed feelings on workout DVDs. I feel like most of the DVDs out there do not actually give me a good workout, BUT I’m going to preface that with the fact that I am an avid exerciser and have been for many years. I think for anyone just starting out these DVDs are great because you are presented with new exercises & proper form.

So that being said, as always, make sure you consult with your doctor before starting any kind of new exercise routine. Also, with ALL exercise, form & technique is SO CRUCIAL! So go lighter on weight if you don’t have the form down yet…SO KEY!

1. Jackie Warner’s Power Circuit Training


-There are a bunch of different workout options- the full circuit is 40 minutes, but there are options to just focus on specific body parts and they are typically 15 minutes long
-The circuits go by QUICK
-The chest circuit always kills me! I kind of love it.

-I wish there were more circuits for biceps, triceps & shoulders. There is actually just ONE circuit to cover all three muscles.

2. Bob Harper Inside Out Method- Pure Burn


Ok, this DVD is HARD. I loved it though, I think this may be my favorite strength DVD. I did it this morning and I am sore…already! It is definitely ADVANCED.

-KILLER workout, you will feel it from the very beginning
-Shoulder exercises will make you feel like your shoulders may ignite
-Some good mix of cardio thrown in too- like burpees (a version of them), squat jumps, etc.

-One of the ladies in the video (the modifier- she does the easier version of the exercises) sounds like she is going to die…or something odd. <—lots of grunts & STRANGE noises. You catch my drift?!
-I feel like this video would make it VERY EASY for someone to completely ignore their form & continue on- the guy in the video (besides Bob) is TERRIBLE. He is constantly stopping & his form is OFF…way off.

3. Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred


LOVE me some Jillian. She is probably my favorite trainer. I love her attitude about fitness, her books are great & I listen to her podcast everyday when I walk with Gabriella in the afternoon. Oh & the podcast is not just about fitness- most of it is, but she also has some other personal things thrown in there. I really like her A LOT! 🙂

-It’s TWENTY minutes. That’s it. (that’s one of my con’s though too)
-LOTS of the best calorie burning plyometric exercises
-Three levels- great for beginners & those more involved in exercise already

-It’s TWENTY minutes. I honestly don’t feel like you can get a good workout done in twenty minutes. Of course it’s a great workout to do when you can- ANY workout is better than none. But in MY PERSONAL opinion I feel like you need more than just 20 minutes a day. I would start or finish with this DVD- or do 2 or 3 of the levels, but I wouldn’t just do this & consider my workout done. (again, keep in mind I am talking about an advanced ‘exerciser’)
-Also with it only being 20 minutes, I would get bored with it because I pretty much memorized the DVD.

4. Jillian Michael’s No More Trouble Zones


-Great STRENGTH workout- not intended for cardio
-LOTS of new exercises introduced to me from this DVD- always love new exercises!
-50 minutes & it targets the ENTIRE body- including your tush 😉
-I feel like you could really see results if you use this 3-4 days a week

-Light weights are used, I prefer heavy weights (and for point of reference- I use 20- 25lbs. for my bicep curls- I only add that in because ‘heavy weight’ varies from person to person)

5. Jillian Michaels Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism


-Great mix of cardio AND strength
-Keeps you MOVING! <—love that
-The circuits go QUICK & most of the moves are ‘fun’ (again, ‘fun’ is all subjective 😉

-Probably the most ‘beginner’ video out of the five listed, but definitely nothing to laugh at- you will still get a good workout in
-Lots of jumping (which I love), but can be hard on your knees & joints, if you have issues

I had ALL intentions of sharing a workout with you, and I still am, but it’s just a quick one. I do apologize, but this has been a REALLY rough week in terms of mommy-hood. Gabriella has just been hard. Plain & simple. Just hard. She won’t nap (& this was before the shots too)- she fights it SO hard. So by the end of the day she is BEYOND exhausted & then it’s even harder to get her to bed. This is the kind of week that I REALLY wish I had family closer. Just for a break. Just five minutes. To actually eat something and take a breath. Craig wonders why I can’t stop losing weight- well, just have a child that doesn’t allow you to eat. Seriously all meals are in the form of ‘on-the-go.’ A granola bar, animal crackers, or a fruit (banana, pear or apple) Welcome to Holly’s week of eats 😉

ANYWAYS, here is a SUPER quick, heart-pumping plyometric workout. I did the Bob Harper DVD listed above & then I finished up with 3 rounds of this:

10 burpees with a jump at the end
20 jumping jacks
10 jumping lunges
10 skaters
10 sumo squat jumps

Repeat this as many times as you want!

