A Little Reminder of What’s Important


Oh I CANNOT tell you HOW MUCH I have been looking forward to this day ALL week.

This week has been TERRIBLE. Like one for the books kind of terrible.

This post is going to start out TOTALLY like a Debbie downer kind of post, but then I promise it makes a turn for the better at the end. It’s a LOT of words, not many pictures, but I just need to vent.

As you know this weekend was kind of rough on the Mom front. Gabriella just wasn’t her normal self (extra fussy & wouldn’t sleep), and I just felt burned out completely.

Monday was similar- just a rough day for the little one. She is teething pretty bad now, so it’s definitely NOT her fault, I just feel bad that I can’t help her out more. Although I did just purchase some Hyland’s teething tablets for her. So far so good! They seem to help her, and of course anytime she can chew on my fingers she is happy. (or her toes :D)


Tuesday nothing really happened too out of the ordinary. We actually had a pretty good day. & it was MUCH needed.

Wednesday. oh Wednesday, how I wish I could travel back in time. Wednesday was one of the worst days of my life. And it all started at 6:50am. I had just left the gym (I still go every now & then…can’t stay away 😉 ), and figured that I would get gas since I had a free minute. I go to a 7-11 by my house, and as I am pulling into the parking lot I get backed into.

UGH! The good part, or so I thought, was that there was a cop actually in the parking lot as well, just stopping to get his morning coffee. He ended up seeing the whole thing and came over & asked the guy what he was thinking- like did he not see me, or was he distracted. The guy fully admitted that he just didn’t look. He saw the car in front of me, but didn’t see me. Lovely, right?!

So I’m thinking that it actually may be my lucky day…a cop IN the parking lot when I got hit. Yes, the accident sucks, at hey, at least a COP witnessed the whole thing & can now help. Boy was I completely wrong. The cop said that because the accident happened on ‘private property’ (the parking lot) that he could not help us- that they do not respond to accidents in parking lots unless someone is injured- and that all he could do was provide us with some paper to exchange insurance & license information.

Not so lucky day.

After the cop leaves and we are in the middle of filling out the paperwork the guy then proceeds to tell me that he is going to have his girlfriend come up and fill out the paperwork, since it was her car & he was going to have her ‘act’ as the driver. SAY WHAT?! At this point I really don’t know what to do. The cop is gone, and I’m all by myself in a 7-11 parking lot at 7am. (it’s still dark out) I mean what am I supposed to do…tackle the guy and demand he give me his information? Uh no thanks. Who know what could of happened.

The girl ends up coming up, fills out the paperwork, and we exchange all of the information. While she was doing this I DID contact FHP (Florida Highway Patrol) just to find out their recommendation- again, nothing they could do, but the guy told me he would document it & gave me a case number. Umm, thanks? (I also called my insurance company as well, just to cover all of my bases.)

Once she was finished we exchanged information and we continued on our way.

As soon as I got home I told Craig about it- I had tried calling him several times after it happened, but he didn’t have his phone on yet- and then I IMMEDIATELY called their insurance company to start the claim process.

Well, I’m sure this will probably come as no surprise to you after you have read all of this, but they gave me FALSE INSURANCE INFORMATION. No policy could be found on them, and come to find out the vehicle they were driving is COMPLETELY uninsured. (I had the VIN so they could run it.)

I seriously just saw everything crumble around me. I thought Craig was going to lose it…and I don’t blame him. I mean HOW does this STILL happen?! People can drive around with NO insurance. SERIOUSLY?!

After a lot of investigation by my insurance, there was really nothing we could do. I would have to file a claim with them (as not responsible for the accident…but still have to file a claim) & then we could start on the repair process. – which is pretty significant considering that we were both going pretty slow- passenger door can’t close all the way & the back passenger door is also messed up.

AWFUL. So because we have to file a claim, even though it’s not my fault & I have evidence to prove it (surveillance at 7-11) , our premiums will likely go up the next time we renew.

I’m still in shock. But honestly, you know what??? The only thing I kept thinking was thank God Gabriella was not in the car with me because that is where he hit me. Seriously THANK GOD. I don’t know what I would of done, but I can assure you a whole new side of Holly would of come out & it wouldn’t of been pretty.

That was only the BEGINNING of the day. From there it only got worse.

The whole day was kind of ruined by the whole accident situation, but that night I was SO SICK. Around 10pm I woke up and started throwing up like crazy. (sorry, hope you aren’t eating breakfast) I cannot even remember the last time I threw up. I NEVER throw up. EVER. So I knew something was seriously wrong. I woke Craig up & told him what was going on. He was AMAZING after that. He said he was going to stay up with me all night, no matter what. He went & got me some Pepto Bismal to take. When G woke up around midnight, he changed her diaper and brought her to me so I could feed her. And I didn’t sleep at all. He stayed up with me the whole time. SO SWEET. Husband of the year right here!


