My Ravens Baby!

Goooooooood Morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know a lot of you are friends with me on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram, so you have already seen these pictures, but I wanted to share them with those who have not seen them yet.

I have to say, I do believe that we have the CUTEST little Ravens fan in the world. :D







Not going to lie, I really think she was our good luck charm for the game yesterday! :)

Now we have to do the EXACT same thing next weekend. My husband is VERY superstitious regarding Ravens games, even down to what he was drinking during the game. So now we are pretty much going to have deju vu next Sunday! Which means I will have to be talking to my dear friend Janae during the game….since I was during the Broncos game. I told her she was definitely part of why they won! :)

I’m hoping for a Harbaugh brothers Super Bowl…which means Ravens v. 49ers! That would be pretty awesome!!

Anyways I KNOW I’ve been talking doing an update on my Crohn’s disease post pregnancy, and I promise I am going to write it today…so look for it tomorrow :) Right now little G is taking a nap, which is prime time to get things done…top of the list is my Crohn’s post!

Enjoy your day, I know we will! We are still celebrating the win yesterday. Little G is all decked out in Ravens gear. :D


4 thoughts on “My Ravens Baby!

  1. Holly you are awesome! That is the cutest little Ravens outfit ever. The headband is so neat!! And also, it’s hilarious that Craig is so superstitious and that you’ll have to dress G the same way again next weekend. 🙂

  2. All I can see is….SHE’S BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!! Love and miss you all lots!

  3. Hey there! I’m a writer for, and I’m looking for sports fans to talk about their superstitions – pegged to, of course, the Super Bowl this weekend. I thought this post was so cute, and I’d love to hear more about your Ravens rituals. If you’re interested, email me at Thanks! – Melissa

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