Great for at home & at the gym. Guaranteed to get that blood pumping & I bet you’ll feel the sweat start to bead!

Hope you are having a good day- it’s ALMOST Friday! I’m looking forward to a HUGE glass of wine & maybe some take out for dinner…the last thing I feel like doing is cooking. Hopefully the hubby doesn’t mind 😉

Sleeping in the Crib & NEW Workout

Happy Friday!

This week got off to a rough start, so the blog took a back burner. Once we got past Monday & Tuesday things got MUCH better! It’s amazing how much HAPPIER my little lady is once she gets a nap…and how rotten she can be without one. 😉

I have a new workout to share with you that I think you will really like. It’s a workout for the gym, but you could probably convert it to an at home workout as well. I did it on Monday & forgot how much I LOVED it- mix of weights & cardio! It was at the bottom of my workout binder. I’ll post it at the end of this post because it’s kind of long, so if you aren’t interested in any Gabriella stuff, please feel free to skip to the end!

Last Monday Gabriella turned 5 months old. Yes, FIVE whole MONTHS!


This is a REALLY fun age, and her personality is really shining through. Her laugh is the BEST sound in the whole world. I LOVE when we really get her going- she is SO ticklish!!


Another big step in her little life was that she is now in her CRIB! I know, you’re probably thinking…umm ok, aren’t babies supposed to sleep in their crib?! Well, yes, yes they are, but it’s quite a process if you don’t start them out there. (usually)

Until two weeks ago she slept in the Rock n’ Play.


^OH. MY.GOSH. look how teeny tiny she was. She was not even a month old in that picture! That is her sleeping in the rock n’ play.

It was nice & snug, especially this last month. I had NO idea how she was comfortable, but she HATED the crib. She would SCREAM the minute I tried putting her in there. Well, I finally KNEW it was time. She NEEDED to move to the crib, and I knew once she got used to it, she would be SO much happier.

So it happened. We did it. The night I decided to do it, she slept four hours in it before waking to eat! No cries, nothing. I got up, fed her, and put her in the rock n’ play. I wanted to do it gradually, and it worked out well. Finally after three nights, I packed up the rock n’ play & it was the crib. And only the crib. The first night was rough, but that was pretty much it.

One suggestion I have is to get a battery powered mobile. (like the one we have- Fisher Price– and WELL worth the $50)


We had a mobile before, but it was a crank one, the kind that come in most baby nursery sets. I don’t use the mobile much, but when I do it works out perfectly! Typically I will use it when she gets up to eat around 2am and then decides that she would rather party than go back to sleep. So I put her in the crib, turn on the mobile (we don’s use the projector that is part of the mobile- too stimulating), and then she stares at it & goes to bed eventually. (it is in 20 minute time increments & has a remote that you can use to turn it on from outside of the room)

Sometimes the mobile doesn’t work, but thankfully she has learned how to self soothe. She just sucks her two little fingers- her thumb & pointer. BEYOND cute!


(don’t mind the squash everywhere)

She’s still not a huge fan of the bottle, BUT we have had some success with a sippy cup. She’s still trying to figure out exactly how to use it; it’s happening though! I don’t mind skipping the bottle & going straight to the sippy cup at all! Whatever works. (THANK YOU, Kendra!!!!!)


As you can see my day is full of spending time with this little lady & I absolutely LOVE it!


I do get some work done when she naps, at night once she has gone to bed & on the weekends. It works for us, and I’m just thankful my boss has been so great about me working from home.