How did I get so lucky?! He wanted to make sure that I didn’t have appendix issues, and it wasn’t…thankfully. I’m pretty sure it’s Crohn’s related- could possibly be a flair starting up. :/ Let’s hope not. But it sure does appear to be that.

And yesterday, well, we won’t talk about that. I think I’ve expressed enough downer stuff for the day. 😉 Time to MOVE on!

Throughout this WHOLE week there was one thing that ALWAYS lit up my day.

(she tried sweet potatoes & LOVED them. pretty much yanked the spoon away from me.)

That little lady. Even though I may have some rough Mommy days, the minute she smiles at me or does goofy stuff like the face above I can’t help but remember HOW lucky I am. HOW LUCKY I am to have this precious baby girl and HOW LUCKY I am to have a wonderful husband who I love more & more every single day, especially when I see how he is with G.


Those two are my WHOLE world.

So no matter how rough life I can be sometimes, I literally just have to go home & I am reminded HOW blessed I am. NOTHING can bring me down when I see those two. NOTHING.

ENJOY your weekend, and remember to do something for YOU! You deserve it. And tell someone you love how much they mean to you. They may wonder why all of the sudden you are doing this, but I guarantee you it will bring a smile to their face. 🙂


12 thoughts on “A Little Reminder of What’s Important

  1. This post almost made me cry (maybe I’ve had a long week too, ha)! I am so sorry that you had a tough week. I know how those go, and they just make me want to fast forward to the weekend. I’m so glad that Gabriella is okay, and that you left 7-11 unharmed. People are ridiculous, driving uninsured, and I can’t believe that the cop couldn’t help you! He could’ve at least stayed to make sure that the other people were giving the correct information, or something!

  2. Girl-the SAME thing happened to me when I first moved down here! This lady hit me in a parking lot, she was driving someone else’s car who doesn’t have insurance AND didn’t have a license. Her daughter started screaming at me in the middle of the parking lot and seriously scared me, I called 911 in tears and they sent two sheriffs who were very sweet but told me the exact same thing-there was nothing they could do because in FL, they don’t respond to accidents in parking lots. I was SO mad because you would think after responding to, and in your case WITNESSING, something like that they should be able to do something. Isn’t that the point of the police? My insurance company said they would try to do everything they could but it was best to just pay the $500 deductible, get my car fixed and then if they were able to get anything from the woman later, then I would be reimbursed. 8 months later, and I’m still without anything from her! Karma will take care of those people. Craig is amazing! And Gabriella is THE CUTEST. I hope your weekend goes much better than the last week!

    • OH MY GOSH…how crazy?!?!? Seriously the SAME situation. I’m SO glad you can relate. Honestly, makes me feel better. So, thank you for that, but I’m SO sorry it happened to you too 😦 It’s ridiculous!
      We are in the same boat- either pay the deductible ($500 as well), OR get it fixed without filing a claim- pay everything out of pocket- that way our insurance premium doesn’t go up.
      I agree though, Karma is a you know what 😉

  3. Goodness! How awful, I’d be livid and beyond that. So sorry to hear your week, especially Wednesday was so stinkin’ bad! Glad to know that no matter what you acknowledge the need to take care of yourself 🙂 (which is EXACTLY what I blogged about this morning!) I agree, the rough patches in life allows us to acknowledge all of our wonderful blessings! ❤ Hope you have a great weekend, YOU DESERVE IT!! 🙂

  4. Your premiums shouldn’t increase since you were not found at fault. If they do, I would seriously consider switching to a different insurance provider – I’ve been in the same situation (no premium increase even though I had to file a claim since I was involved in a hit-and-run). You’ll notice when you apply for rate quotes that you are only asked to provide information on previous accidents for which you were found at fault (so this incident would not even need to be addressed) – so your premiums should NOT increase. Good luck!!

    • Hey Amanda,
      Sadly, after contacting our insurance, they will probably go up. Only because they are paying out money to fix the vehicle…AND on top of it, I had a similar experience where I was hit in a parking lot (I swear I have a huge target on my vehicle that says HIT ME), so they said that because there is another incident on the accident report it will more than likely increase, they just can’t give me an exact amount.
      I’m sorry you had to deal with something similar- a hit & run is TERRIBLE. Some people have no morals, it’s awful.
      Thank you for the comment 🙂

  5. Ahhh that’s like my worst nightmare. I’m sorry you dealt with all of that, Holly. 😦

  6. You are SUCH a lucky lady to have your husband and healthy baby girl. I’m so sorry to read about your accident, it’s a shame some people drive around without insurance and do not care about other drivers. It makes me sick to know A LOT of people drive around uninsured and I’m sure many of them get away with accidents like yours. I hope things somehow work out in the end for you and your week gets better! Your husband is so sweet for taking care of you when you were sick, most men would just roll over, say “take some medicine”, and fall back to sleep haha!

  7. Wow, great post to put things into perspective. I’m so sorry you had a horrible week but hope things start to look up as we go into a new one. 🙂

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