Four Layer Thin Mint Cake

Good Morning!!

Well, I hate to say it, but I don’t have much of a post today. But I have a GOOD excuse. Last night was spent making THIS cake:

THIN MINT CAKE. Yes, you read that correctly. Thin mints…in a cake. Heaven on earth? Perhaps.

I followed this recipe exactly (even added the 1/2 of a banana, as it called for), the only thing I change was that I used vegetable oil, instead of EVOO.


Then I used a basic recipe (in my Betty Crocker cookbook) for chocolate frosting.
-3 cups powdered sugar
-1/3 cup butter, softened
-1/3 cup baking cocoa powder
-1 tsp. vanilla
-3-4 tbsp. milk (will just depend on consistency- add more if needed, but start small)
Mix them all together.

And for the green frosting, which is mint frosting, I used this recipe. I just changed a few things to make it ‘minty.’
-4 cups powdered sugar
-1/2 cup shortening
-3 tbsp. milk
-1 tsp. vanilla
-1 tbsp. peppermint extract
Combine all ingredients in mixer on lowest setting for 30 seconds. Switch to medium high and mix for 2-5 minutes.


To make it green, I just added food coloring, probably about half of one of those little containers. (the ones that you buy in a 4 pack, you just squeeze drops out)

I just love that green color!

Both frostings were Craig approved. Especially the mint. I had to keep him away.


Once the cakes cooled (I used 2 8×8 pans), I sliced them in half using a bread knife & then layered the frosting.

Now it’s time for the star of the show. Well, one of them 😉

OH YES. MINT OREOS. These things are like little wafers. You CAN’T eat just one. Or two. Or even three. Just try to, I dare you. It’s near impossible. They taste like Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. You see the whole reason that I even bought these was because I could NOT for the life of me find Girl Scouts selling cookies this weekend. Can you believe it???? The ONE time I want to buy cookies, and they are no where to be found. I searched all of the Publix near me. No luck. I gave up & bought these. & I’m not sad about that choice 😉

On top of the mint frosting, I added crumbled Mint Oreos.

Imagine that. A layer of cake, chocolate frosting, more cake, mint icing & then crumbled mint Oreos. Sorry if you are now drooling on your keyboard.


I just continued the layers one more time & then frosted the sides of the cake.

I just BARELY had enough frosting to do the sides..that’s why it kind of tapers off towards the end. But don’t worry, I fixed it.

I just cut the cookies in half & placed them around the edges. Easy fix!

I then topped off the cake with even more Oreo crumbles. I mean, why not?! 😉

(please don’t’ make fun of my bright red cake carrier. I had no other option. So instead you get the ugly red background 🙂 )

It’s too bad that I can’t show you this inside of the cake. I just KNOW it looks pretty cool, if I do say so myself. Four layers of pure deliciousness.

Why can’t I show you the inside? Well that’s because it’s actually for my boss. (he’s a HUGE Thin Mint fan) Today is his birthday! (seems like I always have birthdays going around, huh?! 😉 )  So I can’t really just take a bit out of it. I don’t think he would appreciate that. Although he would probably just laugh. It’s something that I would totally do….just because I always love doing pranks around the office. Yep, I’m a joy to work with 😉

I’ll report back with the reviews of the cake, as well as a picture from the inside. I have a feeling that they are REALLY going to like it.


Two Ingredient Greek Yogurt Cake

So do you want to know the easiest, healthiest cake recipe ever? 

Yep, it’s true. Only two ingredients. (well, ok, it’s really 3, if you consider water an ingredient 😉 )

I used Pillsbury reduced sugar cake mix, but you could also use regular. I just happened to have this one in our pantry.

I was trying to decide what flavor I wanted to make this cake. You can definitely use plain Greek yogurt in place of flavored, but I wanted to have a flavored cake. As I got to thinking, orange just sounded really good! And the best part is that it is one of Chobani’s new flavors! I just can’t get away from cooking with these flavors lately. They are all just too good!


Now to make the cake all that you need to do is combine the cake mix, Greek yogurt & 1 cup of water.


Mix it up really well & then bake according to package directions. (you may have to reduce the time a bit, just keep an eye on it!) I baked it in a 13×9” pan.

Once baked, I wanted to add some kind of topping. Keeping with the orange flavor, I made orange whipped topping combining cool whip, 5 tbsp. of orange juice & 1 tsp. orange peel.

IMG_4580     plus  IMG_4581  plus  101607900-200x200-0-0

Just mix it up really well & top the cooled cake with it. I also sprinkled the orange peel over top of it, because I LOVE orange flavoring…the more the merrier 😉

EASIEST, Healthiest cake recipe EVER!


The best part is that when I calculated the calories in this recipe, it’s only about 150 calories per piece. (I calculated it based on a 13×9” pan, cut into 12 pieces)


Not too shabby, right?! I LOVED the cake. I could of eaten about 3 pieces, rather than just one. (thank goodness for self control 😉 ) Craig also tried it & said it tastes more ‘pudding-ing’ than regular cake. He said it was really good, just the consistency was a bit thicker. But he had no problem polishing off his cake 😉

When the sweet tooth strikes, at least you have a fairly healthy way to help it subside.

My boss’ wife told me about this recipe last week, and as soon as I heard it, I HAD to give it a try. She is also into healthy eating & staying fit, so I love getting new recipes from her. My boss brought in black bean brownies last week for us that she had made & they were the BEST ones that I have had yet! I have tried them before & thought they were just ok. But her brownies were actually REALLY good!! I will have to get that recipe & share it with you. I promise that NO ONE will know there are black beans in the recipe! (just don’t tell them, they might think you are bit loopy 😉 )

As I was making this orange cake, I was thinking of all of the other combinations that would be really good. I’m thinking I will have to try a strawberry or blueberry cake with the yogurt & real fruit chopped up in it. How good does that sound?!

Kind of reminds me of JELL-O cake!

Jell-O cake used to be my favorite when I was younger. I would always request it for my birthday, and then probably eat about half the cake with absolutely NO problem! 😉

What is your favorite type of cake?