The Post ALL About Running

Race season is only a few months away & I CANNOT WAIT.

I have already started adding races to my calendar, and I know that the number will only increase. I swear it’s like a drug, once you sign up for one you just can’t stop signing up for more. I’ve been bit by the racing bug. Winking smile

So far, this is what I have in the line up:

September 21st: Miracle Miles 15K– Orlando, FL

miracle miles

November 10th: (Gabriella will be a YEAR old by then! OMG) Baldwin Park Half Marathon

December 7th: OUC Half Marathon


I emailed Craig the dates and said ‘I have races these dates.’ He wrote back & said ‘races?’ To which I responded ‘Halfs.’ I just got a response of ‘?’ I went on to explain that I was planning my races out, and that these were what I had so far. And that ‘halfs’ meant half marathon. 

Isn’t it funny how, as a runner, we just assume what other people know what we are talking about when we use our ‘running lingo?’ Like when I have said ‘PR’ before and people look at me like I’m crazy. Or my favorite term has to be ‘fartlek.’ I LOVE people’s reaction to that one. I feel like they are anticipating having to hold their nose. Winking smile 

Now for some other races that I’m looking at potentially running, it will just depend on our schedules. Trying to coordinate three different people’s lives can be tough sometimes, even if one is only 8 months old. Smile

Tour De Pain – 3 races, 2 days, back to back (4 miles Friday night, 5K Saturday morning & 1 Mile Sizzler Saturday night) This one will just depend on Craig’s travel schedule, he MAY be out of town the following week, so I would feel bad for going to Jacksonville for the weekend if he were to leave the following Monday.


Jacksonville Marine Corps Half Marathon

1 up

Jacksonville Bank Marathon  (I REALLY want to do this one, it will just depend on if we have any plans for New Years, only because this one is December 29th)

jax bank marathon

U Can Finish 5 miler & 2 miler (Distance Challenge)- at UCF- YAY! Go Knights!

After confirming some dates with Craig and letting him know that I still had a few more that I wanted to register for, he thought I was off my rocker. So I had to explain it in ‘Craig terms.’ I said that running & especially running in races was like my form of football. I LOVE it, I live it, I breathe it…and if you know me I talk about it…a LOT. Open-mouthed smile (If you’re a runner you know what I mean)

Once I phrased it that way, he totally understood. I also said that all of my running really does have a reason- a method to my madness. He just replied with ‘make sure you are eating. A lot.’ Smile

So I wanted to find out from you, what races do you have planned?? Anything this fall?

Any favorite races out there? Any that you would say are MUST RUNS? I MUST run the Cincinnati Flying Pig marathon at some point in my life…I’m HOPING that it will be next year. (It’s in the spring)

15 thoughts on “The Post ALL About Running

  1. Sounds like a good calendar… lucky Justin is a “runner” too so he gets my lingo! I want to do the Napa to Sonoma Half one year… can G and G get together there maybe?
    emma @ a mom runs this town

  2. Haha doesn’t everyone know what is meant by “halfs” and “fulls”? I think I’m lucky I have a family full of runners so the lingo makes sense to everyone… Sounds like you’ve got a fun running season lined up. I am hoping to do a half in the fall and if things go really well, a full in the winter – we’ll see!

  3. I’ve heard a lot of positive things about the Marine Corps Half-Marathon — never got a chance to run it though. I think my Dad is planning to run that one again this year.

    And the Flying Pig Marathon is a good course, pretty hilly! When we ran it a couple years ago it was raining on us, but it was still a good course.

    I need to plan a few races…thinking about trying a short triathlon in August or September. And need to do another half soon!

  4. Hahah poor Craig was so confused. I want to do all the races — with you!!

  5. Aww, your hubby is looking out for you. I know when I was training, I wasn’t eating nearly enough but I didn’t know just how far OFF I was at the time. Oof. But I guess you live and learn! Since I definitely have people who don’t want me to beat up my body like I used to, Craig’s comment is super cute to me! LOL for running lingo. My mom always looks at me like I have two heads.

  6. SO jealous of your schedule. Living on an island means no races but I am doing a cool virtual series called GET LOST IN RUNNING based on the LOST TV series. 5K,8k,15K,16K,24K and a 42K. I’ve done 2 so far and the 15k is next! Happy Running!

    xoxo from Trinidad

  7. Wow girl!!! You are crazy! 😊 Good thinking putting your love for running into football terms. Boys speak football very well! Ha! Listen to Craig though, fuel well for all that running!

  8. Good races! I ran the Marine Corps Marathon (full) a couple years ago and love all things Marines. I don’t have too many races on my calendar yet because they are SO expensive and we are a bit broke with daycare and baby expenses. However, I am planning on signing up for the Baltimore Half (I’m not sure why because this is the hilliest course ever) and possibly the Columbia Metric Marathon and I already signed up for the Disney Princess Half in February.

    No one else really runs in my family but I finally convinced my sister to start and we signed up for the Princess Marathon together – so I’m super excited about that.

    I have always wanted to do the Flying Pig too! And the Big Sur, Salt Lake City (although not sure I’d survive the altitude), Anchorage Marathon, Vermont Marathon, and if we’re talking big dreams, the Great Wall Marathon (on the Great Wall of China), Bagan Temple Marathon (in Myanmar), and the Medoc Marathon (wine marathon in France). Fat chance if I can’t afford a race in my backyard, but one can dream, right!

    • I am considering the Baltimore half as well!! I did the relay last year, Leg 3 – which is part of the half course. Definetley hilly!!

    • Races are expensive, totally understand!! I registered early so that I could get the price break (You know since they go up the closer you get to the race)- but some races are ridiculously expensive. (Like Disney)

      I would love to do the Baltimore half as well, since we are up there so much.

      Nothing wrong with dreaming, and you never know what may happen!!

  9. That’s a LOT of races!!!! I love what your husband said, and he is right 🙂

    Lately I’m running 3x/week and I am toying with the idea of doing my first half marathon in October but I can’t seem to pull the trigger on signing up!

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