As for running, it has been great! Gabriella & I go running everyday- she LOVES the BOB!! Usually her morning nap is spent in the BOB- I’ll usually run between 6- 10 miles a day- I just keep going until she wakes up. And then we’ll go for an afternoon walk. I’m just happy she enjoys being outside! I let her play in the grass for the first time yesterday, and it’s so funny to see her discover things! She just sat there for about 15 minutes pulling it & digging her feet in the ground.

I really cannot imagine my life without her. I don’t know what we did before her. She really means the WHOLE world to us, and has brought SO much joy into our lives!!


Now for the workout I promised. I did each round circuit style (one exercise after the other), and sprinted in between rounds.

Warm up: Run 800m (or 1/2 mile)

Round one:
-Squats: 3×10 (heavy)
-Tricep Dips: 3×15
-Calf Raises: 3×15 (heavy)
-Russian twists using medicine ball: 3×12 (each side)
Suitcase crunches: 3×15

Sprint: 400m (or 1/4 mile) – I did this at 10.0 speed

Round two:
-Upright rows (use barbell or dumbbells): 3×12
-Cable Crossovers: 3×12
-Sit Ups on Incline Bench holding weight (I used 10lbs): 3×15
-Plank hold: 60 sec (just do this once at the end of the circuit)

Sprint: 400m (I did this at 9.0), Jog: 200m (I did this at 6.5)- REPEAT Twice

Round three:
-Step ups holding dumbbells or barbell on back: 3×12 (each leg)
-Cable Bicep Curls: 3×12
-Back Extensions holding plate (I used 25lbs.): 3×12
-Bosu ball crunches (holding weight): 3×15

Sprint: 400m (I did this at 10.0)

Round four:
-Lat Pulldowns: 3×12
-Tricep Pushdowns: 3×12
-Oblique crunches: 3×25 (each side)

Cool down: Run or jog 1/2 mile to a mile (or more- up to you!)

If you try it, let me know what you think!!

The Completely Random Post

Happy FRIDAY!! 😀

And for some of you, it’s a LONG weekend…with President’s Day on Monday! Woohoo!

Today’s post is completely random. I have links to recipes, some new workouts for you, and a little bit about G$.

First up, recipes! As I’ve said before, I’m a little obsessed with Pinterest. I love the site. I’m always on it getting new ideas & new recipes. I can’t tell you how many times I have changed what we are having for dinner because that afternoon I found a recipe that I would prefer on Pinterest. Hey, it happens. 😉

This past weekend we had my sister, brother in law, nephew & niece over. Any time someone is over is a WONDERFUL excuse for me to make a ‘fancier’ dinner. I make dinner for Craig & I every night, but when we have guests I like to step it up a notch.

One of the recipes I had been eyeing for a while was Italian Rigatoni Pie. Not only did it sound good, but it looked pretty cool.


Fancy, huh?

Well, I didn’t have a springform pan, so I decided to improvise & I used a casserole dish.



Now it didn’t turn out as pretty, like the original recipe…since I couldn’t pop it out of the pan, but I’m sure it tasted just as good. 🙂

IMG_1581(wish the picture turned out better)


It kind of all ‘plopped’ out, but hey, it’s the taste that counts, right?!

And for dessert, I made more of these…Peanut Butter M&M Cookies.


Sally’s wonderful recipe! This time I made them with Valentine’s peanut butter M&M’s. Peanut butter & more peanut butter..kind of like heaven on earth. 😉 Every time I’ve made these cookies they are a HUGE hit.

After I have showed you all of this food, it’s now time for the fitness part of the post. 😉

I have realized MANY times how much I enjoy working out. It’s kind of an addiction. Those endorphins are pretty awesome, I must say. I was having a rough day yesterday, just one of those ‘blah’ kind of days, so I decided to take Gabriella out for another run. We had gone that morning, but I was in the mood for another run. It was a nice day and I wanted to be outside, and clear my head.

small and sassy

If you didn’t see this on my Instagram or Facebook, this describes my daughter PERFECTLY! She is a little sass for sure & I love it. I’ve learned she is very independent & likes to do things herself. With all of the bottle feedings that we have been trying to do (at least one a day, but we try for two), she is so cute & wants to hold the bottle herself. She is also very ‘my way or the highway.’ It makes me laugh because I wonder if I was the same way. I’m sure my parents would answer a big Y-E-S.

