How Long Until Bedtime?! ;)

I will be the first to admit.

There are some days that I honestly CANNOT wait to have a glass of wine (or two 😉 )once I get Gabriella to bed.

Today is one of them.

I know it is SO hard to believe that this little chick…

g bed

can really be a bit of a crazy woman sometimes!

Craig has been out of town since Sunday morning and won’t be back until later tonight, so it’s been Me and Gabriella for the past few days. I LOVE my girl time, but when she wants to be a fussy pants, it’s not so fun. 😉

Makes me really appreciate Craig’s help!

I don’t know what her deal was this morning, but NOTHING could make her happy. I mean NOTHING. Not even her favorite toy.

We did our normal morning routine- she woke up at 5:45am & we played for a while and I drank coffee. Then around 7:30am we headed out for my run. Which is what we always do.

I did the ‘30-20-10’ workout from Runner’s World, which I DO recommend- try it out, it can really mix your run up! (2 mile warm – up, 3 x 5 minute intervals + the jogging 2 minutes in between each- and then a 1.5 mile cool down run, totaling 6 miles)

During our run she took a brief nap, about 20 minutes, again, totally normal. Then we went to the park for a bit to swing. She LOVES the swings.

g swing insta

Then we headed back home & that’s where it all began. She just started fussing, which then lead to crying…and then screaming. SO ODD!

It was just one of those mornings. I tried EVERYTHING to make her happy & she just wasn’t having it.

I suppose we all have those days, and it definitely comes with the territory of being a Mom. 🙂 Thankfully now she is napping, not sure how long that will last. (her naps are getting shorter as time goes one…nothing like they used to be, I’m lucky to get an hour or two…I knew it would happen, just didn’t know when)

While her craziness was going on this morning, all I could think about was this:


(my favorite red wine: Apothic Red & their limited release Apothic Rose, which I have not tried yet, but I CAN’T wait to try it! The Red is DELICIOUS, especially chilled for just a bit. It’s hard to have just one glass 🙂 )

Wine. Yep! I cannot lie.

Sometimes you do what you gotta do to get through the day. 😉

Here’s to hoping for a happier little lady this afternoon! She’s a funny little thing. I think she MAY be going through a growth spurt, not too sure, I mean do we ever really know? But she has been extra fussy and seems to want to sleep a lot, even though she will fight sleep with everything she has.

The park always makes her happy, and I always take her in the afternoon too, so at least we have that to look forward to.

Hope you are having a good week so far! 🙂

Please tell me, if you drink wine, what is your favorite?? I’m always looking for new wine to try.


7 thoughts on “How Long Until Bedtime?! ;)

  1. OMG I had that bottle last week… yes that BOTTLE! I hear you girl! She sounds like she’s teething. Now that Gentry is crawling she NEVER wants to be held or sit still. it is trying, but still so cute!

  2. I love 7 Daughters both the red and white versions. They are blends but oh so delicious. I can’t wait to try your run, sounds fun. And Gabriella is so adorable, hope things perked up for y’all this afternoon

  3. I couldn’t agree more! Some days it’s all that gets me through the day knowing there’s a glass of wine waiting for me at the end of it lol! I’m a white wine drinker, but 2 of my faves are Lindeman’s Bin 85 and Robert Mondavi Chardonnay. Enjoy!

  4. Awe, I truly think you deserve breaks Holly. Being a mom is hard work (I know I’m not a mom and don’t pretend to know anything about it…but do know it’s incredibly difficult ha ha). So drink all the wine. I only really like red wine but I’m honestly a beer girl myself.

  5. Hopefully she was able to settle down and return to her happy little self post-nap!

  6. Thank you for your sweet as ever comment!!!! Yes he will be here soon!! Oh I bet you want another, kids are the best! We will be having one more for sure!! Your daughter is SO cute!!!!!

    And yes I need to get that wine 😉 we talked about this on instagram 🙂

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