So when she gets in her little fussy mood, I take her for a run. We go for a morning run and sometimes an afternoon run too, if not another run then we always go for an afternoon walk. I always notice how much better I feel once we get back home. It’s amazing what exercise can do for a mood!

In between the runs & walks, I do try to get some weights in there too. G can’t do weights yet…so I try to do them when she is sleeping. Otherwise I put her in her bouncer & she laughs at me.

Below are two workouts- one upper body & an ab burner. They are both great to do at home or at the gym.

Living Room Circuit Workout:
12 Bicep Curls (each arm)
15 Tricep Dips (can use a table or edge of chair if you don’t have a bench)
12 Front Shoulder Raises
60 second plank
12 Hammer Curls (each arm)
15 Overhead Tricep Extensions
12 Dumbbell Upright Rows
50 crunches on stability ball (or on floor)- holding weight
12 Side Bicep Curls (Demonstrated below)
12 Tricep Kickbacks
12 Side Raises
15 Stability Ball Passes (or 15 V-ups)

Ok, before you see these photos, let me make a little disclaimer…or a few.

1. I took them with my phone, so they are not the best. I didn’t feel like taking my big camera out for these.
2. No, I do not have black chest hair, as it may appear. I used ‘Paint’ and had to cover a bit. Tank top + nursing bra is NOT an idea workout outfit. Haha! Didn’t plan on taking pictures, but I thought it would be easier than trying to explain this exercise again.
3. Don’t mind the fussy last picture, didn’t even realize it was fuzzy until I loaded them on my computer & then I was too lazy to go and re take it.
4. Do NOT mind my apperance. No make up, crazy hair & workout clothes = ideal for a work at home Mom 🙂

Ok now that those are done, here ya go.

1. Start out with weights at both sides, palms facing out, weight near hip.


2. Lift weights up towards shoulders. (this picture is halfway there)

bicep 2

3. Below is the final step, curl weight to top of shoulder, pause for a second, release & then repeat.

bicep 3

Here is another little workout for your abs. ..which can also be done in the comfort of your own home!

Awesome Ab Burn:
25 weighted standing oblique crunches (each side)
15 Russian Twists (each side)
20 Jack Knife Sit ups
25 Airbike Crunches (each side)
15 ‘X Crunches’ (each side) (explained below)
30 Reverse Crunches
20 Pikes on Stability Ball

There ya go, one of the most random posts ever!

Enjoy your weekend! Eat frozen yogurt for me 😀

Quitting the Gym

So I’ve made a decision. I’ve decided to put my gym membership on hold for now.

The reason being is that I am only able to get there once, maybe twice a week. Since I’ve had Gabriella I’ve really picked up the amount of running that I’m doing because I can take her with me! She can’t go to the gym with me, but I can take her in the stroller for runs. She LOVES her morning runs with me.

g runner

(holding onto the strap- haha! Like a rollercoaster ride 😉 )

She’s really gotten used to the stroller (I have an adapter for my City Mini Babyjogger stroller), and she sometimes will just take her morning nap in the stroller if our run is long enough.


I couldn’t believe it, but she napped the entire 15K that I did the other day. I could of kept running, but my legs were starting to get really heavy. It’s funny because now I will just keep running & running if my little lady is sleeping! Nothing like a good morning nap to make for a VERY happy baby later.  …the things you do for your child….like running until you feel like your legs may fall off 😉

Anyways, back to my gym membership decision.

Since I have a nice weight collection at home – 5lbs., 8lbs., 12lbs., 15lbs., 20lbs- and a Stability ball there are a TON of exercises that I can still do.


(the 20lbs. dumbbells are missing, I just picked them up on Saturday when I decided to suspend my membership)

And the best part is Gabriella laughs & laughs at me as I do weights. She’s thinks I’m pretty funny looking 😉


At first I was all about keeping my membership, because there are some exercises that I will no longer be able to do. (lat pulldowns, leg presses, elliptical machine, stair stepper, etc.) BUT there are alternatives to these exercises & I will be saving $35 a month! For only being able to go to the gym about 4-8 times a month…I can’t justify spending that. I mean we do have diapers to buy 😉

This weekend was my last day at the gym for a while, so I thought I’d put together a pretty intense workout to end with.

I put the amount of weight I used in parenthesis, just as a guide. If you have any questions about the exercises, please ask!

Gym Workout
(I put the super sets in two different colors so you can tell what you do together)

Squats: 4 sets- 1 warm up set of 15 (65lbs.) ; 3 sets of 10 (95lbs.)
Supersetted with Upright Rows: 3 sets of 12 (20lbs.)

Chest Presses: 4 sets- 1 warm up set of 15 (55lbs.); 3 sets of 10 (65lbs.)
Supersetted with Lat Pulldowns: 3 sets of 10 (70lbs.)

Walking Lunges with Plate Above Head (35lbs.): 3 sets of 12 – each leg
Supersetted with Calf Raises on Machine: 4 sets of 15 (90lbs.)

Dumbbell Curls: 3 sets of 12 (20lbs. each dumbbell)
Supersetted with Tricep Pushdowns: 3 sets of 12 (70lbs.)

Tricep Dips: 3 sets of 15 (bodyweight)
Supersetted with Crunches on Bosu ball (pulling 40lbs. behind head using cable): 3 sets of 25

Situps on Incline Bench holding plate: 3 sets of 15 (35lb. plate)
Tri setted with Side to side crunches on incline bench: 3 sets of 10- each side (holding 10lb. plate)
Tri setted with Standing Oblique crunches holding plate: 3 sets of 15- each side (35lb. plate)

Overhead Tricep Extensions: 3 sets of 20 (20lbs.)
Supersetted with: 3 sets of 21’s (30lb. barbell)

Decline Reverse Crunches: 3 x 10

Hamstring Curls on Machine: 3 sets of 12 (60lbs.)
Supersetted with Adductor Machine (the awkward inner thigh machine): 3 sets of 25 (50lbs)

Once I finished this workout I headed home, fed G$, and then set out for a run with Craig.

Craig ended up pushing her in the stroller, it was his first time ever running with her in it & he was AMAZED at how much of an upper body workout it is. I told him, ‘It’s no joke! It’s a full body workout! And it’s no wonder my speed has increased so much.’ I mean it’s pretty much pushing an additional 20lbs…easily.

Since he took her I was able to do 1200m repeats. OUCH. After the leg work I did in the workout above, combined with 1200m repeats (+ 1 mile warm up & 1 mile cool down) I was D-O-N-E! Thank goodness for rest days on Sunday! I still try to do some kind of activity on Sunday, usually a walk in the park with G, and my legs were definitely feeling it…even with just a walk. (& my tush from those lunges…oof!)

I also wanted to share with you an at-home workout that I did last week. These are more of the types of workouts that I will be sharing from now on. I love full body workouts (I’m sure you can tell by now), but I’m going to try to split up my workouts in the upcoming months- like back/ biceps, tricpes/ chest, abs/ shoulders & leg- all on separate days. Just so I can focus more on these muscle groups each day.

At Home Workout

(Again, I put the super sets in two different colors so you know what to do together)

Crossbody Hammer Dumbbell Curls: 3 x 15
Supersetted with Tricep Dips: 3 x 15

Dumbbell Curls from the side: 3 x 12 (Lift dumbbells from the side, rather than front, and at the same time)
Supersetted with Dumbbell Upright Rows: 3 x 12

1 legged Deadlift holding dumbbells: 3 x 12 (each leg)
Supersetted with Plie Squats with doing Overhead Tricep Extensions: 3 x 12

Stability Ball Pass: 3 x 15
Tri setted with Crunches with Legs in Air : 3 x 15
Tri setted with Crunches with legs on Stability Ball: 3 x 15

Dumbbell Rows: 3 x 12
Supersetted with Front Raises: 3 x 15

Weighted Jack knife sit ups (hold dumbbell in hands): 3 x 12
supersetted with Russian Twists: 3 x 12 (each side) ( I used a dumbbell)

I also finished up with cardio- 3 miles – FAST- 24:22- 8:07 pace. (2 miles under 8 minutes- woo!)

So there ya go…two new workouts for you! Please let me know if you try them…would love to hear feedback!

PS: I added a ‘Workout Log,’ so if you are wondering what I’m up to for workouts, you can check there.

Circuit Workout & A Purple and Black Weekend

Good FRIDAY Morning!!! 😀

I CANNOT wait for this weekend…it’s the BIG weekend. Ravens vs. Patriots…again 😉 But this time I hope we have a different outcome.


…& so does G 😉

Anyways, a lot of people have asked how I was able to get back to my pre- pregnancy body so quickly.


(that was about 4 weeks post G…funny because I wore this outfit yesterday to the gym. I’m now addicted to Luluemon, thanks to my best friend Lea. My wallet is not as happy.)

The main reason was that I stayed active my entire pregnancy. I actually ran the day before I gave birth to Gabriella. I worked out six days a week- weights & running. Of course no HIIT because that is too intense for pregnancy, but I was still lifting heavy & logging some pretty good mileage. Call me crazy, but working out has always been my ‘thing.’ Completely a stress reliever, and just ‘me time.’

After a workout I always feel refreshed, and ready to take on the day. I also LOVE the saying ‘You are one workout away from a good mood.’ How true is that?!

…and, like I’ve said before, I now realize HOW thankful I am to be able to workout.

Now that I have Gabriella, most days we run. We are high mileage girls now 🙂 I used to be more of a weights girl, but that’s because I was able to go to the gym. Now I can’t really go to the gym because I can’t take G there. She’s not quite ready to pump iron yet 😉


But look, she tries. Do you see her little hand weights? 🙂 And don’t you make fun of her high waters. 😉 It was her last time wearing this outfit, it was newborn size. She is now in 3 months, but she had to get one more wear out of it since her Grandma & PapaNote (Grandpa) are in town.

Monday through Thursday I don’t go to the gym, those are the days G & I run in the morning (we try to do 5-6 miles each day), and then afterwards I try to do a weight workout while G naps. She likes to take her long nap in her swing.


(pretend her eyes are closed 🙂 )

When she takes her “long-ish” morning or afternoon nap I break out the weights & get started. I have a small collection of weights, along with an exercise ball, yoga mat & a bunch of exercise DVDs…although I really only use the Jillian Michaels ones, on occasion. I prefer to do my own workouts.Image

But now when I do get the chance to go to the gym, I take FULL advantage of my time. I used to do workouts for each body part- like back/ biceps, legs, chest/ triceps – but now I don’t have enough days in the week to do that. So most of my workouts are now usually full body, upper body or lower body. I kind of had to break it into chunks now.

I can’t lie, I do enjoy doing full body workouts, I always have. Some of my favorite types of workouts are circuit style. I like the non stop style, and the constant change in the body part being worked.

The workout below is one that I did the other day & I loved it!! I ended with 15 minutes on the stairmaster- alternating running the stairs (level 20- the highest) & walking the steps at a pretty good pace (level 8- 10) for recovery.

Here is the circuit that I did three times through, followed by the stairmaster.

15 Step Ups (each leg)10- 12 Bicep Curls (HEAVY- I used 20lbs. in each hand)
20 incline situps holding weight
10 oblique crunches on incline with weight(each side)
20 plie squats
10 pushups (I did them on an incline, using the bench)
20 cable tricep pressdowns
15 dumbbell chest presses
20 lateral raises
15 lunges (each leg)
20 tricep dips
20 upright rows
20 deadlifts
12 lat pulldowns
25 crunches on Bosu balls (weighted)
10 burpees with jump (using a medicine ball for the jump up)

If you have any questions regarding any of the moves above, just let me know 🙂

Also please let me know if you try this workout, I’d love to know what you think! I have a LOT of workouts to share, if you guys are interested.

Well, I really hope you guys enjoy your weekend! …and if you need someone to cheer for, the Ravens would love another fan. 😀

G will send you kisses if you root for them.